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Author Q&A ft Katharine Wibell | The Incarn Saga Book Tour | YA Fantasy

The Incarn Saga by Katharine E. Wibell is on virtual book tour.  The young adult fantasy stops at Readeropolis with an excerp...

The Incarn Saga by Katharine E. Wibell is on virtual book tour. 

The young adult fantasy stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt from Crocotta's Hackles. 

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

What inspired you to write this series?

Writing or, at the very least, storytelling is ingrained in my DNA. I have always created characters with back-stories—good, bad, and the in-between. As a child, all my toys had names, personalities, and complex relationships with one another. Although I played less with those toys as I got older, I still needed to express my unhindered imagination. Fantasy writing was a natural next move. Using parts of a very vivid dream that included a white tiger training in a military setting, my imagination explored the possibilities for this scenario. Thus, Issaura’s Claws and The Incarn Saga were born. The three sequels were conceived after attending a writers’ conference where I was asked in a session to expand upon a minor character. I chose Lluava’s father, and through his backstory, I developed Ullr’s Fangs, Crocotta’s Hackles and Giahem’s Talons.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Next year I will publish the final book in The Incarn Saga series, Giahem’s Talons. I also have a Young Adult fantasy series in the works as well as an adult epic fantasy novella series. I hope that my readers will see multiple books emerge in 2019.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?
I have a free short story that deals with the world of the Theriomorphs, my shape-shifting people from The Incarn Saga series, available on my website. I also have two possible spin-off books that I might write down the line, although I am happy to pursue other series in the meantime.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?
Some of the names in The Incarn Saga are my personal creations, although as the series progressed, I began to draw from various world mythologies and legends as well as Nordic history.

Issaura's Claws
The Incarn Saga Book 1
by Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: YA Fantasy

According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who treated her with kindness received the gift of the gods—the ability to transform into an animal form. This was a great honor but one that separated this race from other humans. Before Issaura departed the mortal realm, she promised to return if her people were ever at the point of destruction.

Now a threat is rising from a land across the mists of the ocean, a threat that will push this race to the brink of extinction. Responding to the call to war, seventeen-year-old Lluava heads off to find her destiny, one that will carve her name in history.” 

The Kingdom of Elysia consists of two races: the dominant race of humans and the native race of Theriomorphs who can shift into animal form. Although law dictates equal treatment, they neither like nor trust each other. Now brutal and ruthless Raiders are approaching; there is only one chance to defeat them. An army must be raised and trained. An army where each human will be paired with a Theriomorph partner. An army that must fight as one to defeat their common enemy.

Women are not warriors. However, Lluava is not like other women – human or Theriomorph. Her animal form is a magnificent beast whose power and fury she must learn to control. Although Lluava endures intense physical training and strives to overcome the doubts of the male recruits, she faces an unexpected adversary in the commanding general who seeks to break both her spirit and her body.

At the paring ceremony, Lluava is humbled when presented with a unique and ancient weapon. Yet she becomes distraught and angry when her human partner is revealed. If they fail to trust each other, the consequences will be devastating. Death and destruction are on the horizon and time is running out.

The Incarn Saga is a young adult fantasy series inspired by ancient myths, filled with fast-paced action and adventure, and enriched by an understanding of animal behavior that defines the shape-shifting Theriomorphs.

Ullr's Fangs
The Incarn Saga Book 2

"According to legend, when the world was young, two gods of war — one male, one female — were destined for each other. Yet Ullr, forever unfaithful, lost the love of Issaura, his true match, and was forsworn. His violent anger and bitter rage grew and intensified, poisoning all creation and humanity.

Now that the Raiders’ long ships have faded from sight, the kingdom of Elysia is beginning to recover from the summer’s war with the brutal invaders from across the sea. Yet darker forces have taken root, forces that can alter the future of the land and its people in unthinkable ways. Seventeen-year-old Lluava must discover the means to prevent her world from collapsing. But in doing so, will she succumb to that darkness?"

Crocotta's Hackles
The Incarn Saga Book 3

According to legend, when the world was young, Crocotta, Queen of the Gods, discovered her mate’s faithlessness. She vowed to prevent future threats to all matrimonial pacts henceforward, but for her it was too late. The child born from the illicit coupling was a warrior goddess—one whom Crocotta would seek to destroy throughout eternity.

Now that the Raiders’ elite army is threatening the kingdom of Elysia’s northern borders, seventeen-year-old Lluava must leave the familiarity and safety of her native land to venture into the wilderness. Her mission is to discover others like her who will come to Elysia’s aid; her hope is to unravel the secrets behind what it means to be Incarn. But what she finds could destroy everything.”

Lluava’s story continues in Crocotta’s Hackles, the third book in The Incarn Saga's award-winning new-adult series.

Katharine Wibell’s lifelong interest in mythology includes epic poetry like the Odyssey, Ramayana, Beowulf, and the Nibelungenlied. In addition, she is interested in all things animal whether training dogs, apprenticing at a children’s zoo, or caring for injured animals as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. After receiving degrees from Mercer University in both art and psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior, Wibell moved to New Orleans with her dog, Alli, to kick start her career as an artist and a writer. Her first literary works blend her knowledge of the animal world with the world of high fantasy.

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Crocotta's Hackles

The priestess shouted above the din, “All females will remove themselves from the arena floor!” Etha gestured to a pair of double doors that were slid open by several men. As Lluava followed the girls, she looked over her shoulder at Apex. He was stretching his arms out before him. She suddenly knew that no contender would be able to defeat him.

Lluava missed some of the priestess’s speech as the group scrambled up an inner staircase to some vacant seats. However, she caught the very end: “May Crocotta bless you all.” As Etha stepped through the double doors, she shouted, “You may begin!”

Chaos erupted from below.

The stone orbs and the two stakes from the arena had been removed. The entire space was bare except for the multitude of young men wrestling among themselves. There seemed to be no rules, no semblance of order. Soon, animals began to appear as the Theriomorphs shifted into their dual forms. In seconds, one young man had transformed into a lynx, another into a water buffalo, and a third into a crocodile. Flecks of red streaked into the sky.

Were they going to kill each other? A whistle was heard; two adult men dressed in red ran onto the field, lifted an unconscious victim, and carried him out. Spectators throughout the coliseum cheered, shouted, and applauded the pandemonium. Another young man tried to crawl away from the melee, but a second figure grabbed his legs and pulled him back.

“Crocotta!” he screamed and was released. The double doors slid open, and he stumbled through them.

A safety word, Lluava realized. Competitors were given a way out when they could no longer continue. At least there was some mercy in this horrid display. All around her, the young women seemed enthralled by the brutal show. At first, Lluava was disgusted. Was the sight of all this pain entertaining? Then she remembered Leo’s words. This was all part of a matchmaking ceremony. These females were watching to see which males would prove the most powerful, the most elite, the most desirable.

More and more shouts of “Crocotta!” were heard as the fighters were whittled down. One scruffy fellow shifted into a maned wolf. His ruddy fur flashed around unprepared victims. A water buffalo charged at a limping puma. A coyote bit into a boar.

Apex had not shifted. Lluava thought she might know why. His dual form was unlike any she—and probably the others—had ever seen. Then again, it could be because—

Suddenly, as the large water buffalo turned its eyes toward the huntsman, Apex shifted. The bull skidded to a halt and then tentatively backed away, the whites of its eyes flashing. No wonder. Who could blame the buffalo from backing away from a wolverine that size? Apex’s bronze fur glistened, and a low growl slipped past his bared fangs.

Lurching forward, the wolverine grappled with the horned beast. In only a few movements, Apex had flung the buffalo onto its side. Just as the animal bellowed out “Crocotta!” the maned wolf leaped onto Apex’s back and bit into the wolverine’s neck. Blood spurted from the wound.

Then Apex faltered.


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