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#ArmchairBEA 2015: Introduction Questions | Day One

Header designed by Amber of Shelf Notes , photography by Wolf_359 on Flickr. If you're a book blogger who can't attend Bo...

Armchair BEA

Header designed by Amber of Shelf Notes, photography by Wolf_359 on Flickr.

If you're a book blogger who can't attend Book Expo America and/or the BEA Blogger Convention in New York this May, you don't have to miss all the fun - this virtual convention is the place to be!

Introduction Questions

What is your theme song?

This week it is I AM READING A BOOK by Julian Smith because I am trying to finish strong for the Spring Seasonal Reading Challenge on Goodreads.

What does diversity mean to you?

There should be space on the shelf for everyone's story.

What is one book everyone should read?

AWAKE by Melanie Surani (edgy adult thriller). I have been working with her on the release. The virtual launch party is on Monday, June 1st on Facebook. Please drop by and say hello!

Enter for a chance to win a paperback below on Goodreads. Melanie is also giving away a few ebook copies during Armchair BEA (she's a sponsor).

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Awake by Melanie Surani


by Melanie Surani

Giveaway ends July 02, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to Win

What is your favorite genre and why?

Anything in the mystery/suspense/thriller sections because I enjoy figuring things out. I especially love it when I get it wrong and a story surprises me.

What book are you reading right now?

KILLER ON A HOT TIN ROOF by Livia J. Washburn


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