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Basing Characters On Real People by Armand Rosamilia | Dirty Deeds Book Tour | Crime Thriller

The Dirty Deeds Series by Armand Rosamilia is on virtual book tour. The crime thriller stops at Readeropolis. Be sure to enter fo...

The Dirty Deeds Series by Armand Rosamilia is on virtual book tour.

The crime thriller stops at Readeropolis.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card (1 winner) or a swag pack (5 winners) and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Basing Characters On Real People

Armand Rosamilia

In my Dirty Deeds crime thriller series, I base quite a few of the characters on actual people. Maybe not completely their looks, mannerisms and personality, but enough of them that readers might figure out who I’m talking about. 

In Dirty Deeds 5, for instance, the unlikeable woman who hounds baseball players for autographs is based on an actual woman we see at the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp games (the Double A Miami Marlins team. We’re season ticket holders, know all the players and I’m the President of the Booster Club, helping them adjust to our city and finding housing) who drives the players a bit crazy by hounding them for autographs and balls thrown into the stands. She’s rude, abrasive, she says things you shouldn’t say around children, and she’s arrogant about it. 

Don’t worry, I take care of her in Dirty Deeds 5.

Also in that book is an usher character who is very nice and helpful, always smiling. He’s based on the actual usher in the ballpark, Ken, who we’ve become friends with. He’s happy to be working and seeing the game and isn’t nasty to the kids… even though he has a right to be at times when they’re getting out of hand. 

Marisa Paige, who is James Gaffney’s assistant, is based on a couple of different people. One real and one from TV. She is a strong woman with skills James will never have, computer literate, calm and collected, and she knows the value of money and the best course of action. She’s a planner and does all the behind the scenes things to make it all work… just like my wife. Whenever I need Marisa to do something I ask myself what my wife would do. Marisa is also based on Lena, Ray Donovan’s assistant on the TV show. She does the same basic thing that Marisa and my wife do: keep it all in order, find the way to get to the end and stay calm while doing it. 

I could go on and on about who the characters are based on, but I’d rather let the reader think they know who is who. Maybe a character, good or bad, reminds them of someone they know. They can relate to. They dislike. Anything is possible. 

Oh, before I go… everyone keeps asking me who James Gaffney is based on. 

My wife and people who really know me swear I am the character. He has my quirks, my dry sense of humor, he’s about my age and shape (kinda round and getting rounder as I get older) and my taste in coffee, women and snacks. 

Is James Gaffney me? Maybe. I’ll let the reader decide. 

Hopefully you’ll like me, um, I mean, James. 

Thanks for reading along!

Armand Rosamilia

Dirty Deeds 
by Armand Rosamilia 
Genre: Crime Thriller 

I get paid to erase problems. 

Did your extramarital affair produce an unwanted complication? Family problems? Just want to enjoy your midlife crisis by yourself? 

That's where I come in. For a fee I'll take care of it. A big fee. 

Only, I'm not going to do what you think. I'm not going to save you from them, I’m going to save them from you. 

Dirty Deeds 2 

Everything was going smoothly until my past caught up with me.

Now I'm being taunted by a madman who knows more about me than I do.

He's kidnapped the closest person in my life, and he is using it to get my attention.

Trust me... he has it. Now I just need to figure out where he is and when he'll strike again.

Things were easier when I was only kidnapping children. 

Dirty Deeds 3 

Philadelphia. City of Brotherly Love.

Unless you have the Philly mob trying to kill you and the FBI wanting to sit you down for an interview about your connections to organized crime.

Not to mention being wanted for your own illegal business ventures.

Did you guess I was in trouble? 

Dirty Deeds 4 

The Big Easy. The Crescent City. Birthplace of Jazz. Mardi Gras City. NOLA. New Orleans.

Even in a fun place like this I find myself being chased, shot at, coerced and abused by the FBI, organized crime and Reggie Keane, who used to spend his days trying to arrest me.

Did I also mention a serial killer is in the mix as well?

One of these days I'm going to spend time in a city and enjoy the tourist sites.

The fourth book in the crime thriller series from author Armand Rosamilia 

Dirty Deeds 5 

Marisa Paige, assistant to James Gaffney's legal and illegal endeavors, just wanted to spend time in Florida.

Sunny beaches. Baseball games. Sightseeing in St. Augustine.

When Marisa stumbles upon the dead owner of a baseball card store, her vacation plans change.

Can she solve this cozy mystery before someone else dies?

Will she get to see a few Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball games and work on her tan as well? 

Dirty Deeds 6 

The Sixth Book in the crime thriller series!

Being a guest on a sailboat should be the most relaxing thing. Ever. I can’t think of what else would make someone happier. A gentle breeze over the water. The sun shining. Someone else steering the boat and asking if you’d like another grilled shrimp or noticing your glass is nearly empty.

The problem I have is simple: someone getting shot and blood splatter on my shrimp puts a damper on this picturesque scene, and it isn’t a lazy dream I’m having, either.

Once again what should be an idyllic scenario becomes a bloodbath because… well, because of who I am. 

Dirty Deeds 7 

The next chapter in the Award Winning crime thriller series!

What started out as a simple kidnapping and trip to Texas has turned into a typical week for me: dead bodies, being shot at, changes in my life, too much heat, lots of great food and sparring with the local sheriff and the FBI 

Dirty Deeds 8 

I have a plane. I use it for pleasure. To fly to exotic locales and eat great food, watch sporting events and sell sports cards.

Except when a Philly mobster I owe a favor to has me use it to go to Brazil and kill a woman

Never a dull moment for me

The next part of the Award Winning crime thriller series! 

Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he's not sleeping. He's happily married to a woman who helps his career and is supportive, which is all he ever wanted in life... 

He's written over 150 stories that are currently available, including horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, thrillers and more. His goal is to write a good story and not worry about genre labels. 

He not only runs two successful podcasts... 

Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast - interviewing fellow authors as well as filmmakers, musicians, etc. 

The Mando Method Podcast with co-host Chuck Buda - talking about writing and publishing 

But he owns the network they're on, too! Project Entertainment Network 

He also loves to talk in third person... because he's really that cool. 

You can find him at for not only his latest releases but interviews and guest posts with other authors he likes! 

and e-mail him to talk about zombies, baseball and Metal: 

5 swag packs (bookmarks, postcards, magnets, buttons, stickers, etc.) 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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