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Books I Can't Wait to Read in 2020 | Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge 2020 | Hosted by Long and Short Reviews

Long and Short Reviews is hos t ing "a weekly 'prompt' for authors, non-authors, bookish folks and others to share someth...

Long and Short Reviews is hosting "a weekly 'prompt' for authors, non-authors, bookish folks and others to share something weekly and gain new friends and visitors" to their blog. It happens every Wednesday.

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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge for January 15, 2020
Books I Can't Wait to Read in 2020

In November, I bought hardcover copies of Allegiance of Honor and Silver Silence by Nalini Singh to give away as part of a small project. I had listened to them both as audiobooks when they were first released.

In December, I did something that I rarely do. I re-read the book. 

Allegiance of Honor (book 15) is a transition book for the Psy-Changeling paranormal romance series. For fans of the series, it was like a giant epilogue before the series went in a slightly different direction. It gave updates on all of the significant characters mentioned across the series - including the novellas. It was quite a feat to say the least. 

It made me want to re-visit some of the earlier books in the Psy-Changeling series. I went on a 7-book re-listening spree of prior books in the series. (I bought most of the series in audiobook format via Audible). I also listened to the three books published since the Allegiance of Honor transition (includes Silver Silence).

That's 11 re-reads in less than a month. (Yup, I count listening to an audiobook as reading a book.) I am done with my re-reads for the rest of the decade. LOL!

When I finished my listening spree, I checked Nalini Singh's blog. She announced Alpha Night, book 19, will be released in June. The date is June 9, 2020 to be exact.

I am waiting with bated breath. 💖

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh returns to her breathtaking Psy-Changeling Trinity series with a mating that shouldn’t exist… 
Alpha wolf Selenka Durev’s devotion to her pack is equaled only by her anger at anyone who would harm those under her care. That currently includes the empaths who’ve flowed into her city for a symposium that is a security nightmare, a powder keg just waiting for a match.
Ethan Night is an Arrow who isn’t an Arrow. Numb and disengaged from the world, he’s loyal only to himself. Assigned as part of the security force at a world-first symposium, he carries a dark agenda tied to the power-hungry and murderous Consortium. Then violence erupts and Ethan finds himself crashing into the heart and soul of an alpha wolf.
Mating at first sight is a myth, a fairytale. Yet Selenka’s wolf is resolute: Ethan Night, broken Arrow and a man capable of obsessive devotion, is the mate it has chosen. Even if the mating bond is full of static and not quite as it should be. Because Selenka’s new mate has a terrible secret, his mind surging with a power that is a creature of madness and death…


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  1. Do you know … I've never read any of her books. And she gets SUCH raves from her fans. I really need to add her to my TBR. Thanks!


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