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Author Guest Post: This WRITING Life. by @carlbrookins | GRAND LAC #Mystery | @PJNunn

This WRITING Life. by Carl Brookins When I first determined that writing fiction on a serious basis was something I wanted to try, i...

This WRITING Life.
by Carl Brookins

When I first determined that writing fiction on a serious basis was something I wanted to try, it was well into my writing life. I was fortunate that as soon as I could walk farther than just across our living room, my mother hauled me off to the nearby library where I learned something about the world of books. And, I became enamored by the world of books.

In school, I learned that answering questions with a short essay was preferable to multiple-choice tests. Wherever I had a choice, that’s what I did. I guess my teachers figured the right answers were in there somewhere. When I was in the seventh grade, I entered a magazine writing contest for a short short (what we now call flash fiction). The topic was a Western, something about which I knew virtually nothing, except what I had read. I won a small prize.

In college, I took a lot of courses that required extensive reading and writing, and that lead to a job writing radio copy and articles on traffic safety for local newspapers. Later, I wrote research reports for the college that employed me and I also wrote radio and TV scripts. My life has been connected to writing and books.

I had always read detective stories and when I raised the question of writing a mystery, my smart wife suggested a course at The Loft, a local writing academy, to, as she put it, “learn what you don’t know about mystery writing.” I did as she suggested and began to write my first mystery, THE INSIDE PASSAGE, based on our adventures as recreational sailors, even though we’ve never found a dead body in the sea.

When I decided to try my hand at a detective novel, I planned a detective who would physically and attitudinally be the antithesis of one of my favorite fictional detectives, Shell Scott, by that wonderful writer, Richard Prather. Thus was Sean NMI Sean, born, now the protagonist of eight cases, beginning with THE CASE OF THE GREEDY LAWYERS.

Today, somewhat older, I’m having fun exploring life with two new characters who take advantage of their senior citizen status to solve crimes and help needy people. Alan Lockem is a former free-lance photographer. His companion is a former exotic dancer named Marjorie Kane (once billed as Kandy Kane) who is a computer whiz and tops at quickly assessing people. Their first adventure together is called GRAND LAC.

All of my novels and short stories have arisen in part from suggestions contained in my extensive reading of Crime Fiction. The experiences of my characters stem from my life and observations of others. My books are connected to real life and I derive great enjoyment from creating my stories. I hope readers receive half as much enjoyment from reading them.

Grand Lac


ISBN-10: 0996999108
ISBN-13: 978-0996999106
Brookins Books
Paperback: 194 pages
July 3, 2017, $13.95
Genre: Mystery

Also available in ebook format

A small group of investors has purchased lots on a mountain on the outskirts of Grand Lac in northern Idaho. One dark night one of the investors, Jack Ketchum, gets drunk, climbs aboard a large bulldozer and carves a raw track of destruction down the mountainside though the property of each of the other owners. Days later Ketchum is found dead in a ravine, a large-caliber bullet hole in his chest.

When a local day trader, young Sam Black, is jailed for the murder, his mother, Edie Black, calls her cousin for help. Marjorie Kane, ex-exotic dancer, enlists the aid of her partner, Alan Lockem. The pair are independent special investigators who specialize in solving unusual and sometimes strange case. The duo flies to Grand Lac to try to prove Sam innocent and catch the real killer. They quickly find themselves enmeshed in civic chicanery, corruption and other evils, which must be sorted out to save Sam from prison or worse.

Author Bio and Links:

Before he became a mystery writer and reviewer, Carl Brookins was a counselor and faculty member at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Brookins and his wife are avid recreational sailors. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Private Eye Writers of America. He can frequently be found touring bookstores and libraries with his companions-in-crime, The Minnesota Crime Wave.
He writes the sailing adventure series featuring Michael Tanner and Mary Whitney. The third novel is Old Silver. His new private investigator series features Sean NMI Sean, a short P.I. The first is titled The Case of the Greedy Lawyers. Brookins received a liberal arts degree from the University of Minnesota and studied for a MA in Communications at Michigan State University.
Twitter: @carlbrookins

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