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THE UNINVITED CORPSE by Debra Sennefelder + Print Copy #Giveaway | GREAT ESCAPES TOURS Presents #CozyMystery

THE UNINVITED CORPSE (Food Blogger Mysteries) by Debra Sennefelder is on virtual book tour. The cozy mystery stops at Readeropolis today with a spotlight post. 

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a print copy of the book and follow the Great Escapes book tour (for other dates see the bottom of the post). 

The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries) 

by Debra Sennefelder

About the Book

Cozy Mystery 
1st in Series 
Kensington (March 27, 2018) 
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1496715920 
Digital ASIN: B073NNPM7G

Leaving behind a failed career as a magazine editor and an embarrassing stint on a reality baking show, newly divorced lifestyle entrepreneur Hope Early thought things were finally on the upswing—until she comes face-to-face with a murderer . . .

Hope’s schedule is already jam packed with recipe testing and shameless plugs for her food blog as she rushes off to attend a spring garden tour in the charming town of Jefferson, Connecticut. Unfortunately, it isn’t the perfectly arranged potted plants that grab her attention—it’s the bloody body of reviled real estate agent Peaches McCoy . . .

One of the tour guests committed murder, and all eyes are on Hope’s older sister, Claire Dixon—who, at best, saw Peaches as a professional rival. And suspicions really heat up when another murder occurs the following night. Now, with two messy murders shaking Jefferson and all evidence pointing to Claire, Hope must set aside her burgeoning brand to prove her sister’s innocence. But the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer intent on making sure her life goes permanently out of style . . .

Includes Recipes from Hope’s Kitchen!

About the Author 

Debra Sennefelder, the author of the Food Blogger Mystery series and the Resale Boutique Mystery series, is an avid reader who reads across a range of genres, but mystery fiction is her obsession. Her interest in people and relationships is channeled into her novels against a backdrop of crime and mystery. When she’s not reading, she enjoys cooking and baking and as a former food blogger, she is constantly taking photographs of her food. Yeah, she’s that person. Born and raised in New York City, she now lives and writes in Connecticut with her family. She’s worked in pre-hospital care, retail and publishing. Her writing companions are her adorable and slightly spoiled Shih-Tzus, Susie and Billy. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, Women's Fiction Writers Association and Romance Writers of America. 

Author Links: WebsiteFacebookGoodreads 

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Who is Diandra Archer? by @OnyxWebb | Onyx Webb by Diandra Archer | Book Tour & $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents #Supernatural #Suspense

Have you read any the Onyx Webb books by Diandra Archer? The paranormal suspense series is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropolis today with a guest post.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the $20 Amazon GC giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Who is Diandra Archer?

Surprise! We are!

That’s right, you’ve discovered our secret.

We are Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz and we are a married writing team based in Orlando Florida.

For years we have written and published non-fiction, business books. We have also written a few screenplays together. Onyx Webb is our first fictional book series.

We decided to go with the pen name Diandra Archer because it is a combination of both of our names. (This will come into play later on in the series if you don’t know it yet!)

So, you may be wondering…

Why would non-fiction business authors turn to fiction? While growing our speaking business, our side-hobby was writing screenplays. We’ve written several, even had an agent and spent some time in Hollywood.

But we love creating stories. That’s why all of our business books are fables – most even have a little supernatural twist! So one day, a couple years ago, walking around Lake Eola in Orlando, we started brainstorming what we’d like to write next together. We have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours talking about and crafting our characters and their stories. Thus, Onyx Webb and the series was born. It is by far the most arduous undertaking we’ve ever attempted and we look forward to sharing Onyx with the world.

Why such a massive project?

We knew we had a few stories we wanted to tell. Specifically the story of Koda Mulvaney started us off. Then we developed the character of Onyx. Then when we started thinking about the concept of a web we really began to develop all kinds of ways our characters were connected through time, place and relationship. Once that happened, it was impossible to separate characters and try to write just one story. We also noticed series’ were popular on Amazon so we figured even though it would take a while, we could release as a fairly long-running series of books.

What do you mean by the series being like ‘a supernatural soap opera?’

We’re visual writers having written screenplays for many years (none have been made as of yet!) So this almost became like writing a t.v. series except in book form. We see it in our minds as a series. We even refer to our chapters (when writing) as scenes. To us they are scenes as if you were watching Downton Abbey or Days of Our Lives. It’s like a soap opera with the idea you follow many different people and relationships. Readers get a little piece of each person’s story and then we move onto the next person’s story. And like a soap opera, we pick back up with the character again. Of course it’s supernatural because a few of our characters are ghosts! However, we are strictly into the ghost world and so readers will not be seeing vampires, werewolves, fairies or other creatures.

How do you work together?

We brainstorm about the characters and their stories. We use post it notes to figure out the timelines and major story lines. Then we take long walks discussing various ways we could actually write it out. To start Onyx Webb, we did that for well over a year. Finally when actual writing happens, Richard begins. Andrea gets the first draft to add and rework each episode and it’s usually quite a bit. We repeat that process three to four more times before sending to a couple of trusted readers for final feedback and changes and then later to the final copy-editor. Often we will write all the story lines (what we call ‘tracks’) and then it is not until the very end that we put them all together. We have a very easy relationship and agree on most everything in terms of what needs to happen in the books although ultimately whoever believes in something the strongest usually wins. But it helps that we are both in love with what we are creating.

Onyx Webb: Book One
by Diandra Archer
Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Who can she trust? What is the truth?

Every decision has consequences.

What you thought you knew about ghosts is wrong. Sometimes they can walk among the living. In Onyx Webb, the silk of time weaved between lives is generations apart.
Follow a billionaire playboy who’s hit rock bottom in 2010, a girl off to prom in 1979, and Onyx Webb in 1906 on her sixth birthday.
It’s 1906, and the World’s Fair is in St. Louis. Onyx has a list of things she wants to see, and the World’s Fair Ferris wheel is at the top. But someone else has a list, too. The woman with the grey hair wants to find another little girl to take home. And like the last child, she’ll start at the Ferris wheel.
But someone else has a list, too. The woman with the grey hair wants to find another little girl to take home. And like the last child, she’ll start at the Ferris wheel.
You’ll love this superbly crafted paranormal thriller, because everyone likes twist, turns, and surprises. Onyx Webb will hook you from page one.

Onyx Webb: Book Two

The story continues. The entanglements grow. Who will survive?

Onyx is in danger. Her husband’s affair has him in a tight spot. And someone wants her dead. Will he kill his wife to save his skin? Koda is obsessed. Who is the girl in the mirror? He’s losing it, but his friend Dane has an idea. Will a psychic in Florida help them with answers? Or will it be a mistake?

Koda is obsessed. Who is the girl in the mirror? He’s losing it, but his friend Dane has an idea. Will a psychic in Florida help them with answers? Or will it be a mistake?
Declan Mulvaney and his best friend Tommy struggle to survive at the Open Arms Orphanage. A single act of defiance has them both in trouble. It won’t be easy to avoid the Nun’s wrath.
You’ll love the next installment of this fantastic series because the twist and turns keep coming.

Onyx Webb: Book Three 

Onyx’s new life isn’t what she expected. Will Koda recover from the tragedy? Decaln is succeeding but at a terrible cost.

Every decision has consequences.

The surprises continue in this third installment of the Onyx Webb series and you won’t believe how twisted the plot has become. It will grab you because of the surprises, but you’ll be hooked because of the unknown.
You’re in deep now. Keep going forward.
It’s the only way out.

Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz are best known as the authors of Go for No! (which hit #1 on Amazon’s Sales & Selling list and has remained in the Top 10 for the last five years.) They are also professional speakers who speak internationally to audiences on how to overcome fear of failure and rejection.

Although all of their business books are fables, the Onyx Webb series is their first serious dive into fiction.

But Richard and Andrea have been in love with creating stories together since they met almost twenty years ago and even spent some time in Hollywood writing screenplays, being represented by the producer of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Check out the Release Blitz for Fighting Weight by @gillianj_author | RRR Promotion Presents Inspirational #ContemporaryRomance #ConRom

The release blitz for Fighting Weight by Gillian Jones stops at Readeropolis today! Check out the book blurb below.


Release Blitz: Fighting Weight
by Gillian Jones

Available with Kindle Unlimited

Genre:Inspirational Contemporary Romance

We all have that voice inside our heads.

The one that speaks to us incessantly. That voice we trust to make the right decisions, to keep us on a positive path, even when others try to bring us down.

But what happens when that voice changes? 

When it's no longer a voice of reason, a voice of comfort giving us a pep talk when we need one?

What happens when that inner voice turns into a bully?

You're fat.
Don't you dare eat that. 
You'll never be as pretty as her
You'll never be as good as them.
You're lazy. You're stupid.
You are disgusting.
You. Are. Nothing.

What happens when that inner voice makes your body takes its side?

And what happens when the bully starts to win?

If your name is Alina Cassidy, then you fight like hell.

Warning: Deals with subject matter some readers might find sensitive. But I promise an HEA.


About the Author

Wife, mother, proud Canadian. Shoe addict, red wine connoisseur, lover of laughter and the friendships that cause it. I'm a sucker for those epic romances that steal my breath and leave me always wanting more.

Follow the Author

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Author Q&A ft @heather_mckenzi | Nocturne Book Tour & CD #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents #YA #Romance #Thriller #Suspense

Have you read Nocturne by Heather McKenzie? Books one and two of the Nightmusic Trilogy (young adult romance) are on virtual book tour and stop at Readeropolis today with an author interview.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a signed pop/rock CD of the author’s original music (professionally produced) and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Interview with Heather McKenzie by Dwight Bueckert

What genre/category is NOCTURNE? 

YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance Thriller and Suspense

Release date?

March 20, 2018 in digital and July 10, 2018 in print

Please describe what the story is about in one sentence.

This is Book Two of the Nightmusic Trilogy. The story continues with Kaya being forced to make a heart-breaking desicion to save the ones she loves.  

Briefly, what led up to writing The Nightmusic Trilogy?

A career in music! I had been telling short stories through songwriting for a very long time and this just seemed to be the natural next step.

What inspired you to write The Nightmusic Trilogy?

I was in my local bookstore one afternoon with my daughter while she searched the Teen/Young Adult section in frustration. She didn’t want vampires, or witches, or dystopian worlds, she wanted a modern day adventure with characters that felt real. So, being the doting mother that I am, I started writing my first book for her. One month into the process, I dropped everything to focus entirely on learning how to write. I fell head over heels in love with this avenue of storytelling. Being a musician gave me many life experiences to pull from, and my love of teen fiction fueled the passion to forge ahead and get the story on paper. A love triangle, the romantic setting of the rocky mountains, the art of survival and a character whose strength builds with each page... it all began to come to life every time I sat down to write. I realized when I completed the first manuscript, that what I was essentially trying to get across to my daughter –through the magic of reading– was the understanding of true love; what it feels like and how you know when you’ve found it.  And, I am happy to say, that my knowledge of that is born of my own, real, experience.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I have tried to touch lightly on the effects of chemicals on our bodies and bring to light the correlation between what we do to the earth, and how it ends up affecting us. We need to care for ourselves and our planet.  

How much of the book is realistic?

I tried to make the book feel like it could actually happen. The characters are completely fictional, but the settings are not. Caves and underground hot springs and the castle in the mountains? All real. The Death Race that takes place every August in Grande Cache? Real. Beautiful one horse towns and yellow fields of flowers? Yup. Real too.

What are you reading now?

Everything written by Sarah J. Maas. She is amazing.

What are your current projects?

I have just finished book one of a new series of adult fiction that I am very excited about. It is about to enter the editing process. I am also close to finishing RHAPSODY, the third book in the Nightmusic Trilogy.

Where are you from?

Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA! I was born in the city, then moved to an acreage just outside it and lived an absolute fairy tale childhood in my own ‘castle’ until I left to join a rock band at and play professionally. Eventually I moved back, got married there, and got to watch my children have the same amount of happiness as I did in my childhood home.  

Where do you write from?

A home office/recording studio with wall to wall books, pianos, and two old dogs sleeping at my feet.

What was the hardest part of writing?

Sitting for countless hours every day. I gained about fifty pounds and think I broke my butt at one point. But it was worth it.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

If you love it, it’s good. Take opinions with a grain of salt and trust your gut.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?

I am still actively involved in music, writing and being loud and aggressive with my band on weekends and recording whenever I can. I also teach classical piano and voice to youngsters one day a week, which is an incredibly rewarding experience. When I need peace and quiet– which is often– I paint.  

Nightmusic Trilogy Book 2
by Heather McKenzie
Genre: YA Romance, Thriller, Suspense

I am hunted.

A pawn in a vicious game.

The only way I can protect the ones I love... to disappear.

Finally free of her father, Kaya has the one thing that keeps her heart beating—Luke.

Blissfully content in his arms, everything seems perfect…until their world is shattered by a deadly invasion. When an old ally comes to the rescue, Kaya wants none of it. She is devastated to learn the identity of her attacker, and that she must do something truly heartbreaking if she wants to save the ones she loves. Sacrificing everything and sinking into bottomless sorrow, Kaya finds solace in an unlikely friend—one who shows her a different kind of love, and helps her discover an inner strength she never thought possible.

A heart-pounding journey of self-discovery, Nocturne is the transformative second installment of The Nightmusic Trilogy by Heather McKenzie.

Nightmusic Trilogy Book 1

Kidnapped and held hostage in the Rockies, a teenage heiress falls for her abductor while her corrupt father and devoted bodyguard fight to get her back. The discovery of true love and dark family secrets turns deadly in this epic coming of age adventure.

Kaya Lowen dreams of living like a normal eighteen-year old, but being heiress to a billion-dollar company has put her life in constant danger. Fiercely guarded by her powerful and corrupt father, she develops close bonds with those who protect her, especially Oliver – a bodyguard who has proven his devotion to her time and again. He wins her heart - until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger has her questioning everything she believes in. Haunted by true love and reeling from a guilty conscience, Kaya's world unravels when she's kidnapped. Held captive in a rugged wilderness fraught with raging storms, mystical caves and deadly predators, Kaya's father scours the forest and her bodyguard fights to get her back. But, the discovery of a dark family secret makes Kaya wonder if staying in the arms of her blue-eyed abductor—a captivating stranger with dark secrets of his own – is a safer place to be. At least, that's what her heart is telling her, her head is saying run...

An epic adventure centered on a smoldering love-triangle, Serenade sings a timeless tale of courage, self-discovery, and life-or-death love that will leave you breathless.

**FREE at all retailers!!**

Heather McKenzie is the Canadian author of Serenade, book one of The Nightmusic Trilogy. Also a professional singer/songwriter with five albums to date, she has been telling stories through music for years and pulls from her extraordinary experiences as a musician to fuel her passion for creating Young Adult fiction. A rocker at heart, a mom of three, an aspiring painter and a lover of animals, she is kept grounded by her husband at their home in Edmonton.

Listen to a sample of Heather's songs HERE:

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!