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The SMUTOBER  prompt for October 27 is Stranger. I am doing a mashup for this month-long daily challenge. I'll be highlighting som...

The SMUTOBER prompt for October 27 is Stranger.

I am doing a mashup for this month-long daily challenge. I'll be highlighting some of the erotic books featured here on Readeropolis and/or some of the erotic books I have read. 

And... maybe I'll ramble on about a few other things that come to mind with the prompt ;-)

  • Silver’s Captive by Lee-Ann Wallace
  • NSFW YouTube Book Tag

Silver’s Captive by Lee-Ann Wallace, an erotic sci-fi romance novella, was featured here on the blog. The book's blurb fits perfectly with the prompt.
"Determined to finish her studies and restart the search for her missing parents, Tarnee’s life is thrown into chaos when she is kidnapped by a silver eyed stranger. Held captive by the captain of a pirate ship, Tarnee finds herself drawn to him despite her need to get home..." 

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the blurb and read an excerpt of the book.


I found this YouTube book tag to be particularly interesting. Check out some "strangers" talking about the NSFW books that have crossed their paths. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is mentioned a lot.

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

NSFW = Not Suitable For Work

This is a playlist of video responses to The NSFW Book Tag created by LukeLaneReads and ChapterStackss. While you are here on this blog post, why not answer one of the questions? 

What fictional character do you have the most NSFW thoughts about? Let me know in the comments.


Take the prompt of the day and write a short story (1000 words max) or if that’s not your bag, then maybe a poem, a drawing, a painting or even a sculpture. You have free rein to take the prompt and be creative, if your thing is photography then take a photo or if you express yourself through craft then create in another way something that is inspired by that word.

Smutober is all about expression and inspiring erotic creation everyday during October. -

Random P.S. 

Stranger Things (season two) starts tonight on Netflix! Did you watch season one? Check here to watch the show trailer.

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