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Author Q&A ft Dawn Burnett + eBook #Giveaway | CONNECT: HOW TO KNOW IF HE'S REALLY YOUR MAN | @GoddessFish & @anewdawnnatural Presents #SelfHelp

Goddess Fish Promotions has organized a Virtual Book Tour for Connect - How To Know If He's Really Your Man by Dawn Burnett, a self-hel...

Goddess Fish Promotions has organized a Virtual Book Tour for Connect - How To Know If He's Really Your Man by Dawn Burnett, a self-help book available now from HCI Publishing.

Be sure to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found at the bottom of the post.

Connect - How To Know If He's Really Your Man
by Dawn Burnett


GENRE: Self-Help (non-fiction)



Wellness strategist Dawn Burnett has an impressive track record for helping people unlock better health and greater vitality. Like all of us, however, she has had a life filled with highs and lows. The child of divorced parents and a survivor of abuse, she was in a toxic marriage and then, just after her divorce, was hit by a drunk driver. These events, and the discovery that her son had a life-threatening condition, led her to a wake-up call. Studying to become an alternative medical practitioner to heal her child, she also sought answers on how to heal her own life. Along the way, she charted a course to ultimate wellness on a path filled with valuable lessons, deep wisdom, and insight on a variety of issues—including personal relationships. She recognized that becoming trapped by the toxic emotions of our past can weigh down our spirit and sabotage any chance we have at happiness today or in the future.

The result is Connect, a light but powerful little book that provides humorous yet effective ways to address key issues facing serious relationships. Filled with personal, engaging stories, complemented by captivating illustrations, it reveals: the pitfalls of dating in the digital age; the many ways we unintentionally sabotage our relationships; why we find ourselves choosing mates from the never-ending 'carousel of losers'; and how we judge ourselves—and others—without mercy. The antidote is a simple, empowering plan readers can implement themselves to heal their own hearts, pinpoint their true dreams and desires, and find meaningful and lasting bonds with their partners — whether they have already met or are still looking. This amazing little book is big on success, and will help readers finally attain what they outwardly say they want—without the emotional resistance associated with trying to change their partner.



It has been said that 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce, and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher. Most people are surprised by the second part of that statement because they think that they’d learn from the first bad experience, that they’d found a Mr. Wrong disguised as a Mr. Right. Unfortunately, most people just find a carbon copy of Mr. Wrong and find themselves in court again.

Are you one of those women dragging around the over- stuffed suitcase of bad yesterdays into tomorrow? Are you standing there, scratching your head, wondering why your luggage no longer fits in that overhead compartment?

If you are, you need to do some serious weeding out. You need to heal your past before you can move forward—or before you know it your “wheels” will start popping off .

You also need to carefully consider the men with whom you might consider dating, and find out what baggage they might be carrying. I once connected with a guy online who had been pursuing me. Many women who have a favorable online chat experience go to what they see as the next step—a face-to-face meeting. I have a policy, however, to talk on the phone with a guy before I meet him. This situation in particular drove home why I do this, thank goodness!



Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

My intended audience for Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man is anyone in the dating world. Connect helps you get serious about finding the guy of your dreams. The problems faced in the dating realm are endless. The solution, however, is simple: a foolproof plan to heal your heart, pinpoint your true dreams and desires, and find meaningful and lasting bonds with your sweetheart- whether you’ve already met him, or are still looking.

How did you come up with the title of your book or series?
Before we can find the right man we must first be connected with ourselves so we know what we are truly wanting that way when Mr. Right turns up we will know and be in a healthy position to keep him.

Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular design?
My publisher HCI came up with the art design with my agreement. The 2 hearts represent love between a couple and the ring in the O represents a progressing of the relationship into a commitment.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
My favorite character from the book is Tess from “The Interview” I love how she mentioned how she fell in love with the story. We all have at one point or another in our dating experience fell in love with who we thought someone could be or what they could offer to the relationship instead of looking at the red flags that are presented in front of us. In the end Tess realized that life is a canvas and we hold the power of choice to color it however we want.

How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?
My least favorite character was Ms. Skinny Blonde because she knew that dating a married man was wrong, she was just looking for a reason to justify her actions.

If you could change ONE thing about your book, what would it be?  Why?
I’m not sure I would change anything about Connect. A lot of thought went into the writing and illustrations. So many people are looking for the happy ending of love ever after but what is true love ever after is love for self because you can’t give away what you don’t first have for yourself.

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:
A fun fact about Connect are the comical illustrations that express the thought behind the writing and the poems which are relatable to anyone who has ever been on a date that hasn’t worked out.

What other books are similar to your own?  What makes them alike?
Tracy McMillan’s book Why You’re Not Married Yet is also filled with comedy however most people today don’t have a lot of time or make the time to sit down and read for hours. Connect can be read front to back in less than 1 hour so it’s designed to replace a magazine on airplane commutes and for a similar price point.

Where did your love of reading/storytelling/writing/etc. come from?
It’s funny because English Class in High School was a struggle for me but when I went back to college for my second degree there was something that changed in me. Shortly after I left a 15 year toxic marriage and by freeing myself it’s then that my creative side started to blossom.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?
I would say in the way of unique talents it goes along with writing but instead of contributing for the Huff Post or being a published author I love to write music. One of my songs airs in children’s hospitals around Florida during the month of September to create awareness for childhood obesity prevention.

What's the strangest thing you have ever had to research online for your book?
I didn’t really have to research anything online for Connect. The most interesting part was when my publisher, HCI, contacted me and asked me for more content; it’s then that I decided to start writing humorous poetry.

How can we contact you or find out more about your books?
You can contact me through my website at and Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and

What can we expect from you in the future? What are you working on now?
I am working on a series for Connect and the next one is about friendship.

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?
To all of my readers, I have dedicated my book to all the women who went on dates and walked away feeling empty. So if you feel you have gained positive, life changing information, go out and tell all of your friends, spread the word because this book was written for you and all of them.

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
The best piece of advice is research, research and research. Know all your facts before you jump into anything and never give up.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Thank you to all of my readers may you find love for self and as Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dawn Burnett (Orlando, Florida) is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions and the co-host of the radio show Wake Up and Listen. She provides wellness strategies to those who are frustrated with their current health situations and are ready to embrace alternative healing solutions, healing their bodies—and their lives—from the inside out. She has an impressive roster of television and speaking appearances including Fox, ABC and TBN, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Dawn is the author of True Confessions of the Heart and is co-author of Jack Canfield's The Road to Success, Vol. 2.



Dawn will be awarding a digital copy of the book to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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