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Why Switch Genres by @WriterKyle Shoop | The Senses of Love Book Tour and #Giveaway | #ContemporaryRomance

The Senses of Love Series by Kyle Shoop is on virtual book tour. The contemporary romance stops at Readeropolis with an author intervi...

The Senses of Love Series by Kyle Shoop is on virtual book tour.

The contemporary romance stops at Readeropolis with an author interview.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Why Switch Genres, by Author Kyle Shoop

When my readers first heard that I was switching genres for my new series, I was interested in their initial reactions. I received a wide range of emails and messages from them, such as “I can’t wait – I’ll read anything you write” to “Why the complete change in genres?” The truth is, I don’t really feel like I switched genres. Let me explain why.

The entire time I wrote my first novel – Acea and the Animal Kingdom – in my first series, my main focus was on the character. Sure, plot and conflict were obviously important as well, but those always seemed to stem from where I wanted the character (named Acea Bishop) to go. I remember spending tedious amounts of time focusing on who Acea was and how I wanted him to grow. By the end of the last book, Acea and the Adventure Thru Time, I had grown in love with writing an emotionally compelling story for this boy who had consumed six years of my life. I had to write more types of stories which evoked that kind of emotion.

My new series technically falls in the “romance” genre, but that’s a byproduct of what I really was inspired to focus on. And that was to write compelling stories for characters I love. So, from my point of view, I never did change genres. I changed characters. But those characters were always ones with emotional highs and lows. I always wrote for my characters first, to give their stories a purpose.

As I kept writing, I was intrigued by how we each experience – or are affected – by love differently. But one thing is common: we experience love through the five senses. For that reason, my new series tells compelling love stories about the five senses. There will be five books in the series, with one each dedicated to one of the five senses. The first book is The Sound of Love, and the second book is The Sight of Love. But though the stories and characters change from book to book, one thing hasn’t changed – they’re each compelling character stories meant to move and inspire readers in the same way that my prior series did. So, from my point of view, I haven’t really changed genres. I’ve just kept on doing what I’ve always been motivated to do through my storytelling by focusing on compelling characters.

 The Sound of Love 
Senses of Love Book 1 
by Kyle Shoop 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Words than can't be spoken can still be sung. 

Sometimes the most beautiful relationships between two individuals blossom from moments of tragedy. 

Charlotte and John grew up as young orphans in the secluded outskirts of a rural town. Each day, they’d sneak out to the nearby forest to escape the cold grasp of the orphanage’s tyrant-ruler, by creating an imaginary kingdom together. However, their worlds, and the safety that came from their friendship, were suddenly ripped apart when they got caught. 

Years later, Charlotte conquered the marketing world in downtown Portland. Having gained normalcy in her life since her days in the orphanage, Charlotte never expected her world to be turned upside down by John abruptly being thrust back into her life. 

However, the years since the orphanage had not at all been kind to John, leaving him unable to open up to Charlotte about the details. So, she reignites John’s love for playing music, finding that his songwriting is the only way to help him express what he otherwise has difficulty saying. But in doing so, the reunited couple discovers that John’s love for music may not have been the only fire waiting to be rekindled. 

Would what began as two children playing in the woods in the heart of tragedy blossom into long-awaited, and much desired, love? 

The Sight of Love 
Senses of Love Book 2 

Does love at first sight exist when love is blind? 

Ethan was born to paint. His pursuit of beauty and meaning through art was the only thing his heart desired above all else. Until he met Rose. 

It was love at first sight. A love which was as inspiring and captivating as the delicate life which radiated from a fresh rose. Her sight intoxicating. Her personality angelic. Her love instantaneous and unselfish. 

But was that love enough to last a lifetime? Art often requires sacrifice. But Ethan’s life wasn’t just full of sacrifice for his passion, it would become marked with significant loss. An unforeseeable loss beyond his control and undercutting all which he sought in life. 

Each moment of life is just a brush stroke in a larger painting. Would the love between Ethan and Rose be just the first brush stroke, or instead the reason to keep painting? 

Experience the second book in the compelling “Senses of Love” series. 

Kyle Shoop is a multi-genre author of compelling stories. His new "Senses of Love" series is a romance series that provides rewarding and inspirational stories. 

Kyle is also the author of the Acea Bishop Trilogy, which is an action-packed fantasy series. All books in that series are now available, with Acea and the Animal Kingdom being the first book. 

At a young age, Kyle was recognized for his storytelling by being awarded the first-place Gold Key award for fiction writing in Washington State. After spending several years volunteering in his wife's elementary classrooms, he was inspired to write the Acea Bishop Trilogy. He is now motivated to finish his the new romance series. In addition to writing novels, Kyle is also a practicing attorney. Kyle and is wife and two children are currently living in Utah. 

A digital copy of the music soundtrack written specifically for The Sound of Love - all written, performed and recorded by the author Kyle Shoop 
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  3. Thank you all for the kind words! The cover for The Sight of Love is even more symbolic of the story and characters than you'd guess. Enjoy!

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