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Author Guest Post ft Drew Jones | Mysteries and Strange Events Book Tour and £10 Amazon Voucher #Giveaway | #Mystery #ShortStories

Mysteries and Strange Events – Nine Short Stories by Drew Jones is on virtual book tour. The mystery stops at Readeropolis w...

Mysteries and Strange Events – Nine Short Stories by Drew Jones is on virtual book tour.

The mystery stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a £10 Amazon Voucher and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Hi - I’m Drew Jones, and I live in the wilds of West Wales! I have a wonderful golden Labrador called Monty – who usually lays at my feet while I write in my study. He is great company and many plots and stories are conjured up while we walk in the woods together. 

I have quite diverse interests including collecting military memorabilia, cars, and British Cinema. These, combined with meeting equally diverse people from my work at a university and in the security business, have all combined to give me a wonderful library of characters and ideas for my stories.

In Volume One of Mysteries and Strange Events, I have introduced the character Theodore Halfpenny. I have great ideas and plans for him – so do watch out for him as he will be making another appearance soon.

As my work is in the form of short stories, it is difficult to imagine them as a movie – but I think A Sign of Danger might make an exciting movie and Solitude perhaps a more intriguing piece. Not forgetting the wonderful Theodore of course – I think you could have a lot of fun with him in a movie.

Mysteries and Strange Events – Nine Short Stories
by Drew Jones
Genre: Mystery 

Mysteries and Strange Events Volume One brings together an evocative debut collection of nine short stories from the author Drew Jones. They are fantastically wide ranging in subject, and includes Jaguar cars, railway accidents, strange salvage operations, commercial espionage, greed, science fiction and ghosts - and every reader will find a favourite within the book. They will all make him stop, think, and question. This amazing mix is completed with some light humour as the flamboyant sleuth – Mr Theodore Halfpenny, makes his first appearance.

This irresistible book will be your perfect companion as you commute to work, struggle through a long haul flight, or just to keep at the side of the bed after a long day.

My name is Drew Jones and enjoy writing about mysterious and strange events. Some of my ideas are derived from my interest in classic cars, military airfields and the paranormal. I normally write in my study in Wales with my Labrador dog Monty at my feet, and many ideas and plots are thought through on our walks together in the woods. There are lots of ideas buzzing in my head, many involving our sleuth Theodore Halfpenny, who will appear in Mysterious and Strange Events Volume 2 - which I hope to start work on soon!

I have really had fun putting this collection together – so I hope you have enjoyed them too. Perhaps you have read them on your commute to work, on a plane as you travel towards your holiday, or as a quick read at the end of a long day.

As with all authors, I would be grateful if you would leave a review on Amazon – it only takes a second, and is always much appreciated.

It would be very nice to hear from all my readers, so if you would like to contact me personally, please email at:

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