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Author Q&A ft Brian James | MJOLNIR Book Tour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents #UrbanFantasy #UF

Readeropolis is pleased to share an interview featuring Brian James, author of MJOLNIR (an urban fantasy). Don't forget to enter for a ...

Readeropolis is pleased to share an interview featuring Brian James, author of MJOLNIR (an urban fantasy).

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the tour giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).


A: What do you do to unwind and relax?

Q: I build models, play board games, and find plot holes in popular movies. I also have a decades long search for the most epically horrible Hawaiian shirts that could be burped up from the seventh circle of hell.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Mjolnir?

A: The characters in Mjolnir are all gods from Norse myths. Just about anyone who has ever picked up a comic book will recognize them. Unlike their comic book doppelgangers, the versions in Mjolnir stay true to their mythological roots. For example, I have written Freya as a stripper and a high-class escort. I didn’t do this because she the Norse pantheon’s the goddess of love. I did this because in the myths she attained her most prized possession, the Necklace of the Brisings, by trading sex for jewelry with three dwarves. This trait would translate to the modern world as well. All the characters are still their mythological selves, applying those personality traits to contemporary times.

Q: Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

A: Great White Buffalo (Really White)

Q: What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

A: A wise man once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I think his name was Larry. Anyway, I approach research and writing with the same enthusiasm that kids run to a bouncy or singles download Tinder. I enjoy the whole thing. If I had to choose a single aspect that was my favorite it would be creating little unexpected twists that change the direction of the story.

Q: Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

A: Let’s start with Thor. He is a worship junkie. Being adored is his crack. He’s also now an atheist thanks to the death of his wife, Sif. He reasoned that if a goddess can die, is she really a god? He still demands worship though, so he now plays professional football.

Odin lives his life looking down the barrel of a gun called the Ragnarok prophecy. According to this foretelling he will die in the final war of Ragnarok. His entire existence revolves around avoiding this fate.

Freya is just trying to get by in life as comfortably as possible without having to associate with other gods at all.

Loki, like Odin, has an eye towards Ragnarok. He engages in moves and countermoves in an attempt to be one up on his former blood brother, Odin. Survival is not his motivation though. He is looking for complete victory over the Odin and the other gods.

by Brian James
Genre: Urban Fantasy

The Viking gods have been banished from Asgard by Odin. Today they make the best of life on Earth. Thor is a professional athlete, Freya a prostitute, and Loki sells cheap products on QVC. Lurking in the background of their lives is a prophecy; one that declares that their time is at an end. Ragnarok is about to throw the gods into a state of civil war and the one who controls the hammer of Thor may be able to change the arc of destiny.

Brian James is a professional writer whose work has appeared in a number of mainstream publications. In the past he has written articles for the Detroit Free Press, The World Poker Tour magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, Audi’s various publications, and a score of websites. While working with the World Poker Tour, and a subsidiary website, Brian was also responsible for celebrity and player interviews.

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  1. Eye catching cover and book sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway also.

  2. I started reading the book the day after it was released. I'm usually not one to read a book quickly but this one...I couldn't out it down. Great story and kept pulling me in to see what happened next. It's not the typical Norse story, I loved it. Finished the book in 2 days! Can't wait for more!

  3. I love stories that have mythological elements or characters in it. My favorite is Hermes.

  4. I like stories with mythology in it- movies too.

  5. Mythology is one of my favorite subjects, started as a 9th grade project and than after that tv shows hercules and xena captured my interest

  6. I think this book is interesting and I would like to read it.

  7. I think this will b ea book I couldn't wait to finish but also wouldn't want it to end.

  8. I think this book sounds really interesting, I love hearing about new books and authors?

  9. I also like Poseidon. I used to love learning about mythology.

  10. It's been years since I looked at mythology but as a teenager I loved it.

  11. I think I would enjoy reading this book a lot.

  12. I enjoy reading about all the gods and goddesses.

  13. Last day, thank you for the chance. Congrats on the book, looks like a hit.


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