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Author @imcassford on What She Enjoyed Most About Writing The Prince of Sin | Book Tour and $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #ContemporaryRomance

What did you enjoy most about writing this book? The research! I was a journalism major, so I relish any opportunity to e...

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

The research! I was a journalism major, so I relish any opportunity to explore new territory. For PRINCE OF SIN, that meant meeting people I’d never have otherwise crossed paths with. Almost everyone I met or spoke with from the porn world was incredibly kind, welcoming, hard-working and positive. They love what they do.

As I explored an industry accustomed to condemnation, such passion and positivity felt refreshing. I think I’d gone in expecting… I don’t know, not that! Of course, I also learned about the grimmer sides of the industry, some of which I express in the novel. But overall, it was an incredible experience.

-Cass Ford

Prince of Sin
by Cass Ford
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

When a savvy gossip vlogger and porn’s most renowned bad boy fall in lust, they must decide if they’ll follow passion into dangerous territory.
When savvy gossip vlogger Morgan Sidney gets assigned the breakup of porn’s most illustrious couple, she strikes a deal with her boss—if she scores an exclusive, she’ll get promoted. So when the famous and flirtatious Prince of Sin offers to fulfill her three wildest sex fantasies, Morgan must decide whether she’ll keep things professional or surrender and explore her sensual side.

As someone who despises the media, why is Chase Prince spending time with a reporter? Clearly, he’s intrigued. But can a scorched sinner—and the biggest smut star around—let a fierce civilian enter his domain?

Prince of Sin takes readers beyond Tinseltown’s glossy Hollywood Hills to Silicone Valley—for a behind-the-scenes look at a sometimes bleak, always risqué world.

Cass Ford began creating smoldering male protagonists when she was five years old and convinced her aunt that she had a hot and heavy kindergarten boyfriend. In grade school, she penned tales on her parents' typewriter and by middle school sold her own love and gossip magazines to friends. As a preteen at sleepover camp, Cass often told playful, steamy bedtime stories to her bunkmates.

After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree and several TV/film certificates, Cass continued to hone her passion for storytelling as a television development producer. Born and raised in Canada, she now resides in California.

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