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#ArmchairBEA 2015: Blogging Q&A | Day Three

Header designed by Amber of Shelf Notes , photography by Wolf_359 on Flickr. If you're a book blogger who can't attend Bo...

Armchair BEA

Header designed by Amber of Shelf Notes, photography by Wolf_359 on Flickr.

If you're a book blogger who can't attend Book Expo America and/or the BEA Blogger Convention in New York this May, you don't have to miss all the fun - this virtual convention is the place to be!

Today's Topic: Blogging Q&A
Blogging 101. All kinds of tips and tricks to get you started or keep you going. Talk about ARCs, reviewing in general, web design, etc. What blogging platform do you use? How do you network? What are some of your favorite web designs? Or maybe you want to talk about your own blogging journey, and how you got to where you are now. Either way, we want you to share your knowledge with the rest of the community!

My Thoughts

Blogger: As you can see Readeropolis is on the Blogger platform. Primarily for ease of use. I haven't been able to get it in good shape due to "life" getting in the way. I feel like I need a "Pardon My Dust" construction sign for this blog.

My plan is to get all of my ideas in order by next week and in place by the summer solstice.  I feel like I am the last to know about bookish happenings so I'd like to have this blog be more of an information site than a review site. A place where readers can go to find out what's up.

I'd love to see any Blogger #protips that you might have. Please, do tell!

I am trying to be more social. I have participated in a few bookish group events this year like Dewey's 24-Readathon, Bout of Books, and now Armchair BEA. I have been able to visit a lot of blogs that I would not know about otherwise.

What cool looking sites have you visited during ABEA this year?


  1. I love blogger too because of its simplicity and ease to manipulate. ABEA is definitely a fun way to meet other bloggers :) Great post!

    Cierra @ Books Ahoy

  2. I've been looking round loads of cool sites lately while doing ABEA :) It's such a great way to get inspired and think of ways to fix up my own blog (which I really need to do!). One of my favourites I've found lately is Bookish Tendencies, which has a really simple, clear style. Anyway, best of luck with the blog overhaul! :)
    Rachel @ Dashing Good Books


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