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Book Tour | WEED AND WATER by Ian Dexter Palmer, Ph. D. | Christian/Inspiration | Silver Dagger Book Tours

WEED AND WATER by Ian Dexter Palmer, Ph. D is on virtual book tour and stops here today! Guess what Ian is passionate about these days? Dan...

WEED AND WATER by Ian Dexter Palmer, Ph. D is on virtual book tour and stops here today! Guess what Ian is passionate about these days? Dancing! Find out more in his guest post below.

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What are you passionate about these days?

Dancing. I’m a dancing fool. When I was in college, I went to a ballroom dancehall on a Saturday night. The Wonderland was what it was called. I looked around and noticed that the women loved to dance, and were good at it, while the men were okay but not as fluid and graceful as the women. I decided to learn to dance, so I bought a book and taught myself from the book. Holding a pillow in my arms, I turned on the radio and shimmied around in the kitchen following the footsteps in the book.
It worked! When I returned to The Wonderland, I could do the swing and the waltz and a few other dances. The gals loved it, and I soon had dates. Dancing actually changed my whole social life, as I had been backward in relating to girls. Not any more… these dancers wanted to relate to me. After ears of taking classes, and even teaching dance classes, I’ve learned that nearly all women love to dance, even those who have trouble keeping the beat. But men…. only a few love it. The others are overly sensitive, worried that people would judge them if they missed a step or forgot a dance pattern.
Guys, if you only knew that dancing is the way to a woman’s heart! Take lessons if you don’t know how to dance. If you do know, take your wife or lover out next weekend for an hour of dancing.

Weed and Water
by Ian Dexter Palmer, Ph. D.
Genre: Christian/Inspiration

A mysterious stranger helps a teenage boy called Ethan rescue his mentor, an elderly father-figure, from drowning when their canoe capsizes in a flooding river. A star athlete, Ethan later gets involved in unsafe sex, which leads to drugs, and gets him blackballed by jealous and gossiping team-mates. The boy is going down, and at times hates himself for it and for hurting his mom who is a caring, loving, and beautiful woman.
After another disastrous episode, where Ethan might have died, the river-stranger turns up again to confront him about his life choices. However, even after rehab, the boy’s condition is marked by a yo-yo attitude which causes massive emotional heartache for his mom.
The river-stranger, after sharing his own amazing history, suggests taking the fight to another level which draws on the resources of God. This begins a new and fascinating sequence of events, including a tornado, which get Ethan’s attention.
This book is a captivating story, packed with adventure in the desert Southwest and in the rivers and lakes of the Midwest USA.  But it is also a goldmine of spiritual wisdom for teenagers. The mystery that permeates the story is compelling, and the thrilling ending may call for a tissue or two.

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Originally from Australia, Ian lives in the high desert in his beloved Southwest USA. As a petroleum engineer, recently retired, he consulted all over the world.
When he hikes with them or watches them play sports, Ian’s grandchildren are a particular source of happiness.
His main interests are hiking, dancing, writing, and stimulating conversation.
Ian regularly writes a new blog on various topics relating to Christian faith, and has also written a book called Hiking Toward Heaven. 
You can find out more about Ian and his books at

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