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Are You a Human Being? ~ A Guest Post by @PaulCasselle | The Bedfellows Series Tour & #Giveaway | @SDSXXTours Presents #Thriller

Thanks for stopping by Readeropolis. Today's feature is the guest post "Are You a Human Being? by Paul Casselle - author of the ps...

Thanks for stopping by Readeropolis. Today's feature is the guest post "Are You a Human Being? by Paul Casselle - author of the psychological thriller series BEDFELLOWS.

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Are You a Human Being?

What do I mean by Human Being? Well obviously, Human refers to our species and Being means a living creature. So far, so good. If you are reading this, you are probably a Homo Sapien and most probably a ‘critter’ and alive.

It is difficult to pin down the first use of the term Human Being, but it seems to have appeared for the first time in the 14th or 15th century to describe us. But this is not really what I’m getting at when I ask the question, “Are you a Human Being?” What I want to look at is the noun, Being.

Of course it is a noun and is categorised by the adjective, Human. However, what if we read the word, Being as a verb? Or to put it another way (you may remember this from your school days) “a doing word”. So that’s my point, are we really Human Beings or Human Doings?

The standard definition of Being is; the fact of existing; existence (as opposed to nonexistence), whereas Doing is; the act of performing or executing.

I suppose it’s about the difference between physics and philosophy. The former is only concerned with the material; if it can be measured, it exists and therefore is part of our physical universe. If it cannot be measured, it does not exist and is not the concern of the physical sciences. So where do we put thought, love and ambition? These are not measurable in any physical sense, are they? That is the domain of philosophy and the spiritual.

I remember reading a guide to meditation which explained that most of the time that people spend meditating does not actually achieve their goal. Meditation is when we go into a state of simply existing and definitely not doing. When meditating, if we hear a dog bark, we acknowledge the sound, but must not think about if it’s next-doors Labrador and whether he is excited, frightened or about to savage the postman. We must let the sound flow over us without interpretation or reaction. Meditation is the act of being and not doing, and we all find this almost impossible to do for any amount of time. Maybe you appreciate the irony of my using the verb ‘Do’ to describe the act of meditating; ‘Being’.

That is not the way living creatures are. We do not simply experience the world; we react and interact with it. We often try to attain some sort of peace, a state of spiritual being, but it is our nature to find practical ways to be alive. So we are driven to Do rather than simply Be. We are attempting to achieve a state that we usually reserve for celestial entities, and are constantly frustrated by our need to achieve Being by Doing.

Maybe we need to realise our true selves. Maybe we need to embrace who we really are. We all have a spiritual aspect to ourselves, but our universe-given mode on this planet is not to become spiritual beings in a physical universe, but to accept that our mode of living is mostly one of being practical, at which we are extraordinarily good.

Maybe we need to redefine ourselves as Human Doings rather than Human Beings.

If The Bed Falls In
Bedfellows Book 1
by Paul Casselle
Genre: Psychological, Conspiracy Thriller

Not the usual psychological thriller...

Tom Friday, a depressed photographer is plagued with hallucinations. But paranoia turns into reality when he comes face to face with the truth; all his memories are false. Is he really Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin suffering severe amnesia? And does western society’s survival hinge on him regaining his memory?

What are people saying about If The Bed Falls In...

“The storytelling skills of the author are amazing…It is one of those books that left me craving for more...and the end of it brought an acute sense of bereavement. Therefore, totally recommendable!” - Yves TOP 500 Reviewer

"If you have never read any books by Paul Casselle, then you should know he ranks up along with the greatest authors of this genre. You just can't put it down. He is the new "King" of thrillers. I loved it! Janice." - Amazon Kindle Reader

"If The Bed Falls In is a chilling psychological thriller that attaches itself into your subconscious and refuses to leave. Paul Casselle is a story-teller who deftly weaves his tale into a thrill ride of a page turner. He creates multilevel characters that remain with the reader long after the book has been closed. His characters leap off the page and scream to be heard." - The Hungry Monster Book Review

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Guerrillas By Night
Bedfellows Companion Novella

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When MI6 agent Tilda Brooker walked into a secret CIA facility in New Mexico, she had no idea that she was initiating a terrifying series of events.

Who was the Russian defector she was there to guard? What was so important about his scientific work? And why was the most powerful family in the world determined to destroy both him and his invention?

For Tilda, this was just another day. For human society, today might be their last!


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As Mad As Hell
Bedfellows Book 2

"Don't start reading unless you can snuggle up with coffee and a big chunk of time. I couldn't put it down." - Kindle Reader

As Mad as Hell is the second book in the 'Bedfellows thriller series'. It picks up the story where If The Bed Falls In left off!

The first book is a psychological thriller that begins the descent into the dark and criminal dealings of the international banks and corrupt national governments. A disgruntled MI6 agent wakes up to how 'The Few' are destroying all we hold dear, are accumulating everything of physical value on our planet, and are committed to enslaving humanity in a medieval feudal system.

This second book in the series, takes us so much deeper as we follow a rogue MI6 agent using every resource he can to hunt down the culprits behind the New World Order. But he is a man battling with his own internal demons as well as the One Percenters.

With the CIA, MI6 and the most powerful family in the world hot on his heels, he struggles to blow the lid off the 9/11 conspiracy, but stumbles across deep and frightening truths that are darker than even the most committed conspiracist would have believed. His carefully laid plans take him to New York, Johannesburg and London as the intricate plot slowly reveals itself.

WARNING: The faint hearted should turn away now. Only those who really want to dig deep into the lumpy broth of humanity should buy this book.

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The third book, A Tale of Three Cities will be released in 2018.

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I live in Spain with 3 Labradors, 2 children & 1 girlfriend.
Moving to Spain gave me the impetus I needed to finish Conversations with Eric. The warm climate caused me to move the second half of the novel here as well.
I love telling a compelling story that will both intrigue and excite my readers. I want to take you to places that will exhilarate as well as entertain. I’m never shy about sailing near the edge. The unusual is my normal and jaw-dropping surprising my stock-in-trade.
I am currently writing a new psychological thriller called, If The Bed Falls In. I hope to complete the novel by December 2015. If you liked Conversations with Eric, watch out, If The Bed Falls In will knock your socks off!

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