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The Hometown Series by Kirsten Fullmer | Book Tour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents Contemporary Romance

The Hometown Series by Kirsten Fullmer (contemporary romance) is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropolis today. Check out the except...

The Hometown Series by Kirsten Fullmer (contemporary romance) is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropolis today. Check out the except below.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the $15 Amazon GC giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the bottom of the post).

Hometown Girl at Heart
Hometown Series Book 1
by Kirsten Fullmer
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tara has always been too engrossed in her work - refurbishing the historical homes in Smithville. She keeps a tight rein on her jobs and her emotions buried, but she’s losing control of both since that ridiculous city boy investor showed up.

New in town, Justin is confident that his ultra modern resorts will bring Smithville into the twenty-first century. If only the local-yokels and their ringleader, the gorgeous and peculiar Tara, would stop interfering.

With her quirky and protective hometown behind her, will Tara confront Justin and the town’s long buried secrets to take on the financial and emotional risk of a lifetime?

Hometown Girl After All
Hometown Series Book 2

Julia lost everything while she was ill. Self-conscious and alone, she’s moved to Smithville, determined to hide away in her rundown Victorian house. Little does she know, she can’t hide anything in a small town, including her interest in the deliveryman. 

Resolved to keep his life simple, Chad has his hands full running his delivery business and supporting his adopted family. So why can’t he get that withdrawn city girl, Julia, off his mind?

Will the eccentric but well-meaning Smithville folk push Julia and Chad to open up, or will the emotional toll drive them both back into seclusion?

Hometown Girl Forever
Hometown Series Book 3

Lizzie gave up her stressful job in Boston to embrace her love of all things country in Smithville PA. Her farm, a new job at the spa, and her pet alpacas are a dream come true, if only her meddling, matchmaking, socialite mother would back off.

Elliot, a successful architect from Washington, DC, designed the new spa, but he certainly hadn't envisioned the exotic bohemian style manager or her intriguing, demanding mother. Small town antics and his interest in Lizzie extend his visit to Smithville, but will the allure of country life draw him in for good?

Once again, Smithville’s folk interfere with plans at every turn, forcing Lizzie and Elliot to face their personal dilemmas and each other, head on.

Christmas in Smithville
The Hometown Series Book 4

Even though Gloria is determined to change her reputation, most of the women in town still think she’s a tramp. Sure, she may have dressed a little flashy and dated pretty much every single guy in town, but that’s the past. Now that she wants to make a fresh start, will Smithville give her a second chance? 

Ned has heard all the gossip, but being the Sheriff’s Deputy, he sees all the kind things Gloria does behind the scenes for the folks of Smithville. It looks like the upcoming Christmas Pageant will offer him the opportunity to spend time with her, but can he overcome a frustrating stutter and talk to her, face to face? 

Your favorite characters from the Hometown Series bring craziness, love, and Smithville Christmas style, to a whole new romance about overcoming your past and sharing your deepest secrets. Fall in love and be swept away with the Christmas Eve celebration of your dreams.

Kirsten grew up in the Western US and graduated from high school in 1984. She married soon there after and quickly built a family. With three young children and number four on the way, she returned to college in 1992. Her career as a draftsman included many settings ranging from a steel fabrication shops to prestigious engineering firms. Balancing family life with the workplace forced her to become the queen of multitasking. In 2001, bored with the cubical life, she moved on to teach drafting in technical college, then to opening her own consulting firm teaching 3D engineering software. Due to health problems, Kirsten retired in 2012 to travel with her husband for his job. She now works writing romance novels and enjoys spoiling her three grandchildren. Since 2017 Kirsten has lived and worked full time in a 40' travel trailer with her husband and her little dog Bingo.

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Excerpt from Hometown Girl at Heart

Justin whistled through his teeth to get the crew’s attention. When all eyes were on him, he glanced down at his clipboard. 

“Okay guys, looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us. To meet the delivery schedule for concrete, we need to gut this entire house today, if possible, and tomorrow we need to start on the barn.” 

Heads nodded in understanding. 

“I want to leave the floors in this room for last, so we can haul out the garbage without stepping on nails—” 

“This floor?” Tara interrupted. 

Thrown off his groove, he turned to her. “Yes, this floor last, so we can haul stuff out through the front door.” 

“None of the floors are going to be torn out.” She stated the fact with some concern over the misunderstanding. 

His clipboard dropped to his side. “What are you talking about? This whole house is getting new floors to match the additions.” 

She glanced from Justin to the crew and back. “Oh, okay, just take them out carefully then and I’ll haul them away tonight.” She smiled. 

His hand plopped on his hip. “We don’t have time to take up each board with kid gloves, Tara. This demo has to be done today.” 

The color drained from her face. “You don’t mean you plan to hack them up and yank them out—” 

“That’s exactly what I mean. Can we talk about this after the meeting please?” 

She nodded blankly. 

He cleared his throat and lifted the clipboard. “Okay, let’s see here, floors...” He pointed at three men. “You three will tear out everything in the kitchen and—” 

All heads turned to Tara. She raised her hands in question. 

Justin glared at her. “Yes everything.” His expression clearly conveyed that she’d better not say another word. 

She shrunk visibly under his glare but couldn’t help herself. “The cabinets are good—” 

The crew’s heads swung back to Justin.

She glanced from the crew to Justin. “You can’t tear up perfectly good cabinets. I’ll—”
The crews heads bobbed back to Tara.

“Can I continue my meeting please?” Justin huffed, getting the guy’s attention once again.

Tara tossed her hands in the air, extended her arm out, palm up, to indicate he had the floor, and then folded her arms.

He tossed her a dirty look and raised his clipboard. “Bob and 

Steve, I want you guys to start on the windows. I need them all torn out before—” 

“Not the windows too!”
Once again, the crew turned back to Tara.

With his jaw clenched, Justin pointed toward the kitchen. “Can I talk to you for a moment please?” He stomped in that direction, not waiting for her answer. 

Tara shrugged toward the guys, and followed him. 

He paced to the far end of the room and waited for her. His teeth clenched, he raised his index finger. “How dare you question me like that in front of my crew?” 

Her head jerked back. “Your crew? Most of those guys have worked for me for years!” 

“That’s beside the point, you have wasted twenty minutes of our time already with your tantrums.” 

Her mouth fell open. “Tantrums? Tantrums!” 

He continued his rant; his voice raising. “We have a very tight schedule and I can’t waste time pulling each nail, one at a time, so you can save every damn board.” 

Tara snapped. With both hands on his chest, she gave him a push toward the corner. “I did not throw a tantrum!” 

He opened his mouth to reply and she pushed him again. “You may think I’m a trashy, no-good, piece of crap now that you know where I came from, but I’d like to remind you that I have run a successful remodel business with those guys...” she pointed over her shoulder, “for years, before you came to town.” 

The color drained from his face and he reached for her but she pushed him one more time; his back to the corner. 

“And if you don’t want to take a day to salvage the items on this property, then I will charge you for every damn piece we use from my supplies!” 

Stunned by the comment that he thought she was trash, he couldn’t even assimilate the announcement that his profit margin had just dropped by thousands. 

She leaned into his face to continue. “You may not want me any more but you are stuck with me for the duration of this project, so you’re going to have to find a way to work with me!” 

Her final retort tore him to the quick. He stared at her as she glared into his eyes. His breath hitched in his throat. Finally he choked out a reply. “Is that what you think of me?” 

Shocked to see the fire back in Justin’s eyes, regardless of his words, her mouth popped open and closed like a fish. Her voice was soft, almost indiscernible. “You’ve made it perfectly clear that your opinion of me has changed. I just want to make as much profit as possible on this project.” 

His mouth still open, he stared at her, wordless, as her eyes filled with tears. She turned to run and he grabbed her arm, and pulled her to his chest. “God you make me crazy...” 

She realized he was going to kiss her just before his lips touched hers. This time she didn’t stiffen in his arms or try to
pull away – she wanted to touch him, feel him against her. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, then melted into his arms. Warmth flowed from him and into her like a waterfall, releasing an overwhelming but tender fluttering in her chest. 

With his hands on her upper arms, he tore his mouth from hers and pushed her to arms’ length. Both their chests heaved as their eyes met. Her eyes were soft and dreamy with an emotion he’d never seen there before. 

He touched her cheek with the back of his finger, his eyes dark and miserable. “This isn’t right, I can’t do this to you. Sorry Tara, I’m so sorry.” He gazed one last moment into her shocked eyes, then released her to lean limply against the counter as he stomped back to the living room.


  1. This book sounds like a fantastic read.

  2. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour, I hope it is a fun one for you, and thanks for the chance to win :)


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