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Author Q&A ft @EileenTroemel |The Wild Magic Series Book Tour and $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #Paranormal #Fantasy

Describe your writing style. I tend to write off the cuff and in a linear fashion.  My story starts at the beginning and wor...

Describe your writing style.
I tend to write off the cuff and in a linear fashion.  My story starts at the beginning and works its way to the end – I don’t do a lot of jumping around.  There’s always romance in my stories though not always sex. I prefer the fantasy and scifi formats over others but at some point would like to try more genres.

What makes a good story?
A good story has compelling characters and takes you through a gamut of emotions.  It keeps you entertained, on the edge of your seat, laughing and crying.  

What are  you currently reading?
I just finished Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound.  I’m in a writing mode so once I go back to reading I’ll probably look for the next book in her series.  I also finished reading Elianne Adams series and will be looking to finish Rise of the Phoenix. 

What is your writing process? For instance do you do an outline first? Do you do the chapters first? 
Typically, I sit in my recliner (yes there’s probably a cat by my feet), with only one light on, classical music playing and my laptop.  My cell phone is handy for me to be able to Google things. I never outline. When I’ve tried doing an outline, I can’t follow it. I’m typically inspired by a scene, character, or situation and things flow from there.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?
Don’t pay for reviews or publishing.  

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
I hope I’m original but with some genres you have certain things which are expected.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Don’t throw anything out.  In all my moving around when we were first married my journals and short stories all got tossed.  Now I wish I had them.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?
Not falling into the stereotypes

How long on average does it take you to write a book?
I’ve written a book in as little as a week or taken as long as a year.  Secret Past – my first book – took ten years to get it whittled down to what ended up being published.

Do you believe in writer’s block?
No.  When I have moments where nothing comes to me, I know I need to let it rest because I’m not looking at it from the right perspective.  I will let it stew while I do other things like marketing, editing, or writing in another story. Generally if I let it sit overnight something will come to me.  I cannot tell you how often I’ve gotten a flash of inspiration during my morning commute.

Wild Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 1
by Eileen Troemel
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy 

Mallory’s magi gifts send her north into the province where almost all the magi were killed. If anyone discovers she is a magi, her life is in peril. But she must go where her gifts send her. A boy needs her help or he will die.

Leland, Pintra, Faolan, Jadan, Ovra, and Erga travel from Scons province to Lins to seek a magi master. In a small village Jadan gets separated and is accused of theft. Without Mallory’s help, the angry mob will kill him. Mallory steps in, uses her gifts to save him but exposes herself as a magi.

The seven escape the angry village and hide out in caves. When Jadan’s injuries turn deadly, Mallory is forced to use her gifts, exposing herself to the group of strangers she doesn’t trust. Is she the magi master they’ve been looking for or will they turn her in for the bounty?

Hostile Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 2

Tensions rise between the leaders of Linos and Scons. Linos increases their soldiers at the border. War looms on the horizon.

Refugees flee from hunters into Scons. Garlen wants to protect them but prophecy warns of danger and betrayal.

Garlen sets aside his lingering distrust of magic and Mallory to protect his new daughter, Arial and his province.

Family - is it those you’re born to or those you love? Mallory meets her blood family. Anger clouds her judgement. Will her emotions cause harm to the family of her heart? 

From poetry to novel, I enjoy telling a good story or expressing a heartfelt emotion. I've been published in Circle Magazine, The American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal, What's Cooking America, Children, Churches and Daddies, placed second in Words of Women 2010 Writing Contest, 2012 Daily Flash, and The Deadman's Tome. I have a bachelor's degree in business and a second bachelor's degree in English Professional Writing and Book Editing. On the side, I have a small editing business. In addition to my work, I love to read, crochet, crafting, research genealogy, and spend time with family. I have three adult daughters and have been married to my husband for over 30 years. I'm the proud grandma of three fur babies - my daughters' cats.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for hosting my book tour!

    1. It's my pleasure. Best of luck with the books and book tour! I included the tour in the Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 edition of The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader:

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