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The Rebels of Caer City by @thomasmkane11 | Book Tour and $20 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #Fantasy

  The Rebels of Caer City (Mara of the League Book 2) by Thomas M. Kane is on virtual book tour. The fantasy stops at Readeropolis wi...


The Rebels of Caer City (Mara of the League Book 2) by Thomas M. Kane is on virtual book tour.

The fantasy stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $20 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

The Rebels of Caer City 
Mara of the League Book 2 
by Thomas M. Kane 
Genre: Fantasy 

Throughout five years at a strict boarding school, Mara has turned to her friend Annie-Rose for comfort. Now Annie has disappeared. Mara teams up with two other students – bold Gretchen and soft-spoken Ginny -- to find her missing friend. Together, Mara, Gretchen and Ginny take on a conspiracy involving some of the most dangerous people in their world. 

After the cheese pasties were gone, I picked crumbs from the napkin. Kieran hesitated for a moment and then followed my example. Our hands dipped into the basket together. 

My heart skipped. I thought then to ask Kieran the questions which had been on my mind ever since I sought him out in Liberation Square, and to tell him certain things I thought he ought to know. I might, perhaps, have begun, What did you really think of me, back in school? I was upset with you, some of the time, and I never trusted your friends, but even still I always liked you. There were moments when I thought we were sweethearts. Did it seem thus to you? Or was I just someone you had dinner with sometimes? 

And also, I might have said, I’m sorry for leaving you waiting, that last time. I had reasons—someday, perhaps, I’ll tell you—but know now that I’m sorry, and I hope I didn’t hurt you. 
Then, perhaps, I’ve thought of you, you know. If I hadn’t been working for my promotion on one hand and giving every free moment to the Remembrance movement on the other, I might have sought you out years ago. Have you ever thought of me? 

And finally, if Kieran’s answers to my other questions warranted it, Do you think we might try again? I might like that. Might you?

The Witches of Crannock Dale 
Mara of the League Book 1 

When an enemy army threatens eleven-year old Mara’s home, she makes up her mind to save her family, one way or another. But when the knights protecting her village arrest her favorite aunt for witchcraft, she discovers that the difference between friend and foe may not be as obvious as she once thought. 

This is a story of war and espionage, set in a low fantasy world. It is also about a child getting to know her mother and father in a new way. 

Thomas M. Kane is a fantasy author living high on a wooded hilltop. He taught international relations at a British university for close to twenty years and brings his insights concerning real-life war and politics into his fiction. He takes a character-based approach to writing, paying attention to his protagonists' personal relationships and inner lives. 

$20 Amazon 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!


  1. Best of luck with the book and book tour! I included the tour in the Monday, Apr. 27, 2020 edition of The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader:


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