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Author @cylonbagpiper Tells About Comic Conventions | 50 Shades of Worf Book Tour and $20 Amazon GC / Audiobook #Giveaway | #Humor #Satire

50 Shades of Worf by Christopher D. Schmitz  is on virtual book tour. The humor, satire stops at Readeropolis with an author guest...

50 Shades of Worf by Christopher D. Schmitz  is on virtual book tour.

The humor, satire stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $20 Amazon giftcard (1 winner) or a choice of audiobook from author’s books (5 winners) and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

I attend a lot of comic conventions; it's where I sell the bulk of my books and I'm pretty well known up in my area as a Sci-fi and Fantasy author. I usually do the whole shtick with costumes and take as many photos as I do sell books. I'm also known as a funny guy, though i hadn't written any humor novels (though I've done well with my SFF themed comic short stories and some real dark humor ones, too.) I thought it'd be hilarious to write something that feels like Brooklyn 99 solves a murder at Comic-con since I was so familiar with it. I read Bimbos of the Death Sun, a book with similar themes, but it was written in the 1980s and so it feels very dated and the comic convention scene has come into its own since then so it was something of an updated homage.

Weird things happen at comic conventions, usually they are super fun and innocent, though I'm not saying all the fun is good and clean--but I tend to stay away from the dark alleys at cons (though my wife and I think we may have gotten roofied at a con in North Dakota... maybe that would be a topic for a sequel. Also, Fargo has a way higher than average per capita number of furries. People watching is a blast at conventions.) Probably the weirdest thing, though, happened at an elevator. I typically do a Wolverine costume and I'm kind of known as the Minnesota Wolverine. A much older woman kept staring at my muscles (I actually do the same workout Jackman did to get ripped for the movies) and I jokingly told her, "They're real. you can touch them to make sure." She got real close, kissed my bicep, and then ran away down the hallway like she'd just ding-dong-ditched someone.

50 Shades of Worf 
by Christopher D. Schmitz 
Genre: Humor, Satire 

Publisher: TreeShaker Books 
Publication Date: November 15, 2019

A back-alley brawl between the furries and the bronies. 
Deadpool cosplayer keeps stealing all the erotic pegasus artwork. 
Someone used a necronomicon to open a tentacle portal in the men’s room. 
Two cops must go undercover at a local comicbook convention to stop Wil Wheaton’s murder. 

Is this a buddy cop story or a crime-comedy? Neither. This is comic con... er, comicomedy? 

**Only .99 cents until Dec 6th!!**

Christopher D. Schmitz is an author of fiction and nonfiction books. Before throwing himself into book writing he had published short fiction in more than twenty outlets. In addition to a day-job working with teenagers, he also writes for a local newspaper, speaks/sells books at comic-cons and other festivals, runs a blog for authors, and makes an insanely tiny amount of money playing the bagpipes. 

He grew up as a product of the 1980s and thinks Stranger Things is "basically my biography." He lives in rural Minnesota where he drinks unsafe amounts of coffee with his family and three rambunctious dogs. The caffeine shakes keeps the cold from killing him. 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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  1. Best of luck with the book and book tour! I included the tour in the Wednesday, Dec. 04, 2019 edition of The Cozy Mystery Weekly Reader:


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