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Author Q&A ft @lvgaudet | The McAllister Series Book Tour and $10 Amazon GC / Kindle Copies #Giveaway | #Psychological #Crime #Thriller

Do you see writing as a career? I would love to quit the day job and write full time. The reality is that unless I w...

Do you see writing as a career?

I would love to quit the day job and write full time. The reality is that unless I write something like business manuals, that won’t happen. Fiction writing just does not pay the bills for 99.99% of the fiction writers out there. There are the few lucky ones who can make a living off it; mostly the A-listers that made their big break before self-publishing became an accepted publishing method and the book market exploded with millions of books published daily. Even some new writers manage that big break out with the recent popularity of début books by unpublished authors. Whether that lasts for them into an ongoing career is to be seen.

What do you think about the current publishing market?

I expect some, maybe many, don’t agree with my view on it, but this is my impression from what I’ve seen in the press and social media.

In some ways the current publishing market is more open and complex than it used to be, and at the same time simple. This is because of the proliferation now of small Indy presses and self-publishing. Each market, self-publishing, small Indy presses, large publishing houses, and the presses in the middle, are unique to themselves.

The middle to large presses are trend followers, each looking for the bigger piece of the publishing pie. Something trends and they all follow. Today’s flavor of the year with the medium to large publishing houses is début authors. While that’s great for previously unpublished unknown authors seeking to break into the world of the big publishing houses, it means everyone else who is not an A-lister or unpublished is invisible to it. And what happens after their début novel? The publisher might publish more books from the author, but they won’t give it the hype it needs, not like they do for the début novels. And if the début did not sell big enough, don’t expect a contract for the next. So, unless the author has the finances to pay for mass media marketing, no one will know they exist after the dust settles on that first book.

An unpublished author’s best chance is still with the small Indy presses who are more willing to step out of the trendy box and take a chance on the unknown authors and books that don’t fit tightly within the popular trendy genres and topics. Any author who has been published, whether self-published or not, has an even smaller chance with the larger publishing houses than if they’ve never been published. And self-publishing, a thing that used be reviled and deeply frowned upon by the general writing community, has built enough traction to be widely accepted now, even if it has its own vast pits of downfalls mixed with its blessings.

Social media has become a beast that has its own special influence on all aspects of the publishing world. It has more power over the industry than it should. A single reactionary blog post crying its author’s perceived fowl against an author or their book can be an immediate death sentence to both their contract and their writing career, whether or not that blog author’s view is shared by the community at large. Author’s today have to tread lightly in their social media because they are walking a tight high wire rope studded with the broken glass of online perception. One wrong comment, one wrong thought put out there in the social media world, even just a like on the wrong social media post, taken in context or out of context, can take just a single detractor to ruin the author’s name, their reputation, their career. At the same time, an author or book trending on social media is an instant road in to that magic castle of the nearly impenetrable large publishing houses, regardless of how good or bad their book may be.

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?

I do read. Not as much as I’d like to and I have gone through blocks of months without having the time to read. While I like variety in my reading like I do in other aspects of my life, I have a preference for dark fiction, specifically horror and psychological thrillers. I highly recommend reading to both readers and writers.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

Ah, the blissful realm of silence. Too much going on is distracting. Unfortunately, unless you live alone you have to learn to deal with distractions and noise. Family and pets don’t fade out just because you are writing. I prefer quiet and being alone to write. That’s where I can really focus on the writing, instead of just half-focusing on it.

While silence is golden, music is bliss. The right music can both help focus the mind and put you in the right mood for the story in front of you. If I could get the theme song for the History channel series Vikings, If I Had a Heart by Swedish recording artist Fever Rey, that would be fantastic. The droning low chant-like lyrics combined with the feel of the music puts you in just the right level of dark place. A few Walking Dead episodes come out with great instrumental dark feel opening songs. That’s the best, instrumental or low key lyrics that feel instrumental; calming and setting to mood to put you in that lovely shadowy place to write dark fiction.

Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?

I have more works in process than I know. I keep randomly discovering new ones I forgot I have. I try to keep the main WIPs below a baker’s dozen. If I’m just not feeling it to write one, if I’m stuck, I move on to another while the first one stews on the backburner.

If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

This is a complicated question. Perhaps a book yet to be written? Any one of my own books? If I love a book enough to wish I were the author of it, I would also love it enough to want it not to change. And if I authored it instead, it would be my words, my thoughts and feelings going into it. It would be different words, writing style, and mindset, and not the same book at all.

Pen or type writer or computer?

Wow, now we’re going back to old school. Do typewriters even exist anymore? I used to write out the story on ruled loose-leaf paper. I would write in edits, cross things out, draw lines to stuff in the margins to be added in, until it was unreadable. Then I had to go through the forever process of re-writing the whole thing with edits and do it again. (Groan). I finally managed to swing an electric typewriter that could save, I think, about thirty pages. Making the changes was brutal and on a space by space moving sideways basis to find the spot. When I finally afforded my first computer that was huge! Imagine having the time to actually write, make your big and littlest changes, and all without spending hours having to handwrite the whole thing out again and again and again and … you get it. Computers are the best invention since sliced bread.

Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

That would be a pair of characters from Garden Grove, Mrs. Crampchet and Rusty Plowshare. They are a pair of crusty kooky old birds with a long history and a big secret. They were fun characters to work with because anything could go. Mrs. Crampchet was wily and smart, using her age as a tool where the end justifies the means in her mind. Rusty Plowshare went through life with a single purpose and a take no prisoners attitude and ,despite his cranky crotchetiness, was actually trying to do the right thing.

What made you want to become an author and do you feel it was the right decision?

I was fascinated by the ability of words to move me, to make me sink into the world inside the pages and live it, to make me feel whatever emotions the writer wanted me to feel. And I love stories. I wanted to be able to do that, move people with the power of words, make them sink into worlds of my creation.

When I started writing, as awkward and stilted as it felt at first, as much as I felt I was a pretender at something I would never be good at, I pushed on past the self-doubts and worked at getting better. And then I kept working at getting better. I still do and will for as long as I have the ability to write.

Nothing makes me feel vibrantly alive like being immersed in creating my own story. If I can give a little of that back to others, I will have done something good.

Do I feel it was the right decision? Yes. I love writing. I don’t except to ever be famous or rich. I don’t expect to ever earn enough to quit the day job. Most fiction writers never will reach that kind of career success. But that’s okay because I write for the love of writing.

Where the Bodies Are
The McAllister Series Book 1
by L.V. Gaudet
Genre: Psychological Crime Thriller 

Step into the twisted mind of a serial killer in this disturbing psychological thriller.

Dead bodies are being left where they are sure to be found. But, the killer made a mistake; one victim left for dead survived.

Kept in a medically induced coma while she recovers, they can only watch her and wait for the killer to come back for her.

While Detective Michael Underwood protects their only living witness, Detective Jim McNelly and his reporter friend Lawrence Hawkworth are determined to find the killer and bring his killing spree to an end. Instead, they discover a bigger mystery.

The killer's reality blurs between past and present with a compulsion driven by a dark secret locked in a fractured mind. Overcome by a blind rage that leaves him wallowing in remorse with the bodies of victim after victim, he is desperate to stop killing.

After learning of his victim’s survival, the killer sees it as a sign they are meant to be together. Threatening her tenuous grip on life, he is determined to take back his prize while he continues kidnapping and murdering young women.

Accustomed to a life of abuse, one victim’s experience becomes her refuge in a desperate bid for survival.

Instead of killing her, he keeps Katherine Kingslow imprisoned in the dark while he continues plotting to take back the Jane Doe in the hospital. How long can Kathy survive and will she lose her own mind?

The search for the killer will lead to his dark secret buried in the past, something much larger than a man compelled to kill again and again.

The McAllister Farm
The McAllister Series Book 2

Step back in time to learn the secret behind the bodies in Where the Bodies Are in this disturbing look at the boy who will grow up to create the killer.


Meet David McAllister, the boy who will grow up to create the killer.

In 1981 there was a man who lived on a farm. William McAllister was a private and reclusive man who, above all else, did not like to have attention drawn on his family.

He wanted only to be left to mind his own business and family and for the world to do the same. But that very reclusiveness fosters contempt and suspicion in the people of the small farming community his family has called home for generations.

William McAllister has a son, Jason McAllister. Jason is a troubled boy. Growing up under his father’s strict rules and isolated from the normal childhood relationships, he is left to explore his darker inclinations. Seeing the darker side of Jason, William tries to rein his son in by bringing him into the family business.

Just then a serial killer starts preying on local young women. The McAllisters quickly find themselves drawn into the spotlight when the town decides William McAllister is the killer. As the town’s search for the killer focuses on the McAllister farm and the woods behind it, the threat to the McAllister secret grows.

The McAllister family history is as dark as the secret hiding in the woods. The attention is a threat to both William McAllister's profession and his family. He has no choice but to find the killer himself. He might not like what he learns.

Hunting Michael Underwood
The McAllister Series Book 3

Step deeper into the twisted mind of a serial killer as he slips further into madness in this disturbing psychological thriller.

Hunting Michael Underwood follows on the heels of book one, Where the Bodies Are, bringing the first two stories and their characters together as the search for the killer continues.

Michael Underwood has vanished and everyone is searching for him. Detective Jim McNelly is determined to not stop until he finds him. Working with the detective, Lawrence Hawkworth is still chasing the bigger story he knows is behind the bodies. Jason McAllister knows he must stop the killer he created before he goes too far. He may be the only one who can stop him.

Unable to let go of his barely remembered past and the search for his sister, the killer goes looking for Jason McAllister’s past and his family.


Detective Jim McNelly is furious. Detective Michael Underwood disappeared without a trace with the only living witness to the McAllister murders. Worse, Michael is not who he pretended to be. And then the other shoe fell.

Jason T. McAllister, tried and convicted of the kidnapping and murders of multiple women and the prime suspect behind the bodies discovered in the woods behind the McAllister farm, is being inexplicably set free. He will not spend the rest of his life in prison.

Jim is determined to find Michael Underwood, bring him down, and discover the truth about who he really is and what his connection to Jason McAllister is.

Working with his long time friend, the notoriously unscrupulous investigative reporter Lawrence Hawkworth, Jim will not stop until he finds Michael and the answers to the bodies found in the mass graveyard in the woods behind the McAllister Farm.

Jason McAllister knows he must stop the real killer behind the murders he was convicted for. As the killer spirals further into madness, Jason is the only one who can stop him. But, he needs help. He is going to have to talk to his father, William McAllister, the man who taught him how to hide the bodies.

Michael Underwood and Katherine Kingslow are on the run. A victim of domestic abuse and only known survivor of the McAllister Farm killer, Kathy has lapsed into Stockholm syndrome. Now she is torn between her need to be with her captor and fear of his escalating psychotic episodes.

Everyone is hunting for Michael Underwood.

Killing David McAllister
The McAllister Series Book 4

Everyone wants to kill David McAllister in this explosive conclusion.

David McAllister must die.

Crazy comes to a head in this disturbing psychological thriller.

When an unbalanced serial killer sets his sights on a little girl, there is only one way it can end. Someone will die.

Sometimes the only way to stop a monster is to kill it. He has gone by many names, but he was raised as David McAllister, and finding what he is looking for is not enough to quiet the darkness inside him.

The organization ordered the cleanup of the entire McAllister family.
The job was given to Sophie McAllister.

While Detective Jim McNelly and his reporter friend Lawrence Hawkworth continue to hunt them down, the McAllisters move into hiding.

David McAllster’s psychosis continues, but now Sophie’s daughter is in danger. He believes she is his tiny sister Cassie.

The presence of his now adult sister Cassie does not stop his dead little Cassie from tormenting him.


Sometimes the only way to stop a monster is to kill it. He has gone by many names, but he was raised as David McAllister, and finding what he is looking for is not enough to quiet the darkness inside him.

David McAllister must die.

While the McAllisters move into hiding, Detective Jim McNelly and his reporter friend, Lawrence Hawkworth, continue to pursue them. Jim and Lawrence split up to follow their own leads, routes that will take them each on their own path to discover secrets behind the McAllisters.

Anderson and William are trying to keep the group together and ahead of the detective hunting them while trying to resolve the issue of what to do with David, Kathy, Rose Bheals, and the boy Jason brought, Billy.

Kathy is becoming increasingly fearful both for and of David and wants out, but feels trapped. She is certain death is the only way out.

Cassie swore to kill David for what he did to Connie and the others. Torn by memories she does not have and the knowledge of the dark hole this life will bury her in, she needs to escape.

Sophie has been ordered to kill David and Kathy. She may have to kill her own brother, Jason, too. When the time comes, she’s not sure if she can do it.

With Marjory’s lapses into the foggy confusion of Alzheimer’s, nobody believes her when she really needs them to, when Sophie’s little girl’s life is at stake.

David is slipping further into madness and, convinced she is the little sister he lost so many years ago, he is going to take little Lauren with him. Having his now adult real sister, Cassie, there is no help.

Will someone reach David and Lauren in time as the blackness closes in and rage takes over?

L. V. Gaudet is a subjugated cubicle dweller by day and a Canadian author of dark fiction by night, a member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, the Horror Writers Association, and Authors of Manitoba.
L. V. grew up with a love of the darker side; sneaking down to the basement at night to watch the old horror B movies, Vincent Price being a favourite, devouring horror books, and has had a passion for books and the idea of creating stories and worlds a person can get lost in since reading that first novel.

This love of storytelling has L. V. working writing and editing into a busy life that includes a full time job, family, and doing the little things to help the writing community including offering encouragement to others in the online writing community and volunteering time editing the Manitoba Writers’ Guild newsletter and helping with their Facebook presence, proofreading for the HWA newsletter, and visiting schools for I Love to Read month.

L.V. Gaudet currently lives in Winnipeg with two rescue dogs, spouse, and kids.

L.V. Gaudet’s books are available in ebook and print format at online bookstores.

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