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Mark Your #Bookish Calendars: The #Translateathon Round 2 is coming! | September 2 - 9, 2018 | #translateathon2018

The Book Finch has made  the announcement for  Round 2 of Translateathon!  #Translateathon2018 is coming!  Are you ready? Do you ...

The Book Finch has made the announcement for Round 2 of Translateathon! 

#Translateathon2018 is coming! 

Are you ready?

Do you have any book recommendations?

DATES: September 2nd - 9th (Starts at midnight on your timezone.)


1st challenge:  Read a translated graphic novel
2nd challenge: Read a book with LGBTQ+ themes
3rd challenge: Read a translated non-fiction book
4th challenge: Read a book with your favorite color on the cover
5th challenge: Read a book from a country you’d like to visit

1st day instagram/photo challenge: Take a picture of your TBR
2nd day instagram/photo challenge:  A book oasis. Show us how you refresh
3rd day instagram/photo challenge:  Reading journey. Where in the map do your books take place?
4th day instagram/photo challenge:  Currently reading
5th day instagram/photo challenge:  Black and White. Create a cinematic masterpiece.
6th day instagram/photo challenge:  Moving passage. Show us a quote that inspires you.
7th day instagram/photo challenge:  Vivid colors. Show us a color explosion.
8th (last) day instagram/photo challenge: Wrap Up. Books you read during Translate-a-thon

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