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Dear You by Derra Nicole Sabo is on virtual book tour. The biography stops at Readeropolis with an author interview.

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When did you first consider yourself a writer?

- Ummm, honestly I don't know if I consider myself a writer now. Even though I have been writing for 10 years now, I am still somewhat of a newbie. I had written a few small "books" and have been writing a blog for a few years, but this will be the first time where a major publisher has picked up my book, where I am writing Guest Posts and doing Blog Tours. There are even a couple of other exciting opportunities in the very beginning stages, so we shall see what the future holds. 

What was your inspiration behind the book?

- Death, oddly enough. Death has always been an aspect that been "shoved in my face" so to say. I had never feared death, even though i had shaken hands with the Grim Reaper a few times. After recieving some pretty life defining news from a blood test, i found myself fearing the inevitable end for the first time. Writing is always theraputic, so I wrote letters to my parents and siblings. The letters snowballed and here we are, an entire book of letters to family and friends and life events that had a major impact in shaping who I am today. 

What is the meaning behind the book cover?

- I wrote my entire manuscript at the kitchen table, the view in front of me everytime I looked up was the kitchen. This was the only place that felt right to write my story. Growing up my family and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. From cooking and baking, to family dinners on Sunday and Saturday morning breakfasts, even game nights filled with Yahtzee battles to keeping that poker face solid. I wanted the cover to represent all of that, I wanted the reader to see what i saw while writing Dear You.

What is the meaning behind the title of the book?

- The most important letter i wrote in my book was the first letter that opens and closes the book. It is the letter i wrote to you the reader, hence Dear You. I had a message to send out into the world, i had a message for you and what's the best way to grab someone's attention? Be direct, so, Dear You is like me giving you that adorable smirk and saying, "hey, listen up guys.".

Do you have a spirit animal/ ascot that inspires you?

- Iron Man is my spirit animal. Tony Stark is one sexy badass who, even though has a giant ego, has a heart of gold that fronts forward to save and protect those he cares for and the world. His personality is bold and his brain is extremely intellegent. When faced with new opportunities offered or when facing any fear, I channel my inner Tony Stark, my inner Iron Man. It may sound crazy, but when I do this my confidence is crazily boosted, I feel fearless.

Dear You
by Derra Nicole Sabo
Genre: Biography

Dear You is a lovely invitation into Derra Nicole Sabo's world.

A wonderful opportunity borne out of a complex and challenging experience, to recall the good times with loved ones, the chance to express the rarely spoken profound specifics of what binds friends and family together.

This is a heart-warming collection of letters to loved ones that explores the wonder, frailty and extraordinary qualities of friendship, family, love and life.

As someone with anxiety, writing is my way of speaking. When my verbal skills fail, my pen excels. I have always had something to say to the world and to the humans residing in it, I just could never get my mind and mouth to be on the same level. So, I picked up a pen and haven't looked back. I have a message for you. A message for my family, my friends and to all the beating hearts. Dear You is a letter personally written, from me to you.

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Enjoy an excerpt from Brave Wolf and the Lady by Karen Kay | The Clan of the Wolf Book Tour & $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents #HistoricalRomance

The Clan of the Wolf by Karen Kay is on virtual book tour. The historical romance series stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt from Brave Wolf and the Lady.

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The Princess and the Wolf
The Clan of the Wolf Book 1
by Karen Kay
Genre: Historical Romance


Refusing to believe the rumors that the European prince she was forced to marry had died in a far-off land, the princess, Sierra, sets sail to America, bent on revenge and determined to learn the truth. Because she will require a scout to guide her through the wilderness, she calls in a favor from the man who had betrayed her long ago, the man she had once loved deeply and had hoped to wed, the noble Cheyenne scout, High Wolf.

Many years before, a European prince had invited High Wolf to travel an ocean and as a brother, to live as a member of the royal family. There High Wolf had fallen in love with the princess, Sierra. But instead of an engagement and the planned wedding, the princess had treacherously married his friend, the prince. Betrayed and broken-hearted, High Wolf sailed back to America, determined to forget the princess. But a promise given to her years earlier brings her back into his life, igniting a desire he must resist, for to surrender to her again is unthinkable.

Forced into one another’s company, with the threat of life or death around every corner, overcoming their prejudice might be their only means of survival. But can either of them trust in a love, once betrayed? Or will their past force them apart again, this time forever?...

This book has been previously published.

Warning: A sensuous romance that might fan the flames of desire. Be warned. You might fall in love all over again.

Brave Wolf and the Lady
The Clan of the Wolf Book 2

He saved her life, then stole her heart….

To escape an arranged marriage, Mia Carlson, daughter of a U.S. senator, instead elopes with the man she loves. As they are escaping from her Virginia home, heading west, their wagon train is brutally attacked, leaving Mia alone and in grave danger. Rescue comes from a most unlikely source, a passing Lakota scouting party, led by the darkly handsome Indian, Brave Wolf.

Although Brave Wolf has consented to guide Mia to the nearest trading post, he holds himself apart from her, for his commitments lie elsewhere. But long days on the trail lead to a deep connection with the red-haired beauty. Yet, he can’t stop wondering why death and danger stalk this beautiful woman, forcing him to rescue her time and again. Who is doing this, and why?

One thing is clear, however: Amid the flurry of dodging assassin bullets, Brave Wolf and Mia come into possession of a powerful love. But is it all for naught? Will Brave Wolf’s obligations and Mia’s secret enemy from the past finally succeed in the sinister plot to destroy their love forever?

Writing under the pen names of Karen Kay and Gen Bailey, Karen is a multi-published author of Native American historical romances. She has been praised by reviewers and fans alike for bringing the historic American Indian culture to life, and she has been nominated for several different awards. Karen's great-grandmother was Choctaw Indian, and because of this, she is honored to be able to write stories that depict the Native American point of view.

All of her books concern the Native American culture, and says Karen, "With the power and passion of romance, I hope to bring about an awareness of the vital forces that helped shape the American Indian culture. There are some things that should never be forgotten."

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Enjoy this excerpt from Brave Wolf and the Lady, Book 2 in The Clan of the Wolf series.

She awoke slowly, and to the scent of the fresh, wet dew that had settled over the entire landscape. The cloud-like moisture that hung over everything made for a gray morning, yet there was something comforting about it, all the same. In the distance, the sound of many different bird songs filled the air with music, and she wished that she could distinguish one song from the other. But she couldn’t, and she sighed at her inability.
Soon a deep, masculine voice, raised in song, drifted to her on the breeze. Of course, the voice had to belong to Mr. Lakota. What time was it? Where was he? He sounded far away.
Already the low-to-the-ground moisture was giving way to the new day. Was that really a pinkish-orange sun showing through the scattering of the steel gray mist and light-colored blue clouds? Obviously it was morning, and soon they would be back upon the trail. Shame. She would have liked to linger here if only to “catch her breath.”
She started to rise, but winced when her muscles refused to obey her. Fair enough, she thought, and she lay back down, only to find herself staring straight up. Dawn crept into the sky slowly today, but even still, faint colors of orange and pink were settling into the gray-blackened sky. The feel of the wet mist touched her everywhere, bringing with it the scents of mud, grass and prairie flowers.
Below her the ground was soft and giving, encompassing her weight with ease. The blanket that he had laid beneath her was warm, and for a moment, she experienced a feeling of well-being.
But the awareness was quickly gone, replaced instead by the utter realization of her loss. The tears, which were never far away, blurred her vision. She sobbed, then she checked it. She didn’t want him to know she was awake. Why she felt this way, she didn’t understand. She only knew that these few moments alone felt important to her well-being.
Luckily, he appeared to not notice her at all, for his singing continued, his voice deep and baritone. In many ways it was soothing to listen to him, but after a while she began to wonder what he was doing, and why he was singing at such an early hour of the morning, and to whom was he paying tribute?
Turning silently onto her side, she saw him at last, and despite herself, she found the sight of him inspiring. He was facing east, his arms outstretched, as though he welcomed the misty warmth of sun into them. Perhaps he was.
She watched him for the spread of a few more moments, admiring the muscles in his broad shoulders. The two lengths of his hair-braids fell down over his back, a back which narrowed in a V-shape into his breechcloth. An eagle’s feather waved back and forth in the ever-present wind, and she was reminded that there was a beauty to this moment that even she didn’t understand.
That’s when she realized it.
He was praying.
She sat up smoothly, so as not to distract him. Was she wrong about that? No.
He was standing, his legs apart, his arms open. And he sang and he sang.
There was a wonderment to the moment that reached out to her, but rather than such pleasure bringing her relief, her appreciation brought on more tears, which fell gently onto her bosom. That’s when it struck her: she hadn’t talked to the Lord since she had laid Jeffrey in the ground. Perhaps there was reason for that lack, for she couldn’t understand why God had taken a person so precious from her.
Watching Mr. Lakota carefully, she discovered a need in her to do the same. Perhaps a talk with the Lord might help her to understand her loss.
She rose up to a sitting position, and from there she came to her knees, and then onto her feet. She took up her rifle, placing it in the crook of her arm, as she stepped toward him, and reaching him, she fell to her knees. With head bowed, she brought her free hand to his, taking his in her own.
It gave her comfort to know he was there, to know that he, too, was praying. Perhaps between the two of them, God might smile more favorably on her...on them both, and perhaps He might forgive her the anger, the absolute horror, that even now stirred in her soul...
Her hand squeezed his, and he realized its gentle pressure brought him pleasure. It wasn’t that he was surprised by her appearance by his side, for he’d known when she had awakened, and he’d heard her footfalls, quiet though they had been. But her action in touching him created a flood of feeling within him that he was not prepared to understand. It was the first time she had reached out toward him, and he was surprised that he liked it.
Leaving his hand held tightly within hers, he glanced down at her as she knelt by his side. Her hair, tousled from sleep, shone with a wild, reddish hue, here beneath the grandiose of the pink and golden sky. Her eyes were shut and her head was bent toward the ground.
He understood. She had come here to pray with him and to give thanks to the Creator for a new day. After a while, he gazed away from her, turning his attention back toward the early morning sun, as the misty world around them exploded with a mirage of colors, steel gray of the sky, orange, pink and blue rays of the morning light.

“Hepela hepela!
Onsimala ye. Omakiyi ye.
“Cante’was’teya o’ciciyin kte.

“Hepela hepela!
Onsimala ye. Omakiyi ye.
“Cante’was’teya o’ciciyin kte.

“Hepela hepela!
Onsimala ye. Omakiyi ye.
“Cante’was’teya o’ciciyin kte.

He finished the song, yet he didn’t relinquish her hand. They stood thusly, each seemingly reluctant to bring the moment to a close. It was as though time itself had ceased to be, and though slow to acknowledge his feelings, he felt a part of him draw closer to her. From out the corner of his eye, he saw her make the sign of a cross over her head and chest, and he realized her prayer had come to an end.
At last she looked up at him, and he turned his gaze on her entirely. Her eyes looked like large, doe-colored jewels in her heart-shaped face; they appeared to question him, and he held that look, until at last, she gazed away. At length, she struggled to her feet and he took her weight upon him easily as he helped her up.
Neither of them spoke. There seemed to be no need. At last she voiced, “Thank you.”
He nodded briefly.
She let go of his hand then, and he surprised himself by the bereft feeling he experienced at its loss.
He said, “ is to...welcome giving thanks to...Creator. here every...morning...if” His voice, he noted, was husky, and he was stunned by that fact.
“I would like that,” she murmured in a tone that sounded as throaty as his. She glanced toward the ground. “I would like that very much.”
“Waste, good,” he voiced with a quick motion of his hand away from his chest. “It...good. Now...we must...prepare. Long...trek we have...this day.”
“Yes, yes, of course,” she spoke quickly, glancing away from him before she turned to take the necessary steps back to the place where she had slept. He watched her momentarily as she picked up the blanket that had buffered her from the ground during the night. He saw her fold it and place it in one of his bags.
That’s when he realized that she would be wanting a bath. All creatures needed the cleanliness of the water, but women in particular seemed to enjoy these necessities excessively, even when on the move. It would be his duty to locate a secluded place, free from the danger of enemy eyes, where she could freshen herself.
Idly he realized she would require freedom from his wandering glance as well. It was not a comforting thought to realize that an image of her body, completely naked, entered into his imaginings. With force of will, he refused to think that thought again...

Road Rage: The Blog by @Two_Sharpe | Book Tour & $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents #Murder #Thriller

Road Rage: The Blog - Unleashed by Two Sharpe is on virtual book tour. The murder thriller stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt.

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Road Rage: The Blog Book 1
by Two Sharpe
Genre: Murder Thriller

On October 30th, a man calling himself Simon started a blog, Road Rage. He claimed that he was going to kill several people that offended him with their belligerent driving style. After several claimed murders, the FBI assigned Special Agent Monique “Nikki” Sebastian, to the case to monitor the blog and see if she could start a dialog with the suspected serial killer, to possibly verify his claims. Very quickly, Nikki realized that not only was Simon doing exactly what he claimed, she found that he is not your run of the mill serial killer. Simon seems to function with some sort of moral code and the victims he chooses may very well be deserving of the attention given. Nikki also found that she was not sure who was hunting whom, as the communication between her and Simon became very personal.

As you get to know Simon and the Rage that he carries with him, you will find there is a lot more to this man than some random serial killer. He is a man with very unique “problem solving” skills and he really enjoys his work and the mission he has taken on to help rid the world of some really unnecessary… bad drivers…

Unleashed” is the first in the Road Rage the Blog series of novels. The books contain adult language and graphic violence. Enter at your own risk because you just might agree with Simon’s mission.

Two Sharpe Publishing was created as a company to publish some books that my daughter and I wrote together.  This was not something Amanda nor I had ever even dreamed of, but then life has a way of sending you down the path that it wants… regardless of where you were planning on going.

On September 16, 2015, Amanda’s husband Kevin was on his way home from work late one night and was waiting for traffic to clear in the left turn lane about a mile from their home.  A drunk driver coming from behind Kevin, at what was estimated 75 mph in a 45 mph zone, veered out of the travel lanes and struck Kevin in the rear of his Dodge Neon with a full-size SUV.  Kevin was killed instantly in the crash.
Several months after Kevin’s death, Amanda wrote an autobiography of her life with Kevin called Stolen and she asked me if I would help edit the book.  Once we put the finishing touches on Stolen, we decided we would cowrite a fictional series called The Charly Stevens series.
People deal with the loss of a loved one in many different ways. After starting the Charly Stevens Series, we came up with another fictional series called Road Rage The Blog. It is a real time blog written by Simon, a man who has a great deal of rage, especially when he gets in a car.
Once we had an idea for the above projects, we needed a Social Engineer to handle publishing, website development, cover art, and social media for our company.  We were lucky enough to convince Kris Spoon to join our team.  Kris has a wide range of experience in the world of publishing and social media and has used those unique skills to create a platform for not only the works we have created to date, but for those to come.  We hope in the future to be able to help other authors bring their works to life through our company.
Thank you for reading about Two Sharpe Publishing!
-Amanda, Kris, & Scott-

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Road Rage 2: The Next Verse

Speaking of true love, I gave it another shot. I did everything I could to avoid it, but in the end, it was just too powerful. I let myself feel something again. I had closed that part of myself off long ago and befriended the Rage who has been my only companion for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Rage, quick wit, devastatingly handsome… I might be stretching on that last one. But someone came into my life as you all know and we finally got a chance to meet in person. I was worried about how the Rage would react, but he continues to surprise me. I always thought the Rage was born out of the tragedy surrounding my wife and unborn son’s deaths, but I realize now that he was there all the time. He was the passion, love, and protective instinct I had for my wife. When she was taken from us, all that energy had to go somewhere, do something and so the Rage was born. When we are with her, the Rage was back in his true form and his complete focus was on making her happy, it was awesome. That burning hole in my chest stopped hurting, pain was replaced with pleasure. Everything was going so well and then last night, my phone rang. 


I had probably the best weekend I have had in close to a decade. My heart was full of love, I see signs of spring all around me and I was just happy. That was until Romeo came along and fucked it all up. I was on a mission before she came along and for me to change focus like that, it takes some doing. Let me explain what creating your own personal suicide plan looks like. Find the Rage and be a dick. That’s pretty much all it takes and you are on your way to the darkness, stopping along the way to visit pain and misery of course. They love company.

The Westbrook Knights by @Sonya_Jesus | Book Tour & Swag Pack #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents NA Romantic Suspense

The Westbrook Knights by Sonya Jesus is on virtual book tour. The new adult romantic suspense series stops at Readeropolis. Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Knights After My Heart
Westbrook Knights Book 1
by Sonya Jesus
Genre: NA Romantic Suspense

Amelia’s past issues and personal time limits propel her into a relationship that alters her normal life at Westbrook University. Connor, her new potential boyfriend, triggers jealousy, rehashes old relationships, sparks new ones, and ignites a rage in others that will devastate her ordinary life. As she desperately tries to hold on to her pre-Connor life, she struggles to balance the new-found attention while trying to follow her heart. Something she realizes is complicated… very complicated - because her heart has no idea where it’s going. 

Connor may be the change Lia is looking for, but he is certainly not the ending Hawk wants for his Queen. Hawk’s invested too much time in planning his future to let some random guy walk away with his happily ever after. He will do anything to protect her virtue, even if it means protecting her from herself because Amelia belongs to him.

He’s chosen her… 
He’s watched her… 
He’s studied her…

He knows everything there is to learn about her…

And when the time is right she will reign his heart.

Knights Who Stole My Heart
Westbrook Knights Book 2

Amelia’s heart is torn between the new, the old and the familiar but when her heart screams out what it wants, Amelia listens. It’s not always easy since a conflicted heart wants different things on different days, but she finds a way to work around her indecisiveness and focus on what she needs- what she thinks she can’t live without. 

The closer Amelia gets to figuring out her love life, the more Hawk unravels. While he deals with loose ends and new threats, his strategic plans start to fall into place. Pawns advance, the King’s in the ideal position and the Rook hosts the Mad Lib Auction. What he doesn’t expect is for his Queen to be in danger and for Knights to steal hearts. 

Knights Who Broke My Heart
Westbrook Knights Book 3

They were out to break my heart...

Amelia finally figures out exactly who her heart wants, and she is determined to go for it. She is willing to give the knight who stole her heart everything. She owns up to her mistakes and truly attempts to change, but just because her mind is made up, doesn’t mean her love is reciprocated. Will she choose the best-friend who learned her by heart, or the soccer god who ignored her for the longest time? One of them will win her heart, the other will break it… But neither of them are safe from the guy who will stop at nothing to protect her. 

Murder isn’t something Hawk shies away from. Actually, he prefers to use it as a last recourse, but he’s unravelling. The closer Amelia gets to achieving happiness, the more his control disintegrates. And when one of his carefully laid plans turns on him, he loses it. Realizing he’s the reason behind Amelia’s attack, plagues him with guilt. In all his attempts to protect her, he was the one who put her in danger- a failure he isn’t willing to have looming over him… But what happens when his Queen fails him in ways she can never take back?

New Adult, Romantic Suspense. Contains sexual content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Sonya´s a science nerd who decided to give into her creative fictional side in order to balance out the non-fictional scientific side of her PhD. She doesn´t have much free time, but she spends it enjoying her family and friends, watching Netflix and playing with her dogs.

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