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Peace Out by Sandra Hurst | Book Tour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents Contemporary Romance

Peace Out by Sandra Hurst is on virtual book tour. The contemporary romance n ovella  stops at Readeropolis today with an excerpt. Be sure ...

Peace Out by Sandra Hurst is on virtual book tour. The contemporary romance novella stops at Readeropolis today with an excerpt.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Peace Out
A Peace Series Novella
by Sandra Hurst
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Brent Harrington is gone and Cyn Redman really couldn’t give a rat’s ass. While the whole town celebrates or mourns the end of the Harrington dynasty, Cyn’s life is falling apart. Her mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer, throwing Cyn’s heart, as well as her future plans into turmoil. 

The last thing Cyn is looking for is Jericho, the quiet, soft-spoken ranch hand from the McBride place. Between the clinic closing, her mom’s health, and Cyn’s long-delayed college plans, there are already too many uncertainties. Could Jericho be the anchor she needs so desperately as her world falls apart? Or is he just another excuse not to let go of Peace and move on. 

A mythmaker at heart, Sandra Hurst has been writing poetry, fantasy and science fiction since her school days in England. Hurst moved to Canada in 1980 and was deeply influenced by the wild lands and the indigenous cultures that surrounded her. Y’keta, her first full-length novel, is set in a mythical land, untouched by science or technology, an ancient world where legends walk and the Sky Road offers a way to the stars.
A member of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and The Mythopoeic Society, Hurst works to build fantasy worlds that allow her readers to join her in exploring the depths of human interaction in a mythical game of ‘what if.’
Her first novel, Y’keta, is long-listed for the prestigious Aurora Award, for best Canadian fantasy novel (Young Adult) and the American-based RONE award for break out fantasy novel.
She now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and son, both of whom she loves dearly, and has put up for sale on e-bay when their behaviour demanded it.

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A large hazelnut latte, please.” Jericho said, “And for me…” The girl behind the counter winked at him saucily, her blue eyes more than a little interested. “A fresh Chai for you, coming up.”

Erm.” On a fair complexion, Cyn guessed, she would have seen a bright-red blush, but on Jericho it was more like the ghost of a blush. It flashed under his dark skin and an embarrassed smile flickered through his eyes and was gone.

Jericho coughed, paid for the drinks, apologized for making a mess, and gestured for Cyn to lead as they headed back toward her waiting laptop.

Cyn took a long sip of her gloriously hot latte and licked the milk froth from her top lip, blushing a little when Jericho’s eyes fixated on her mouth. She hadn’t meant to do that. Well, maybe she had. My emotions are getting out of control, she warned herself, terrified that letting her guard down with Jericho would let the “too much” boil over.

NOT PG 13. –

Sliding his hand into the hair at the back of her neck, he angled her head down toward his, eyes fascinated by her lips. “Miss Cynthia, may I…”

Cyn had had enough of waiting for her southern gentleman, leaning in she closed the gap between their lips. Closing her eyes and letting go of all the reasons she shouldn’t be doing this, she gave herself to this moment, and to Jericho. His lips were firm and soft, the hand against her cheek felt callused, but not rough. He gently explored the contours of her face, shooting fireworks through her heart and, as he pulled her closer, warming her body until it melted against his. Her hands wandered, almost instinctively, over the muscled outlines of his chest, delighting in the contrast between the soft denim shirt and the hot, hard man who wore it. Jericho growled softly, nipping at her lips in appreciation. She sighed, opening further to him, asking, although she didn’t quite know what for.

He knew. His hand grasped her head tighter and his agile tongue slipped between her lips to stroke the roof of her mouth. One large hand cupped her breast, the soft weight no more than a palmful for the big cowboy. She gasped when his thumb brushed lightly over her nipple, making it pebble tightly beneath the soft chiffon.

The giggles of a couple of teenagers shattered their privacy. Jericho and Cyn looked at each other with embarrassment, recognizing the same young couple that they had chased out of the stairwell earlier. “Cynthia, I…” Cyn put a shushing finger over his lips. “Shush, Jericho,” she said quietly, nodding at the pair of teenagers peering through the windows of the stairwell door. “I think we’ve given them quite enough to talk about for now.”


  1. I enjoyed getting to know your book and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. This sounds like a beautiful read :) thank you!


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