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A - Above The Water by Ron Rash | 2021 A to Z Blogging Challenge | #AtoZChallenge

I was not able to be out and about during 2020 so I still have Above The Water by Ron Rash on my bookshelf. I am re-reading portions of it ...

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I was not able to be out and about during 2020 so I still have Above The Water by Ron Rash on my bookshelf. I am re-reading portions of it and reading Rash's book of poetry, Poems : new and selected, to kick off National Poetry Month.

For more information, check out the Blogging from A to Z Challenge website

April 1st is the start of National Poetry Month. 

For this year's challenge, I will be sharing books I have released or will release (when the pandemic subsides) into the wild and follow via BookCrossing. I picked Above The Water by Ron Rash for today's letter, A. You can read a sample of the book here

Ron Rash is an American poet, short story writer and novelist. I believe you can see the mixed influence of these writing styles in this particular book. I chose to read Above The Water for the Sweet Southern and Literary Loners Reading Challenges (both hosted here on this blog). The book is set in the North Carolina mountains and the main characters are outsiders/loners.

I really enjoyed Ron Rash's Above The Water interview with the Harper Audio Presents podcast. You can listen to the interview below. In it, he talks about the novel, how all of his novels begin with a visual image, the importance of perseverance as a writer, and his writing habits. He also mentions sweet tea. 😍 

The interviewer mentions that Above The Water is "a book where when you finish it, you want to go back and start it over again." I agree. The novel left me feeling a bit perplexed at the end. I got what I wanted out of it, but not what I expected. So I ended up reading it a second time; I listened to the audiobook because of the novel's poetic elements. With the audio "reading" experience, I found myself focusing more on the way the characters expressed themselves and less on the narrator's description of what was happening. I am still a bit perplexed.

At the time of the interview's recording, Rash said he felt Above The Water was his most hopeful novel yet. I am going to read one of his earlier novels, Serena, and watch its movie adaption for the 2021 Book To Movie Challenge.

Have you read any of Ron Rash's works? What's your favorite bookish podcast?

You can listen to Ron Rash read from Above The Water below via YouTube.


In this poetic and haunting tale set in contemporary Appalachia, New York Times bestselling author Ron Rash illuminates lives shaped by violence and a powerful connection to the land.
Les, a long-time sheriff just three-weeks from retirement, contends with the ravages of crystal meth and his own duplicity in his small Appalachian town.
Becky, a park ranger with a harrowing past, finds solace amid the lyrical beauty of this patch of North Carolina.
Enduring the mistakes and tragedies that have indelibly marked them, they are drawn together by a reverence for the natural world. When an irascible elderly local is accused of poisoning a trout stream, Les and Becky are plunged into deep and dangerous waters, forced to navigate currents of disillusionment and betrayal that will force them to question themselves and test their tentative bond—and threaten to carry them over the edge.
Echoing the heartbreaking beauty of William Faulkner and the spiritual isolation of Carson McCullers, Above the Waterfall demonstrates once again the prodigious talent of “a gorgeous, brutal writer” (Richard Price) hailed as “one of the great American authors at work today” (Janet Maslin, New York Times).

For this year's challenge, I will be sharing books that I have released or will release into the wild and then follow via BookCrossing.

BookCrossing is the act of releasing your books "into the wild" for a stranger to find, or via "controlled release" to another BookCrossing member, and tracking where they go via journal entries from around the world. Our community of 1,970,760 passionate, generous book-lovers is changing the world and touching lives, one traveling book at a time. We hope you join us! - BookCrossing

One of the goals on MY BOOKISH #20for2020 LIST was to show 99 books released on Book Crossing.

Join us here on the Readeropolis blog for the A to Z Challenge all month long. I am going to try again to reach it this year.

                                            Check out other participating blogs here.

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  1. Have you read any of Ron Rash's works? What's your favorite bookish podcast?


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