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Author Q&A + $20 GC #Giveaway | SPECIAL LEVELS OF EARTHLY HELL by Merry Freer #Horror #Supernatural

Goddess Fish Promotions has organized a virtual book tour for Special Levels of Earthly Hell (subtitled: The Story of One Family's Chill...

Goddess Fish Promotions has organized a virtual book tour for Special Levels of Earthly Hell (subtitled: The Story of One Family's Chilling Struggle with Demonic Possession) by Merry Freer, a supernatural/occult/horror available now.

Be sure to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found by clicking the banner below.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Special Levels of Earthly Hell
by Merry Freer


GENRE:  Horror, Supernatural



Drew Collins experiences the world in black and white. As an educated man of science, he rejects belief in the paranormal and the existence of demons. Until an evil energy he calls "The Beast" repeatedly enters his bedroom at night and takes possession of his wife's body.

What he witnesses at night in his own bedroom cannot be reconciled with science. And yet he sees it with his own eyes, feels its presence, ominous and evil, with his entire being.

Against every instinct, Drew reaches out for help. It is not just his marriage that’s at stake. The evil force has invaded his wife's family, tearing them apart and culminating in bloodshed and murder. Drew must face a stark choice: sacrifice his belief that the world is a rational place and fight an entity he doesn’t understand and is reluctant to label, or abandon his wife and her family.

Author's Note to the Reader: Sadly, the most frightening and brutal events in this book are factual. The story is loosely based on one family's experience with multiple tragedies, some of them "ripped from the headlines." It is also an excruciatingly factual account of one man's experience with a loved one who is possessed by a demonic presence. However, it transcends genre and is as much a tale of romance, of cultural barriers, of abuse, and of family drama, as it is of demonic possession.The link between the introduction of an evil spirit and the heartbreaking misfortunes that are visited on the family is left for the reader to decide.



Drew didn't remember falling asleep. He did remember waking up. Something was wrong. A chill traveled up his spine and enveloped him. With a sickening feeling of familiarity, sweat began to form on his forehead and trickle down his temples as fear overcame him. He quickly glanced at the digital clock on the table beside the bed. The blood-red numbers announced the time eerily – 3:00am - a haunting reminder of the first time.

Someone was watching him. He was certain of it. His eyes were immediately drawn to the window. A dark fear formed in his gut and sent out tentacles of terror that invaded his thoughts and squeezed his lungs, threatening his very breath.

The sensation of movement brought him to his feet but his trembling legs couldn’t support him and he allowed himself to fall back onto the bed next to his sleeping wife, Adriana. Turning his head toward the window, he looked closer at what appeared to be vapor, distorted lines of energy waving like the air in the distance over a desert highway in August. A terrifying feeling of knowledge washed over him. It was alive.

Drew’s mind flashed to the first time he had encountered the demon in the bedroom at his mother’s house, the night it hijacked Adriana’s body - at 3:00am. It was always at 3:00am.



Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

I think “Special Levels of Earthly Hell” has a pretty far-reaching audience. It touches on the paranormal, the occult, and horror. Of particular interest is the fact that the protagonist is an atheist. His search for reason in an unreasonable situation using techniques that span many religions and geographic locations makes it a smart read.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

I love Thalia in “Special Levels of Earthly Hell.” She is such a resilient and charming little girl, despite her experience with a mother who is either absent or abusive. I may write a sequel that features Thalia as a grown-up.

If you could change ONE thing about your novel, what would it be? Why?

I would change Adam’s view of his own destiny. This character of Adam in “Special Levels of Earthly Hell” is based on a real person whose very real actions resulted in the loss of many lives, devastating the lives of those who were left behind.

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:

I am a character in “Special Levels of Earthly Hell.” The fact that it was not until recently that I learned that the dissention within my family was caused by a demonic presence might be called a fun fact. I’m glad I didn’t know at the time.

What other books are similar to your own? What makes them alike?

Certainly it is similar to “The Exorcist,” though not as graphic. The very fact that there are so many books that have been written about demonic possession and haunted houses, most claiming to be true stories, is astonishing to me. The books in this genre describe the forms of evil in such similar ways, even cross-culturally, it is difficult to believe they aren’t driven by the same evil force.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

I have a ridiculous memory. This is particularly helpful to me as a writer because I write about things that actually happened. My first book is a memoir. I can remember things that happened twenty years ago as though they happened this morning. It’s an associative memory, so if I can remember what a character said, I likely remember what they were wearing, the setting, and even very minor details that may or many not make their way into the story.

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

Please leave a review. It doesn’t need to be long. I appreciate knowing what readers think of my books – it helps in my learning and growing process as an author. Independent writers, especially, need reviews to qualify for many types of promotions and advertising. Many potential readers depend on reviews in their decision-making process as to whether to buy the book. I think I speak for most authors when I say the most important thing you can do is LEAVE A REVIEW. It is a small act that will receive a great deal of


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Merry Freer is an author of memoir and fact-based fiction. “Special Levels of Earthly Hell: The Story of One Family’s Chilling Struggle with Demonic Possession”  was inspired by actual events that were experienced by her nuclear and extended families, tearing relationships apart and making national news headlines. This book comes on the heels of her first book, a memoir named “Doctor, Doctor.”  While "Doctor, Doctor" is her debut novel, she has been a writer and editor for many years, including work with the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Hall of Champions. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from San Diego State University and has been a featured speaker for classes dealing with medical ethics.

Her controversial memoir, "Doctor, Doctor," topped the Best Seller List in True Crime/White Collar Crime for 10 months and received a "Best Books of 2014" award from "Suspense Magazine."

Visit her Facebook Page at

Purchase the book at Amazon:



Merry will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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