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Read an Excerpt of PRUSSIAN COUNTERPOINT by Nupur Tustin | Book Tour | GREAT ESCAPES BOOK TOURS Presents Cozy Mystery

PRUSSIAN COUNTERPOINT: A Joseph Haydn Mystery by Nupur Tustin is on virtual book tour. The cozy mystery stops at Readeropolis with an ex...

PRUSSIAN COUNTERPOINT: A Joseph Haydn Mystery by Nupur Tustin is on virtual book tour. The cozy mystery stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt post. 

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a print copy of the book and follow the Great Escapes book tour (for other dates see the bottom of the post).
Prussian Counterpoint:
A Joseph Haydn Mystery
by Nupur Tustin


I’ve always been fascinated by stories of espionage. So my research in this research was especially enjoyable. Letters were habitually opened at the post, and anyone sending sensitive information had to be careful, as Rosalie and Greta realize in this scene. They may be mere maids writing a letter to a fellow maid, but they’ll be using the imperial ambassador’s seal—an invitation for the letter to be examined.


“Well, what are we to do then?” Greta wanted to know. “Have a basket of eggs delivered to Count Botta’s house?” That had been Elma’s second suggestion when they had baulked at entrusting anything to paper.
But even then the ruse had seemed preposterous. Now, the girls merely smiled ruefully at each other. If only it were as easy as that.
For one thing, it would take more time than they had to prepare the eggs. “They are to be soaked in vinegar first,” Elma had instructed them. 
That would sufficiently soften the shells for a slit to be cut into them.
Then, once the message had been inserted, the eggs would have to be soaked for a second time— this time in cold water—to re-harden.
“Then all you must do,” Elma had finished, “is to find some farmer’s wife and have her carry your eggs across the Prussian border.”
But where was such a woman to be found? And what reason could they give her for sending a basket of eggs to Count Botta’s residence? It was not as though the Saxons had any dearth of either hens or eggs.
“Artichoke juice,” Greta ventured with a shrug. The movement, though slight, made the bed emit yet another squeak of protest as it shifted forward. “God knows, His Lordship has an abundance of them in his greenhouse.”
“True enough.” Even if the letter were opened, no one would suspect that an invisible message had been inscribed between the harmless scribblings of an ordinary maid.
But was the paper from the tablet Frau Göss had given her thick enough? Very thin paper treated with artichoke juice was all too prone to accidentally reveal its contents to prying eyes.
She tore off a sheet from the tablet and dipped an old quill into the cup of milk at her side.
“Well?” Greta asked as Rosalie held the sheet up to the light.

“It isn’t nearly thick enough for the writing to be undetectable. You have only to hold the message up to the sun to see a faint trace of the letters. And under candlelight, I fear. . .” She pursed her lips unhappily. There was only one other way forward, and she was not looking forward to it.

About the Book
Prussian Counterpoint: A Joseph Haydn Mystery
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Publisher: Foiled Plots Press (March 1, 2019
Paperback: 270 pages
ISBN-10: 0998243043
ISBN-13: 978-0998243047
ISBN-13: 9780998243047
Digital BN ID: 2940156243365

When an enemy makes overtures of friendship, is anyone safe?

An unexpected invitation from wily King Frederick causes composer Joseph Haydn to fear he's walking into a trap. After all, the Prussian King has never had any use for Haydn's music. His Majesty seems more intrigued at Haydn's being the son of a market-judge.

Worse still, the invitation appears to stir up suspicion in the highest quarters in Vienna. So much so that a mysterious, cloaked lady visits Haydn's Music Room and issues a thinly veiled threat.

Now Haydn is convinced there's mischief afoot. But not even he can foresee that he will stumble upon the corpse of the imperial ambassador a day after his arrival in Frederick's Prussia, along with evidence that His Lordship may have been a common thief.

Can Haydn salvage the imperial ambassador's reputation—and find his killer?

Praise for the Joseph Haydn Mysteries
"A standout in the genre of historical mysteries. An encore is requested!"
Midwest Book Review

"Tustin occupies a unique niche in the historical mystery world."
Edith Maxwell, Agatha-nominated Author, Quaker Midwife Mysteries

"Wonderful read for fans of historical cozy mysteries. . .The characters are strong and the writing is smooth. . ."
Books a Plenty Book Reviews

"An interesting journey and Haydn is a likable main character."
Christa Reads and Writes

"Vivid historical descriptions, intricate details, and a fascinating central character kept me turning the pages. Bravo!"
Amanda Carmack, award-winning author of The Elizabethan Mystery Series

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About the Author
About the Author:
A former journalist, Nupur Tustin relies upon a Ph.D. in Communication and an M.A. in English to orchestrate fictional mayhem. The Haydn mysteries are a result of her life-long passion for classical music and its history. Childhood piano lessons and a 1903 Weber Upright share equal blame for her original compositions, available on

Her writing includes work for Reuters and CNBC, short stories and freelance articles, and research published in peer-reviewed academic journals. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three rambunctious children, and a pit bull.

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