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How to Survive a Psychotic Killer Stalking You by Amy Romine | The Dead Air Series Book Tour | Romantic Suspense

The Dead Air Series by Amy Romine is on virtual book tour. The romantic suspense stops at Readeropolis with an author guest ...

The Dead Air Series by Amy Romine is on virtual book tour.

The romantic suspense stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

How to Survive a Psychotic Killer Stalking You
By Amy Romine
Romantic Suspense Author

Some of you may be wondering, how do you keep from losing your mind when your entire life has been turned inside out and upside down? When everything once within the illusion of your control is now running amuck like a bull in a china shop. We here are a few tips, from someone who knows. 

If you think you are in control, just let go of that right now. The more you try to control the situation the worse it is going to get! If you do find yourself the object of affection for some psycho lunatic, let’s be honest, there really isn’t shit you can do. 

Tip # 1 - Buy a Laptop

First, if you don’t have a laptop consider investing in one. Most are fairly cheap, and you will thank your credit card later. This wonderful device will soon become your only link to the outside world, via email, online content and the occasional Facebook posting (although I would limit your exposure). You will also hopefully be able to salvage the remains of your life. Continue to pay bills, work remotely, maybe even buy a new pair of shoes (although you will need to set up a separate destination for delivery as you won’t to give yourself away). Laptops are also portable and can pretty much handle anything you throw at them, and most are water proof for the occasional melt down.

Tip# 2 - Prepare for the Late Night / Early morning crawl.

Next, I would suggest you get familiar with binge watching television. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, have all of these will keep you going for a little while at least. If you have regular cable, stick to TCM, USA, & TNT. I am not talking Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien. I am talking 230 AM TCM Abbot and Costello or my personal favorite, Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Planet. Rule of thumb, there is ALWAYS a Law and Order on somewhere. Also, just because it is black and white, doesn’t mean it sucks. Best channels for late night / early morning are going to be, TCM, TNT, USA, and Cartoon Planet (does anyone else see a pattern here?). If you go cable (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime) you are going to run into soft core and since you probably not getting any, probably not the best idea. 

A second option for your sleepless night dilemma’s is going to be a good ole fashion book. Paper or digital catch up on your TBR piles! There are tons of authors out there wanting your review. Now you may be thinking that you shouldn’t be prepared for the occasion of insomnia. Trust me, it will happen, and better to be prepared than get stuck watching infomercials. 

*Note - Do not try and work at 3 AM! First off, people are going to think you have fallen off the deep end. Second, although your eyes are open and your mind is spinning, how coherent are you really? Don’t be stupid and try to ‘keep up’, you don’t need to be sending drunk emails to your boss. (They found that people who drive after being awake for 17 to 19 hours performed worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent.)

Tip# 3 - Keep the little constants in your life alive and kicking

Moving on, try and keep some fragment of your life stable. (Impossible, right?) They say that children need a schedule for a sense of reassurance. Believe it or not Adults do as well. So obviously if you go running every morning you are going to have to put it on hold for a while (yes, I know it totally sucks!) but things, small things, like your favorite creamer in the fridge or keeping up with your favorite blogs online. Even something as small as having Taco’s on Wednesdays can make all the difference in your ability to cope with the upheaval. 

Lastly, and most important, DO NOT GIVE UP, it will end eventually. As you are already realizing, your friends and family are going to be supportive and wonderful, but the fact of the matter is, you are going through this, not them. 

So, do not give up, give in or let go of anything you want, wish and hope for. Those are the things that will keep you going. Things are never completely hopeless. There is always a glimmer of hope smiling back at you when you look into his eyes…hold onto the warmth of the memory, the sliver of belief that if it is meant to be it will happen. 

God please make it meant to be… 

So here are your tips to survival. I could go on and on but these are the must have’s in my opinion everything else is negotiable. 

Stick to your guns and as Scarlett said…tomorrow is another day!

Author Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen the Heroine of Trust Me Book 1 - Serenity Lost available at

Dead Air Series Book 1
by Amy Romine
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Special Agent Kate Weiss is hiding from a kidnapping she doesn’t remember.

Jack Tucker’s life as a morning radio host is uncomplicated, attachment free, and without regret.

Brought together by a mutual friend, the pair are at odds from the moment they meet. She finds his confident swagger arrogant and beyond reproach, while he in turn sees her as a self-righteous controlling dictator.

As Kate struggles with her confidence, Jack begins to realize his life without strings is missing something, or someone. Adversity quickly becomes attraction. Jack and Kate find themselves flirting with the flames of unexpected desire.

As emotions rise, scars are revealed and secrets are uncovered. Will the reality of their very different worlds bring them together or rip them apart?

Dead Air Series Book 2

This book picks up where Shockwave left off…

They were worlds apart, drawn together by an undeniable passion. Ripped apart by fear, they ran from each other and now struggle to stand alone. Tragedy descends and they are pulled together in search of a killer.

Kate returns to Dallas in search of Mike’s killer. Within hours of her arrival, events quickly spin out of control. Jack struggles to keep his distance, but when Kate becomes a suspect, his instincts take over and he rushes to her defense. As danger looms, all of the reasons they walked away from each other disappear, leaving the passionate fire that brought them together.

Unknown forces set their sights on Jack and Kate and the pair soon realizes that their names are next in a long line of victims. In a desperate search for the truth behind Mike’s murder, they fight their way through the lies, discovering that not all is as it seems.

Dead Air Series Book 3

Jack and Kate struggle to navigate through the web of lies surrounding them. Chasing shadows, the truth is closer than they realize. Isolated and hiding from unknown forces, can they uncover the buried secrets that killed Mike and put a price of their heads? When Kate makes a deal and leaves Jack behind, will she make it back, or will one misstep destroy all of their hopes for the future?

Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. From playing Charlie's Angels in the backyard of her Macungie, PA home as a child to the pages of her unending projects, Amy has always dreamed of adventure and romance. Her need to make the characters truly deserve their happiness takes us on many a twisted journey. From serial killers to demons, Amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love.

A mother of three, Amy has spent the past sixteen years working in Operations for Ricoh America's Corporation. She is an avid movie fan and enjoys books, television, theater, her dog Pip and all things romance.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!


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