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CHARACTER INTERVIEW ft Bianca Goddard | THE ALCHEMIST OF LOST SOULS by @mel59lawrence | Book Tour & #Giveaway | GREAT ESCAPES BOOKS TOURS Presents #Historical #Mystery

THE ALCHEMIST OF LOST SOULS by Mary Lawrence is on virtual book tour with Great Escapes Book Tours. The tour stops at Readeropolis wi...

THE ALCHEMIST OF LOST SOULS by Mary Lawrence is on virtual book tour with Great Escapes Book Tours. The tour stops at Readeropolis with a character interview featuring Bianca Goddard. Enjoy!

Told from the point of view of Bianca, the main character in my series. Bianca is the daughter of an infamous alchemist who creates medicines using a little alchemy and plant knowledge. She also applies her scientific mind to solving murders in Tudor London during Henry VIII’s reign.

What do you feel most passionately about? I suppose it is unusual that I am interested in disease. Death is all too common in 1544, London. I learned some basic chemistry skills assisting my father in his alchemy room. My mother was a ‘white witch’ and treated neighbors for various ailments using remedies made from plants. I combine what I’ve learned from my parents to create my own medicines. So far, I’ve done well enough to support myself, but I must rely on my street vendor friend (Meddybemps) to sell my concoctions. I could end up being boiled alive for being a woman dabbling in the ‘dark art’. I have to keep a low profile or risk being accused of sorcery or witchcraft.

What annoys you? Constable Patch never trusting me.

What makes you laugh? Meddybemps when he dances and recites silly rhymes. He sells my medicines at market. He’s got eyes that are like a chameleon’s—one points north and the other west and when he recites his poems they start rolling around like goose eggs.

Complete the following sentence: I am the kind of person who ____cares deeply about others, but I have a difficult time showing it.  My father was obsessed with transmuting base metal into gold. He spent our family’s resources on his alchemy equipment and ingredients and spent most of his time in his alchemy room. My mother had to support us with her plant remedies but most ‘payments’ were in barter. I was left on my own and when I was hungry, I taught myself to cut purses. I became quite good at stealing money and snitching food off of carts at market. I learned at an early age to be careful who I trust.

What is the one word you would use to define yourself? Curious  What is the one word others would use to define you? Aloof.

What is your motto? Imagine the worst then work backwards to prevent it from happening.

What is your most treasured possession?  I have a copper distillation apparatus that I got from my mentor, Ferris Stannum—a well-respected alchemist. My time with him was well-spent. He showed me several chemical processes that I use to make my medicines.

About the Book
The Alchemist of Lost Souls (A Bianca Goddard Mystery)
Historical Mystery
4th in Series
Kensington (April 30, 2019)
ISBN-10: 1496715314
ISBN-13: 978-1496715319
Digital ASIN: B07G6R99SR

A dangerous element discovered by Bianca Goddard's father falls into the wrong hands . . . leading to a chain of multiple murders.

Spring 1544: Now that she is with child, Bianca is more determined than ever to distance herself from her unstable father. Desperate to win back the favor of King Henry VIII, disgraced alchemist Albern Goddard plans to reveal a powerful new element he's discovered--one with deadly potential. But when the substance is stolen, he is panicked and expects his daughter to help.

Soon after, a woman's body is found behind the Dim Dragon Inn, an eerie green vapor rising from her breathless mouth. To her grave concern, Bianca has reason to suspect her own mother may be involved in the theft and the murder. As her husband John is conscripted into King Henry's army to subdue Scottish resistance, Bianca must navigate a twisted and treacherous path among alchemists, apothecaries, chandlers, and scoundrels--to find out who among them is willing to kill to possess the element known as lapis mortem, the stone of death . . .
About the Author
Mary Lawrence lives and farms in Maine and worked in the medical field for over twenty-five years before publishing her debut mystery, The Alchemist’s Daughter (Kensington, 2015). The book was named by Suspense Magazine as a “Best Book of 2015” in the historical mystery category. Her articles have appeared in several publications most notably the national news blog, The Daily Beast. The Bianca Goddard Mystery series also includes Death of an Alchemist, Death at St. Vedast, The Alchemist of Lost Souls, and the fifth title for 2020.

Twitter:  @mel59lawrence

Purchase links: Amazon  Barnes & Noble

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  1. Thank you for being part of the book tour for "THE ALCHEMIST OF LOST SOULS" by Mary Lawrence. Enjoyed the interview with Bianca and can't wait to read more about her in the book.
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