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Centaur Agency by A.S. McGowan | Book Tour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents Romantic Suspense

Have you read any books in the Centaur Agency series by A.S. McGowan? The romantic suspense is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropo...

Have you read any books in the Centaur Agency series by A.S. McGowan? The romantic suspense is on virtual book tour and stops at Readeropolis with a guest post from the author. 

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the swag pack giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the bottom of the post).

Author Guest Post 

There is nothing better than a good book. Allowing a story to come to life inside my head. There are times though that I also love watching a good movie. Just like books I like all genre of movies. Except comedies. Most comedies make my brain hurt. Sorry to all the comedy movies out there. A little funny in a movie is fine, in fact I tend to like dry humor that pops up here and there. My two all-time favorite movies though are We Were Soldiers and Dog Soldiers. 

We Were Soldiers was based on a true story about Hal Moore and his men. To me Hal Moore was a man of honor. A man who gave his word and kept it even at the risk of his own life. When he said “I will be the first to step foot on the field and the last to step off” it stirred something in me. Watching the movie and seeing on the screen him keep that promise was something. Especially when we live in a world where so many people only keep their word so long as it doesn’t get tough. Once it gets tough they go back on their word. The world needs more Hal Moores in it. 

Dog Soldiers was an amazing werewolf movie set in Scotland. First off, a couple hot men in uniform had my attention from the get go. The werewolves were only shown in very quick glimpses so that added a bit of terror but not so much that my younger kids can’t watch it. In fact, I was watching it a few months ago and my daughter who was 2 at the time (she just turned 3) was sitting there watching when two werewolves were fighting over the bloody remains of one of the soldiers. Mind you it was a very gruesome scene. She starts yelling at the screen “Share, he big enough for both of you to eat.” It was epic to hear her yelling at the werewolves to share the bloody remains. 

There are other good movies out there. For example, I love Star Trek both the series and the movies. The Season of the Witch is another good movie with some nice dry humor mixed in and lots of “oh I didn’t see that coming” moments. However, We Were Soldiers and Dog Soldiers are my all-time favorites that I can watch over and over again. To the point of annoying everyone in my house. :-)

For the Love of a Centaur
Centaur Agency Book 1
by A.S. McGowan
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Analise woke up in the hospital to find that her parents were dead. Her father’s business partner has inherited the ranch she grew up on. To make matters worse her father’s will stipulates she cannot receive her inheritance until she turns twenty-one. Now penniless and homeless, she agrees to a marriage of convenience with her father’s business partner. 

After turning twenty-one and with her inheritance in hand, she no longer wishes to be trapped in a loveless marriage. Moving out she builds a life for herself away from the ranch and her husband. When her husband shows up on her door step asking to give their marriage a chance, she jumps at the idea of a marriage of love. The problem is: everyone has been lying to her, her whole life. Now those lies may very well get her killed.

**On Sale for .99 cents 5/1 – 5/8!!**

The Ghosts of a Centaur
Centaur Agency Book 2

Stella left one life behind for another. Finding happiness in a new world, Stella never thought anything could destroy her new life. Until a package arrived containing a severed head. The threat was clear and the stakes were high. Leaving her new life behind, Stella hoped her choice would protect her loved ones.

Now twelve years later, someone had discovered Stella’s identity. People she loves are starting to die at the hands of a very cold and calculated killer. Forced out of hiding, Stella moves fast to protect her family. Can the Centaur Agency discover the identity of the killer in time? Or will Stella lose everyone she has ever loved?

**On Sale for .99 cents 5/1 – 5/8!!**

The Making of a Centaur
Centaur Agency Book 3

Severely beaten, "Lucky" wakes up with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Rescued by the Centaur Agency, she sets out to discover her identity. Plagued by violent flashbacks, she finds herself afraid of the men around her. 

There is one man though that makes her feel safe. However time is running out for all of them. Will "Lucky" get her memories back in time to stop a madman? Or will her past catch up with her, leaving the most important person in her life to pay the price?

I am a wife and mother, who lives in a small Southeast Missouri town. I am the author of the Centaur Agency series. Currently I am working on book 3 in the series The Making of a Centaur which will publish in July 2017. I also have plans for a vampire trilogy that I am working on. I will be publishing the trilogy after I finish the 4 book Centaur Agency series. From there I also am working on a Werewolf series. So much planned with a little bit for everyone. 

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