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Pervy Girl Challenge 2016 Reading Challenge | Hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup @herdingcats2012

"Find out just how naughty are you--when it comes to books, of course ! This challenge is all about the naughty and exploring the glo...

"Find out just how naughty are you--when it comes to books, of course! This challenge is all about the naughty and exploring the gloriously kinky world of romance. There's a "pervy" checklist and the goal is to work your way through as many as possible during the year."

Pervy Girl Challenge

Pervy Girl Reading Challenge
Hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup

If you would like to join this challenge, please click the button above (or here) to go to The Herd Presents for full details! 


  • Challenge Dates: Jan 1, 2016 and ends Dec 31, 2016
  • There are six reading levels.
  • What counts:
    • Books MUST be read in 2016
    • All book formats count
    • Re-reads and challenge cross overs count
    • Books can count for only one checklist item each

Be sure to check out some books of interest that have been featured on Readeropolis: erotica (here) and erotic romance (here).


Have you seen the checklist? Whoa, mama! There are a LOT of pervy options. I am not sure if I have six books that will fit the bill, but I will find some extras. LOL!

I am going to commit to level one and go from there.


Around mid-May, I realized that I have only read three books that count towards this challenge.  Go big or go home, I say. I have done a little shopping to bolster my bookshelves in support of this challenge. So I am going to move up two levels and commit to reading 33 books.

I am going full pervy girl this summer. I may have to call the fire department at some point because my summer reading list is too hot.

Level 1 (Sweet & Innocent): 6 books
1. Bound by Lorelei James (Mastered, #1) | rope play
2. Unwound by Lorelei James (Mastered, #2) | wax play
3. Schooled by Lorelei James (Mastered, #2.5) | Mile High Club
4. Unraveled by Lorelei James (Mastered, #3) | romance with a Domme
5. Caged by Lorelei James (Mastered, #4) | self loving (masturbation)
6. Hers For The Evening (Courtesans Tales, #2) by Jasmine Haynes | courtesan

Level 2 (Still blushin'): 12 books
7. Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10) by J.R. Ward | oral sex
8. Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J. R. Ward | a m/m romance
9. Dawn (Xenogenesis, #1) by Octavia E. Butler | mix-matched mates
10. Rush (Breathless, #1) by Maya Banks | bondage, 10+ age difference
11. Fever (Breathless, #2) by Maya Banks | face sitting, 10+ age difference
12. Burn (Breathless, #3) by Maya Banks | nipple clamps, 10+ age difference

Level 3 (Is it getting hot in here?): 24 books
13. Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1) by Lorelei James | double penetration (vag/anal/oral)
14. Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders, #3) by Lorelei James | 10+ age difference
15. Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders, #4) by Lorelei James | shower sex
16. Rough, Raw, and Ready (Rough Riders #5) by Lorelei James |
17. Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders, #6) by Lorelei James | pierced genitalia
18. Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders #6.5) by Lorelei James | use of sex toys
19. Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders, #7) by Lorelei James | hairpulling
20. All Jacked Up (Rough Riders #8) by Lorelei James
21. Raising Kane (Rough Riders, #9) by Lorelei James | rough sex
22. Slow Ride (Rough Riders, #9.5) by Lorelei James |
23. Cowgirls Don't Cry (Rough Riders, #10) by Lorelei James | phone sex
24. Chasin' Eight (Rough Riders, #11) by Lorelei James | double penetration (vaginal)

Level 4 (Yeah. I've got some kink!): 33 books
25. Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders #12) by Lorelei James | BDSM romance


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