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Gates of Heaven by @MTasiaAuthor | Book Tour and $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway | M/M #ContemporaryRomance

The Gates of Heaven Series by M. Tasia is on virtual book tour. The  M/M  contemporary romance stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt...

The Gates of Heaven Series by M. Tasia is on virtual book tour.

M/M contemporary romance stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt from Saint.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a 
$25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Gates of Heaven Book 4 
by M. Tasia 
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance 


Nothing in Joey Tall’s life is for real. Not his name, the background he supplied to his bosses at The Gates, or the energy and good health he exudes. None of it is true. And no one can ever know what’s really going on. Ever. Unpacking his secrets would truly end his life. Insult to injury, the incredibly handsome LAPD officer who’s been hitting on Joey is a dream come true. But no way in hell is he letting a cop into his life. He doesn’t have a death wish, and tempting fate is the last thing Joey’s going to do, no matter how much he yearns for a man he can’t have.  

Gates of Heaven Book 3 


Too many ghosts live inside James Masterson's head, and they weren't the company he sought. Actually, he prefers no one's company, but he finds himself surrounded by overly friendly, meddlesome types while visiting his brother at The Gates in DTLA. Somehow, James becomes the unwelcome subject of Detective Richard Ross's attention, and, before he knows how it happened, James is caught up in Ross's family drama. When a madman tries to kill Ross's sister and her daughter, James's special ops Army training kicks in, and he becomes their hero, something he knows down to his core, he is not. The thing about crazy killers is they never give up, and when the final showdown comes to a head, James knows he'll do anything to keep the family he has found, especially the love of a sexy detective. 

Gates of Heaven Book 2 

Finn knew the life he’d found at The Gates was a dream his past would ruin, so when everyone he cares about is threatened, he returns to the streets to keep them safe, especially the man he loves.


Fleeing from his existence as an outcast child in a fanatic cult, Finn Masterson makes his way to Los Angeles, only to find an unforgiving city with little prospects for a teenager with few life skills. After years of living on the streets in DTLA, doing anything and everything required to survive, Finn finds a home, a job, and kindness with Saint Jeffrey, who is renovating a grand old building mere blocks from Skid Row. Finn knows better than to trust a good thing, so when harassing texts and calls culminate in threats to the people he has come to care about—especially a former Marine, Miguel Fernandez—Finn returns to the streets to keep those he loves safe. But one single-minded, stubborn warrior brings Finn back into the fold, and they defeat his last remaining enemy giving them the freedom to pursue their forever. 

Gates of Heaven Book 1 


After the death of their mother, Frank "Saint" Jeffrey knew the only way to protect his younger brother was to strike a deal with their autocratic, cruel, abusive father. In exchange for his brother's freedom to live his life as he wished, Saint promised to follow in his father's footsteps and become a preeminent surgeon in his father's medical practice. When events he never could have predicted took away Saint's ability to perform surgery, the bargain became null and void. With no safety net, and a life without purpose, Saint moved across the country, bought a wreck of a building in DTLA, and hoped while resurrecting the property he'd find a reason to live again. Then Max Connor entered his life and Saint was dragged from the darkness of desolation into the light of love. 

M. Tasia, is an author who lives in Ontario, Canada. She's a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter, the Toronto Romance Writers. Michelle is a dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels, 80's rock, and happy endings, who grew up with a love of reading. Mother of three wonderful children, wife to one understanding husband and servant to two spoiled furry children who don't seem to realize that they're actually cats.
Michelle writes both contemporary and paranormal romance and believes love should be celebrated. After all, we deserve to have romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in our lives. 

$25 Amazon 

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Saint wanted to tell Max how sexy he looked when he talked about his work. Hell, how sexy
he looked on the construction site. Shit. The man was sex walking.
“You’re smiling. That must mean I’m doing something right.” Max smiled before taking a
drink from his beer.
Saint felt his throat go dry as he watched Max swallow, making his Adam’s apple bob. A
single drop of sweat chose that moment to slide down his muscled chest and disappear under the
collar of his shirt. Saint felt himself getting hard and hoped like hell Max wouldn’t notice.
No such luck. “If you keep looking at me like that, I won’t be responsible for what I do,”
Max warned as he placed the glass on the table and shifted closer to Saint.
“Being responsible never seemed to get me anywhere,” Saint replied. “I think it’s past time
to be irresponsible for once.” He’d always done his duty, kept his oath to his mother, but now
Saint wanted something for himself, someone of his own, if only for the night.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Max asked.
“Definitely.” Saint didn’t even stop to think about it. He wanted Max.
Max pulled out his cell phone, sent a text to Miguel most likely, then stood, holding out his
hand. Saint had never been free to openly show affection for any man before now and he was
going to hold on to his feelings as tightly as he could.
Max’s grip was firm but gentle, always aware of Saint’s injuries. They walked down the
stairs and into the melee of bodies on their way to the front door of the club. One moment Max
was right in front of him, the next he was swallowed up by the crowd, leaving Saint standing
alone in a sea of nameless faces. The pounding music and the chaos of undulating bodies caught
him off guard. When he’d been holding Max’s hand, none of it had touched him. Now it crashed
into Saint and triggered memories. People running, the fear, the screams, and the blood as bullets
rained down on his team.
It wasn’t long before the first guy sidled up to Saint’s back and began rubbing his jeancovered
crotch suggestively against Saint’s ass, bringing him back to the dance floor. When he
turned to tell the idiot to back off, Saint found that the stranger was no longer interested in him
and was trying to fend off an angry-looking Max.
“Hasn’t anyone ever told you to never touch someone without their permission?” Max’s
voice was calm but his tone was deadly. Saint wasn’t entirely sure he’d ever seen those green
eyes shine like that before. It could have been caused by the flashing lights, but Saint wasn’t
certain that was the case.
“I didn’t know he was yours,” the handsy man attempted to explain.
Saint wasn’t sure how he felt about being considered Max’s property, but he could roll with
“Take your dick far away from us before I remove it from your body.” Then Max released
the man so he could disappear back into the wave of bodies.
Max wrapped his arm protectively around Saint and for the first time in his life, Saint
allowed someone else to be the strong one, to lead, to handle what the world threw at him. His
entire existence had been spent being on alert for dangers and threats to the people he loved.
Protecting others no matter the cost. His hand brushed over the bandages covering the gunshot
wounds to his stomach as a reminder of exactly that.
“Are you okay?” Max asked as he pulled Saint closer. “I know you didn’t want anything like
that happening tonight. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry?” Saint could feel those two wrinkles between his eyes scrunch together as he
concentrated on Max. “You did nothing wrong.”
“I promised to stay by your side and the first time I screw up, some guy is trying to hump
you on the dance floor. You were already unsure of coming out, and it killed me to see that lost
look on your face as I was trying to get back to you,” Max explained as he led Saint toward the
entrance, never once taking his arm from around Saint’s waist. He’d had no idea what look he
wore when his brain zoned out, but “lost” was new and frightening.


  1. I like that the covers all have the same background, so they go together. The books sounds great though. I think I'd really like them!


  2. Finn reminds me of someone I used to know.


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