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Defenders of Holt by Julie L. Casey: 12 Days of Back to School Books (Day 1)

Julie L. Casey lives in a rural area near St. Joseph, Missouri, with her husband, Jonn Casey, a science teacher, and their three...

Julie L. Casey lives in a rural area near St. Joseph, Missouri, with her husband, Jonn Casey, a science teacher, and their three youngest sons. She enjoys historical reenacting, wildlife rehabilitation, teaching her children, and writing books that capture the imaginations of young people.

Orion enjoys his uncomplicated life hunting deer and bison, using only his wits and extraordinary speed to run down his prey, until a girl of a different sort and the invasion of another tribe threaten to change his way of life forever.

Orion lives five centuries in the future, in a village called Holt on the Missouri river, in the middle of what used to be the United States of America. Life has drastically changed for the entire world after a series of solar superstorms destroyed the power grids, decreased the sun’s energy output, and plunged the Earth into an ice age. Three quarters of the Earth’s human population has been decimated, while many of those who survived have evolved into a race of people with superior genes. Orion belongs to one group of these evolved people called Tall Ones, possessing enhanced genes for strength, speed, and stamina, along with increased height. Sage, the girl he falls in love with, is a Brain, an evolutionary mutation that has greatly enhanced cerebral capacity. The Tall Ones and Brains have lived in unity, although rarely intermarrying, and have successfully used all the knowledge of science and history accumulated to date to make their simple, pastoral lifestyle comfortable and enjoyable. Yet, not all people have been so successful, and one such tribe, the Outliers, threatens to usurp Orion’s village and way of life from them.

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Author 10 top favorite things
1. My favorite place to be: my home - I live on five acres surrounded by fields, where I can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature with…
2. My favorite people: my family - my husband, four sons, daughter-in-law, my mother, and numerous cats, dogs, and chickens live on our property. The only thing better would be to have our daughter with her family (including four beautiful grandkids), my dad, and my mother-in-law here too.
3. My favorite song: No Rain by Blind Melon
4. My favorite colors: turquoise and periwinkle
5. My favorite food: It used to be broccoli and sweet potatoes but while I still love those, I have been craving steak lately. A perfect meal is when I can have all three together.
6. My favorite book: this one is almost impossible for me to answer; I love so many. I’ll just go ahead and pick one for the sake of this list - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
7. My favorite movie: this is another hard one, but I’ll just pick one of the top ones - Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Or maybe Jesus Christ Superstar. I love them both so much!
8. My favorite TV show: I absolutely loved the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it is no longer on the air, so I’ll pick my second favorite, the Big Bang Theory (as you can probably tell by now, I’m a geek. lol)
9. My favorite animal: I love all animals, especially cats and dogs, but what I consider my spirit animal is a fox.
10. My favorite game/stress reliever/time waster: World of Solitaire ( - I play it when I need to wake up, think over something, or fill time.

 And a fun Author Interview Question

3.      How did you come to write this particular book or series?
I always have lots of ideas rattling around in my brain and I see story ideas everywhere. Defenders of Holt came out of one of those ideas and it was fun to let my imagination develop the story as I wrote.


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  1. Quite a lot of content here on this blog...I like that. :-)
    Defenders of Holt seems like it will be such a sweet story.


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