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Author Q&A ft by J.L. Myers | The Fallen Angel Series by J.L. Myers Book Tour | Silver Dagger Tours Presents Paranormal Romance

The Fallen Angel Series  by J.L. Myers  is on virtual book tour. The paranormal romance stops at Readeropolis with an author interview.  Be...

The Fallen Angel Series by J.L. Myers is on virtual book tour. The paranormal romance stops at Readeropolis with an author interview. Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $20 Amazon GC or paperback copies of both books (1 winner each) and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

What is your writing process? For instance do you do an outline first? Do you do the chapters first?

My writing process starts with my ideas for the plot and characters. Then I do an outline, detailing a single sentence for what happens in each scene from start to finish. This is not a definitive setup, and more often than not new ideas and twist and turns take shape as I write. I will even have whole new scenes come to light that are crucial to the telling of my story. I try not to get too perfectionistic (but hard as I’m a perfectionist!) with my first draft, as after that I have a step-by-step process for revision of the full book. My revision usually takes me as long as the first draft did, and sometimes even twice as long or more. First draft is for me to have fun and get my ideas out, the revision process is for all of you, so that I am making sure that what I have written and what I later publish is worthy of your reading eyes and delivers a compelling and interesting story that, at the least, entertains you, but that hopefully leaves you with something so much more.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

To be honest, I try not to do too much research. If I am writing about a certain time or era, I like to know what things looked like and how people lived. With fantasy and paranormal genres, there is much more room to create without needing a whole lot of backstory or history, though that said, once you create a world and the creatures that dwell within it you have be sure of how everything works and what rules your world operates by. A little off course on the question here, but breaking rules that you’ve established your world by is a big no-no.

What advice you would give new authors?

Keep at it and you will succeed. Writing is only half the journey, finding your audience is at least half the battle. Make sure you spend time creating your stories but don't forget to put yourself out there and interact with your current and potential readers. If you don't go looking, they might not find you!

And lastly, giving up is the only way to fail. Have a go and you may even surprise yourself!

Ashes of Eden
Fallen Angel Book 1
by J.L. Myers
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The original sinner. The angel he covets. And one unbreakable law…

The second Lucifer saw Gabriel in the flesh, his whole existence changed. Her voice, her touch, the way she looks at him with complete acceptance; Gabriel is his addiction and Lucifer is done for.

But there’s a catch. Don’t fall in love.

Lucifer isn’t free to want more than the immortal life he leads. His body craves her and he hungers for a taste of her blushed lips, but love between angels is a punishable sin…

A sin Lucifer is ready to risk his legacy for…

New Adult/Paranormal Romance/Angel/Demon

Warning - This book contains some language and sexual situations.

Dawn of Reckoning
Fallen Angel Book 2

Darkly romantic. A dangerous new paranormal thriller for fans of all things supernatural.

Before Earth there was Heaven, a place of immortality and subservience, a place where angels existed to watch the world transform…until one angel changed everything.

Gabriel may have been the first of the archangels to feel love and compassion, but teaching Lucifer to feel started the beginning of the end. Angels aren’t free to love, to lust, to want. They are God’s servants, his eyes and ears, his pure beings.

Or at least they were.

After falling for Gabriel with all her beauty and eternal hope, Lucifer refuses to return to his subservient ways. He wants more than the hand he was dealt with all its immortality and reverence. He wants to be free.

But freedom comes at a price…

Struck from Heaven and the one he loves, Lucifer is banished to Earth to live as a mortal…but even without his wings, he’ll never be fully human. And he’ll never let go of his rage against the one who cast him out. When Lucifer discovers the power of his angelic blood, God’s precious humans in all their sins and freedom become the pawns in Lucifer’s unwavering revenge.

A new race is set to emerge. A race to reveal the ugliness of humanity.

Through it all, Gabriel refuses to lose faith in Lucifer and the man she knows he truly is. Now her fellow archangels plan to use her against him…but will she be Lucifer’s downfall or his savior?

A tale of unquenchable rage, deception, and eternal love.

A paranormal angel, vampire novella.

Jessica L Myers' vivid imagination and quiet demeanor as a child led her to the imaginary worlds of books. Even at a young age, her love for the supernatural was prevalent, with her first loved books being R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Following that she took an interest in other non-fantasy fiction, including Virginia C. Andrews series Flowers in the Attic.

In her teen years, Jessica spent many school hours writing poetry and dark short stories and took up sketching some of the terrifying things that came from the graphic night terrors she’d grown up with.

As an adult and after meeting the love of her life, Jessica got married and started a small construction business with her husband. With the birth of her son, Jessica suffered PPD and found escape in her books and their fantasy landscapes. It was at this time that her need to write flourished. In 2009 the decision was made and the first words to her New Adult Paranormal Romance novel What Lies Inside were written.

When Jessica isn’t immersed in writing about extraordinary characters with dangerous abilities and deadly obstacles to overcome, she likes to spend time with her two kids and husband, curl up with a good book, or watch anything and everything supernatural.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!


  1. I prefer the Dawn of Reckoning cover.

    1. Just wait until you see the Breaking Lucifer cover. It is epic—in my unbiased opinion :)

  2. i love the dawn of reckoning cover!

  3. Thanks Molly. I love it too. But just wait until you see the Breaking Lucifer cover. It’s the third in the series (coming out in January) and it’s my series favourite!


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