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SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT ME by Bart Hopkins | THE BENDS Book Tour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents Supernatural #Thriller

Have you read THE BENDS by  Bart Hopkins  ( Kane Montgomery #1 ) yet? Check out this s upernatural thriller 's description and learn a ...

Have you read THE BENDS by Bart Hopkins (Kane Montgomery #1) yet? Check out this supernatural thriller's description and learn a bit about the author below. 

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Okay, I’m pretty much an all-around quirky guy. So, here’s a random hodgepodge of some of the weirdness that comprises Bart Hopkins.
My sense of humor is very broad. I laugh at too many things, and I’m frequently the last person laughing. Sometimes I’m the only person laughing. Every comedian should have a Bart Hopkins sitting in the front row.
I keep my hair short. I haven’t used a comb or brush in nearly twenty-three years, just towel it dry and go.
Sometimes when I’m writing, a specific song becomes the magic bullet for that moment in time, and I will play it thirty or forty or fifty times in a row. I’ll keep playing it until the inspiration runs its course.  Some of the songs that have been my muse are “Vertigo” (U2), “Here I Go Again” (Whitesnake). “Everlong” (Foo Fighters), “Out of My League” (Fitz and the Tantrums), “Boys Round Here” (Blake Shelton), “Careless Whisper” (George Michael), and “Sugar” (Maroon 5).
It only takes me about six minutes to shower, but I can spend six minutes tucking in my shirt, making sure it’s pulled out exactly right, evenly, all the way around, and if it isn’t just right I will start all over.
I take songs and change the lyrics to make them silly. For whatever reason, I’m at my most creative in the morning, when I drive my kids to school. A lost boy in Neverland becomes Rocky plays the trumpet for Sumter High.
I talk to my dog, a nervous little Westie Yorkie. She’s a good listener. Almost every time I talk to her, I finish by scratching her neck and saying, “babydoggiebabydoggiebabydoggie,” fast and all running together like that.
I grew up hating sunglasses. At some point during my life, my eyes became sensitive to sunlight, and now I wear sunglasses all the time.
I love mushroom-flavored things, like gravy, but I despise the slimy texture of mushrooms.
There are many more, but there are limits to what we should put in a single blog, right?
Until we meet again … Happy reading,
- Bart

The Bends
Kane Montgomery #1
by Bart Hopkins
Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Marathon is a quiet little Texas town, and it’s getting quieter. Kids are vanishing, disappearing like tumbleweeds in the desert wind.

Somebody—or something—is taking them.

Action. Adventure. Romance. Suspense. The Bends is a supernatural thriller rollercoaster ride!

Recommended for Fans of Blake Crouch, Stephen King, J.A. Konrath, and Dean Koontz

**.99 cents 09/26-10/02 **

Bart Hopkins is originally from Galveston, Texas, but has lived all over the world during his 22 years in the Air Force.

He was born in the middle of the 1970s, owned an Atari, and loves 80s music. He can use a card catalog like nobody's business.

Now, Bart likes to travel, enjoys pretending he's a photographer, and shares as much time as possible with his beautiful wife and three awesome children. They own a Westie Yorkie named Lulu ... or maybe Lulu owns them.

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