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Until We Are Free
by TM Blayte


GENRE: YA Sci-fi



Nyl Jayms is tasked with kidnaping the Elder princess, to force her brother, the king, to negotiate with humans. The alternative is a war that could lead to the annihilation of both humans and Elders.

A Rider Council faction, led by Nyl’s father, is opposed to any negotiations. They will do anything, including sabotaging his assignment, to trigger a war.

Nyl and his team have to outsmart the king’s elite Royal Guard, to get to the princess, and somehow stay one step ahead of the faction opposed to negotiations. Everyone will be forced to re-evaluate ideology they were raised with, as an impending war looms ever closer.

Join these elite teenage rebel warriors on a journey of war, betrayal, and political scheming, in Until We Are Free. In this debut novel from TM Blayte, faces of friends, family, allies and enemies will blur. Loyalties will be tested, until the determination to be free becomes the only thing that matters. After all, does one person’s freedom mean another person’s oppression?”



She jabs furiously at a button, “Trying to override the stupid password!”

“You are doing it all wrong.” Bongani says, peering over her shoulder. “Those are high end encrypted files. What you are doing wouldn’t even override a blogger password.”

“Oh yes? Do it then, Professor.”

“What are you trying to override?” I ask, while Bongani takes the machine from her.

“The disc with classified Council meeting recordings . . . Hey! You will get us killed, idiot! And you dare criticize my driving? Maybe I should have taken the wheel after all!”

“You know the penalty for that?!” I say, edging the car back in the correct lane.

“Another crime in addition to freeing a hostage, escaping from the law, and aiding a fugitive for the three of you. Did I mention stealing weapons? It can't be worse than where we are right now. Remember, G can send us to Detention or worse, for life.”

“What are you hoping to find?” I shut my mouth knowing the answer as soon as I finish. It's obvious. The documents we’d seen earlier. What more evidence would help now, I have no idea.

“I'm in,” Bongani says with a smug look, handing Mira back the machine.

“Guys,” she says carefully, “should we do this? There is no turning back from whatever we see.”

I get the impression she is speaking to me more so than the others.


“We might not like what we see.”

“Please! If we don't look, we'll literally die of curiosity.”

“Here goes nothing,” Mira says, clicking on the latest meeting.

It is hard driving and trying to concentrate on the meeting. I end up stopping at a shopping centre.

“On the agenda this evening,” Dad says, “is how to end the Elder problem once and for all. I have received suggestions from some of you, I shall go into presently. Chief Whip King is of the opinion we come to some settlement with the King. He would have us under an Elder nation and a human nation. In other words, the Elder race remains superior. Humans still have to bow to an Elder monarch and pay some drunk Daylle noble their taxes. Those who remain in the Elder nation anyhow.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Aspiring journalist by day, reader by night, and author somewhere in between, TM Blayte is the author of Until We Are Free. He is published by Alban Lake Publishing. He is also the author of short works such as: Till Death Do Us Part, The Last Children, and The Power of Legend.

Until We Are Free can now be bought from:

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The Power of Legend is available for free reading on T’s blog at

T’s biggest dream is to … Nah, it’s personal!

Follow him on Twitter @tmblayte.

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M Blayte will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
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