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How Do I Approach Writing a New Novel? by William Lee Gordon | @HereComesEarth Book Tour and $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #ScienceFiction

The Here Comes Earth Series by William Lee Gordon is on virtual book tour. The science fiction stops at Readeropolis with a guest ...

The Here Comes Earth Series by William Lee Gordon is on virtual book tour.

The science fiction stops at Readeropolis with a guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

How Do I Approach Writing a New Novel?

Currently, I have published seven books (six fiction and one non-fiction). I am humbled that all have made the Amazon Best Sellers list with my non-fiction book going to #1 in its category (Here Comes Earth: Emergence made it to #4 in the at-large Science Fiction category). I use pen names (William Lee Gordon for fiction and StressFreeBill for non-fiction).

My process of writing has evolved. I started by typing pages into a Word document on my desktop PC… Today, I have a stand-up desk with duel monitors (one for the transcript and one for all my research). I dictate with a headset microphone using Dragon® speech recognition software that transcribes into my Scrivener® word processor. I like to pace and articulate as I write so there is no chair and a lot of open space behind me. This setup has dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend on the mechanics of writing. 

What hasn’t changed is the creative process. I like thinking through the storyline and then spending a lot of time supporting it with research. To me, this is the most enjoyable part of the process and some of my best storyline epiphanies have come from ‘Going to bed thinking about it and waking up dreaming about it…’

Here Comes Earth Book 1 
by William Lee Gordon 
Genre: Science Fiction 

Where did mankind really come from? Why are we here?

We can’t understand the past until we embrace the future.

These critical mysteries take center stage as Earth emerges into a Galactic Society that is far more perilous than anyone could have imagined. Our history is far more complicated than we could have known. Can a few brilliant minds find a way out for Earth?

One saving grace is that there are those that believe ancient clues foretell that Earth has a destiny, and if we can survive our present difficulties we might just find out what that destiny is…

Dr. Mark Spencer was a young and up and coming history and anthropology professor who was all too familiar with what happens to less advanced civilizations when suddenly exposed to others of considerably higher technology. There’s only one survivor and the culture witnessing magic isn’t it.

When modern day Earth suddenly finds itself on the losing end of that proposition a team of the world’s best scientists is put together to find a solution.

Of course the advanced society being friendly, Earth’s citizens uniting, and the world’s politicians working together for the common good would help tremendously, but… what if none of that were true? 

Here Comes Earth Book 2 

The Galaxy is Filled with Humans… They Know More about Our Past than We Do…

Some will Fight for Us; Some will try to Destroy Us… Earthers are Special; But do we Really Want our Destiny?

Mark and Julie are brilliant scientists and Major Reagan has kept them and others alive to this point, but the most dangerous confrontations will not be with the Noridians, it will be with the Lower Houses of The Accord.

Destiny is a thought-provoking journey that will cause you to inspect your basic values. From what it really means to be human to wondering if there’s room in the universe for God.

It’s also a fun read. 

Here Comes Earth Book 3 

The Long-Awaited Conclusion to the HERE COMES EARTH Series...

Earth's Diaspora is well underway and the colonies are flourishing. There are Dynasties of The Accord, however, that resent Earth's expansion. Charli Morgan and Lucca Spelini each lead their respective teams from colony to colony, preventing interference and keeping the peace.

Standing up to the Dynasties is one thing, but what happens when Lower Houses of The Accord start butting in?

Dr. Mark Spencer hasn't been heard from in years until he suddenly shows up one day. The news he brings... isn't good. 

William Lee Gordon is the author of six Best Selling sci fi novels. He also writes political non-fiction under the pen name of StressFreeBill. With the realism of hard science, he loves writing action-filled adventures that keep readers turning the pages. 

Check out his website and register for the Free Newsletter to receive free content, share ideas, debate plot ideas and receive new book announcements: 

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