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Author Q&A ft by L.M. Schukraft | The Locked Out BookTour | Silver Dagger Book Tours Presents Cozy Mystery

L.M. Schukraft tells all! Locked Out (Welcome To Rebuild, Book 1) is on virtual tour and stops at Readeropolis with an author interview. Be...

L.M. Schukraft tells all! Locked Out (Welcome To Rebuild, Book 1) is on virtual tour and stops at Readeropolis with an author interview.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $5 Amazon and the first 3 chapters of Dead Princess Walking (a new YA Fairy Tale retelling series to be released later this summer) and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Author Interview

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

The characters! I loved telling their story and how they interacted. The action and suspense that kept me turn - - writing to see what happened next was great! I literally wrote the book like I was reading it or watching a movie. I wanted something fast paced, with suspense at every turn, and humor thrown in with steamy romance. I really enjoyed writing scenes with the Walker Brothers and Kruffles.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

Ah...both my main characters have a strong sense of loyalty. They're bold characters who aren't afraid to speak their minds. A little hot headed when they feel threatened or are trying to protect someone they love. They're brave yet vulnerable. Emeline has a quick temper but cools down easily and even though it seems like she jumps to conclusions, she takes the time to consider all options/possibilities. Ethan has a lot of hidden layers. Too many for me to begin to describe here. He takes his job seriously, he's protective, he has a quick wit. He's hard to narrow down to just a paragraph.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?

At first, the title was going to be Welcome to Rebuild but I decided that would be the series name. I chose the title based on the location of the department and nature of the crimes.

Who designed your book covers?

I design my own covers. I haven't reached the point where I can have a team that does it for me  - yet. I've taught myself a lot learning how to create the covers and I'm so glad I decided to redo the cover for Locked Out. I spent a lot of time creating the first cover but when I saw how faded it looked when printed, I had to change it. I wanted something bold, that stood out, was easy to read, and not confusing or too busy. Creating a cover is just as difficult as formatting a book for print!

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

No, I've edited, read, and re-read Locked Out a number of times. Everything I've put in there has a purpose to the mystery. I tried to make sure each chapter counted and had something in it that connected everything to the ending.

What did you edit out of this book?

I edited a few things out because my cozy mystery was a wee bit too long. The first to go was a racy sex scene between the two main characters. Cozy mysteries are 'The door swung shut' type of romances not 'He pulled my panties down...." type of romances. I did keep the steamy shower scene because... well, I really liked the scene and wanted it to stay. I also cut about 5 pages in the first chapter where the other new hires were introducing themselves. I then cut a scene I can't share without giving away something that happens in the book. I'm trying not to give away any spoilers!

What are your top 10 favorite books/authors?

Laurell K. Hamilton - Anita Blake series - books 1 thru 9
Kim Harrison - Rachel Morgan series - I like Fistful of Charms a great deal
Johanna Lindsey - Once a Princess
Judith McNaught - A Kingdom of Dream.and Whitney, My Love
Christopher Pike - Gimme a Kiss, Remember Me, Last Act
Katie McAlister - Fire Me Up
Mary Janice Davidson - Undead and Unwed
Of course I'm blanking on others...
Victoria Laurie - Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye series and M.J. Halliday series - Gilly!

Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?

Definitely come to me as I write. I'll be going along with my main characters and suddenly there's a new player in the story. I have to think about who they are, do they move the story forward, will I need them later, are they just a prop for info....who am I kidding? I rarely flesh out side characters that much but for Crooked Halos first book, I had to set up character sheets so I could keep their features, wings, halos, scents, eye color, hair color, body type - so many things - straight. I have over 9 active characters in the book that will play into book 2. I need quick references so I remember who smells like hot chocolate and how to spell their names. Plus their personality. When I introduce a new character in that series, I almost have to set up a sheet just to keep track.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

I research as I go. When I come up with a title, I do a search to make sure it's unique and not one of 30 books with that title. I'll look up angel names or Fae creatures to get ideas for what my characters could be. I did the most research so far with Dead Princess Walking. Although, I did have to research legal issues with using song lyrics for a book. That's why Autumn wasn't saying the exact lyrics when she was waking up from her accident or I only mentioned a title of a song. I have no interest in accidentally stepping on someone's copyright.

Do you see writing as a career?

I'd love for it to be. I really just want to share my stories with as many people as I can and make a decent enough living to keep doing it. I'd also like to be able to afford advertising and marketing.

What do you think about the current publishing market?

I think it's still rough. Now that it's full of indie authors there's a lot of new books out there and it's hard to get noticed. There's a number of books being published that are poorly edited, really novellas and not a book, or could be a truly great read but not able to shine through all the other books. Indie publishing a book doesn't instantly get you noticed. I learned you really need to plan the cover release, the pre-book hype to gain interest, social media, the book tours, giveaways, getting the word out any way you can, researching the right audience for the book, and so many other things. And it is time consuming! I was so excited to finish Even Halos, I didn't plan ahead for all the promoting. I tried hyping up Locked Out but it was delayed 5 months for editing so there's that part of it too. Picking and sticking with a release date is important for promoting a book. I don't feel right promoting a book I haven't finished writing because I worry about not finishing it on time or at all! Then there's planning for sending out ARCS to get reviews. It is definitely rough!

Pen or type writer or computer?

Cellphone!! Then my laptop for final editing and publishing. Crooked Halos was entirely written on my cell. I finished Locked Out on it and I'm writing Dead Princess Walking on it as well. It's the only way I get to write with my young son running around.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

Yes! I've hit it a few times. It's the worst to get going along and then hit with doubt. Not being able to write the next scene stops everything. Or you start to think what you've written isn't right or good enough to hold someone's interest. Then there's hitting the wall of not knowing what happens next or how to get your characters to the next scene. Not plotting out a book chapter by chapter makes it risky as you get going. It seems to be how I work though. I'll have the general idea in my head, start writing, and steer my characters to the scenes that I see in my head, but sometimes things change as I'm writing and I love when that happens. Some of the greatest scenes I've written were not planned.

Locked Out
Welcome To Rebuild Book 1
by L.M. Schukraft
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Emeline Watson hoped that by changing careers and going back to her home town, Waverly, it would be a new beginning for her. She could forget her horrible ex and the troubles he caused, move on from her father's passing away six months ago, and start over. She finds out quickly enough that her past has followed her. 

Amid overhearing clandestine conversations, her ex stalking her, and her home town being plagued with recent break-ins, Emeline's first week at Rebuild, a local chain hardware store, is anything but easy. The only bright spot is her gorgeous new co-worker, Ethan Walker. They're paired up together the first day, and the mutual attraction is undeniable, but Emeline senses there's more to Ethan than he's letting on. 

Starting out a new job, in a new town, is never easy but Ethan Walker has become a pro at blending in and adjusting to change. He figures this should be one of the easier changes he's had to face in a while. Little did he know the trouble that was awaiting him when he first set eyes on Emeline Watson. Her girl next door blonde hair, curvy fit body, and stunning eyes catches his attention instantly. Time and again, he finds himself playing knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress. 

Waverly is experiencing its first wave of crime in centuries and Emeline seems to be mixed up in the center of it. No matter how much she denies needing Ethan to rescue her, the two are thrown together after Emeline discovers the grizzly remains of a body. 

Can Ethan and Emeline figure out who's behind the crimes? Will their attraction, and Emeline, survive the sinister plot threatening the entire town? Or will their secrets keep them locked out of each other’s lives?

Time is running out and the stakes are getting higher with each passing day....the danger is real and it's coming for Emeline.

L. M. Schukraft is a long time writer, a quirky novelist, and a semi-passive blogger. 

With the release of her third novel, Locked Out, Ms. Schukraft is excited to share with you a cast of new characters in a mystery that keeps you guessing. She is currently writing her next adventure - a YA fairy tale retelling - that she anticipates releasing in 2018. 

Ms. Schukraft graduated with a degree in English Creative Writing which she's finally putting to good use. She loves reading but being a picky reader limited her choices. She found herself going long periods of time waiting for her favorite authors to release their next books. Using her inclination towards creativity, Ms. Schukraft started writing a few novels years ago. Life and circumstances, along with some writer's block and doubt, delayed her finishing the first two books she started to write. Hop forward to a competition along with a butt-load of determination and Ms. Schukraft finished Even Halos Can Be Crooked. Her next release followed shortly after that, Castles in the Skies, a collection of poetry and short stories. 

Ms. Schukraft has several ideas waiting to be written and looks forward to sharing each and every single one with you. Keep an eye out for her YA fairy tale retelling, a children's picture book, the second book in both her series, and a stand-alone romantic suspense thriller. 

Ms. Schukraft actively updates her blogs and Facebook pages with information on current releases, giveaways, promotions as well as what she's writing at the time. Please follow, like, and share her blogs and Facebook pages to stay up-to-date and not miss any new releases!

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