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Murder at Harbor Village by GP Gardner is on book tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours and stops at Readeropolis with an author interview. Enjoy!

Author Interview

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
I write with cozy lovers in mind, people who like order and want to see it reestablished after a disruption like murder, people who look for a puzzle to solve, or who want to read about daily life in a contemporary Gulf Coast village that’s high on charm and community spirit and intellectual life.

How did you come up with the title of your book or series?
The book title, MURDER AT HARBOR VILLAGE, won out over half a dozen options presented to my Thursday lunch group. Murder gives readers fair warning of the content, and harbor conveys both the coastal setting and the idea of safety, and village describes Fairhope (the setting and my hometown) as well as the fictional retirement community. I was so happy when my editor approved the title.

And I’ll tell you a little secret. My siblings and cousins don’t know yet, but my sleuth Cleo is named for our grandmother.

Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image?
Don’t you love the cover? It’s nothing like what I expected or would’ve designed, but I adored it on sight. And the cat is a perfect image of Cleo’s Tinkerbelle. All the credit goes to designer Lou Malcangi, illustrator Elsa Kerls, and editor John Scognamiglio.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
I’m partial to whichever character I’m writing about at the moment but a special favorite is Riley, because I know what Cleo will eventually think of him.

How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?
Mysteries, even cozies, have victims. But I seem to make them unlikeable, so we don’t regret their demise too much. Maybe they cheat, or mistreat others somehow—or try to. Sometimes Cleo doesn’t even know them but gets involved in figuring out what happened to them, and why.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?
My hobbies aren’t really unique, but there sure are a lot of them. Like Cleo, I’m addicted to Sudoku and never give up on a puzzle until it’s solved. I enjoy creating zentangles—a pen-and-ink version of daydreaming. And like Cleo’s neighbor Ann, I’m a knitter and designed Ann’s Fairhope Scarf. You can get the pattern from my webpage. That’s

How can we contact you or find out more about your books?
On Facebook I’m GP Gardner. Or you can contact me through my webpage:

What can we expect from you in the future?
The second Cleo Mack mystery, MURDER AT ROYALE COURT, will be released in June. And MURDER AT THE ARTS AND CRAFTS will follow in due course.

About the Book
Murder at Harbor Village
Cozy Mystery
New Series
Lyrical Underground (November 13, 2018)
Paperback: 216 pages
ISBN-10: 1516109007
ISBN-13: 978-1516109005
Digital ASIN: B079WM9X29
Young retiree Cleo Mack is trading in academia for a second act in Harbor Village, a community for active seniors in coastal Alabama. But someone in this picture-perfect coastal town is burning the candle at both ends . . .
It’s love at first sight when Cleo arrives in Fairhope, Alabama, after taking early retirement from her longtime position as professor of social work. Touted as “the nicest town in the world,” Fairhope is home to an eclectic community of retirees. Harbor Village boasts classes in painting, pottery, and photography, not to mention being a buyer’s market for husbands. It seems an ideal place to make new friends and rediscover life. Until a dead body is found in the pool.
When the victim turns out to be the unpopular director of senior living, Cleo is named acting director. Now she must rely on her well-honed people skills to uncover a killer in a place where short-term memory isn’t what it used to be, and age is just a number. And if Cleo keeps snooping around, her number may soon be up . . .
About the Author
Born and raised in Alabama, G. P. Gardner earned BS and MA degrees in Psychology from the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL) and an MBA from Jacksonville State University (Jacksonville, AL). She also attended the University of Georgia (Athens, GA), where she studied biopsychology and primatology. But her heart belongs to Talladega College—an HBCU and the first educational institution in Alabama to admit students without regard to race—where she taught business. Her writing life began with short stories, some of which were published in regional literary journals and some of which won prizes. She enjoys the classic mystery writers as well as contemporary whodunits but reads widely. She is a knitter and once owned a knit shop in Fairhope, AL. She studied mystery writing with Terry Cline, another Fairhope resident. Murder in Harbor Village is the first in her series about social worker Cleo Mack. You can visit her at

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The Black Edge Series by Charlotte @ByrdAuthor | Book Tour and $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | Silver Dagger Tours Presents #NA Dark Contemporary #Romance

The Black Edge Series by Charlotte Byrd (new adult dark contemporary romance) is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt. Be sure to enter for a chance to win the $20 Amazon GC giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Black Edge
Black Edge Series Book 1
by Charlotte Byrd
Genre: NA Dark Contemporary Romance

I don’t belong here.

I’m in way over my head. But I have debts to pay.

They call my name. The spotlight is on. The auction starts.

Mr. Black is the highest bidder. He’s dark, rich, and powerful. He likes to play games.

The only rule is there are no rules.

But it’s just one night.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Black Rules
Black Edge Series Book 2

We don’t belong together.

I should have never seen him again after our first night together. But I crave him.

I’m addicted to him. He is my dark pleasure.

Mr. Black is Aiden. Aiden is Mr. Black. Two sides of the same person.

Aiden is kind and sweet.Mr. Black is demanding and rule-oriented.

When he invites me back to his yacht, I can’t say no.

Another auction. Another bid.

I’m supposed to be his. But then everything goes wrong….

Black Bounds
Black Edge Series Book 3

I don’t belong with her.

Born into darkness, life made me a cynic incapable of love.

But then Ellie waltzed in. Innocent, optimistic, kind.

She’s the opposite of what I deserve.

I bought her, but she she stole my heart.

Now my business is going up in flames.

I have only one chance to make it right.

That’s where it happens…something I can never take back.

I don’t cheat on her. There’s no one else.

It’s worse than that. Much worse.

Can we survive this?

Black Contract
Black Edge Series Book 4

They can take everything from me, but they can’t take her.

Mr. Black is coming back. With a vengeance.

I need you to sign a contract.”

What kind of contract?”

A contract that will make you mine.”

This time she’s going to do everything...

Black Limit
Black Edge Series Book 5

Is this the end of us?

I found a woman I can’t live without.

We’ve been through so much. We’ve had our set backs. But our love is stronger than ever.

We are survivors.

But when they take her from me at the altar, right before she is to become my wife, everything breaks.

I will do anything to free her. I will do anything to make her mine for good.

But is that enough? And what if it's not?

Charlotte Byrd is the bestselling author of many contemporary romance novels. She lives in Southern California with her husband, son, and a crazy toy Australian Shepherd. She loves books, hot weather and crystal blue waters.

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I wait on the bed breathing very fast for what feels like forever. My fingers nervously fidget and run along edge of my restraints. I can’t see the robe that I’m wearing, but I know it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever worn for a man. Plus, the feathers feel very soft and comfortable. It’s like I’m wrapped in luxury. 
Waiting is pure torture. There’s room in the mask for my eyes to open freely without my eyelashes touching the fabric, but all I see is blackness around me. How long do I have to wait like this? My thoughts keep going back to the amount of money that the mysterious Mr. Black paid for me. $250,000. That’s a lot of money. I wonder what kind of night he is expecting from all of this. To tell you the truth, I’m not the most exciting girl in bed. I’m actually quite boring. I don't like to do a lot and I’m not a huge fan of being on top. When I’m on top, I can never relax enough to actually orgasm. 
The door swings open. I exhale and inhale deeply, trying to compose myself. My body suddenly gets really cold and really hot at the same time. My hormones must be going nuts. I hear the footsteps approaching the bed. 
“Hello?” I ask, not able to bear the anticipation much longer. 
“Good evening,” he says after a moment. His voice is smooth, and deep, and has a kind of oak quality to it. He doesn’t sound very old, but then again, what do I know about voices?
“Are you Mr. Black?” I ask. 
“Yes, I am,” he says slowly. “But you may call me Sir.”
“Just sir?” I ask. 
“Yes, just sir.”