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Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic by @MysteryVictoria Hamilton | Book Tour and $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #Historical #Mystery

Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic (Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries Book 4) by Victoria Hamilton is on virtual book tour. ...

Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic (Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries Book 4) by Victoria Hamilton is on virtual book tour.

The historical mystery stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Lady Anne Addison Mysteries by Victoria Hamilton

I’ve always loved historical mysteries. When I started reading young, I read classics like Jane Eyre, which, when you get down to it, is a classic mystery. Who – or what – is in the attic? 

But I got my start in publishing in the realm of Regency romance novels, then moved on to paranormal historical romances, with a strong dash of mystery! However, I always knew the goal was to write mystery novels.

I got my chance with the Lady Anne Addison mysteries, which thematically are at the crossroads where paranormal and mystery meet, with a soupcon of romance thrown in. I imagined myself back in that time (Georgian era – 1786) and faced with rumors of werewolves, ghosts, fortunetellers etc. How would I set out to debunk the rumors?

That’s how I started Lady Anne Book 1, Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark. It was pure fun writing it, I must say, with my intrepid heroine stumbling through the dark at a lonely Yorkshire castle, tripping over a dead body while a blood-curdling wolf howl shivers through her. There is a delicious hero, of course, who is maddened beyond patience by Lady Anne’s determined independence.

We all know how that will end, right?

But at the heart of the series is my own sense that much of what seems unexplainable has an explanation, and it usually lies in knowledge of the predatory nature of human beings. Lady Anne Addison, intrepid and curious, will never let mysteries remain unsolved!

In Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic (Book #4) she is in Bath, England, residing temporarily with her mother and grandmother, when rumors of an amazingly accurate prophetess reach her. Of course, being Anne, she must visit, and the mysteries (and a tragic death) start from there. 

I hope readers enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it! You can start reading the Lady Anne Addison series with Book #1 of the series, Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark in ebook format for just 99 cents, available at that reduced price until my promotional book tour is over on August 7th!

Happy Reading, everyone!


Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic 
Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries Book 4
by Victoria Hamilton 
Genre: Historical Mystery 

Lady Anne is in Bath staying with her mother and grandmother while planning her nuptials and awaiting the arrival of Lord Darkefell. Word reaches her of a profoundly accurate mystic working in town, and while she doesn't believe in such things, she's eager to visit for an hour of harmless entertainment. 

But the Mystic of Bath seems to know things, and her dark pronouncements have a decidedly harmful affect on Lady Anne's friends--and may have led a gentle and well-liked local cleric to take his own life. Or… did someone else have a hand in his death? He had secrets and enemies, Lady Anne learns. 

Convinced that the woman's predictions are all part of larger scam, possibly in league with other mysterious individuals who have become prominent on the Bath scene, Lady Anne must navigate the swirling rumors and murky affiliations of Bath society to unmask the charlatan for what she is and discover the real culprit behind a tragic death. 

**Start the series for only .99cents!!** 

Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark 
Lady Anne Addison Mysteries Book 1 

**Only .99 cents! ** 

Victoria Hamilton is the pseudonym of nationally bestselling romance author Donna Lea Simpson. Victoria is the national bestselling author of four mystery series: the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, the Merry Muffin Mysteries, the Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries and the Gentlewoman's Guide Regency Mysteries. She is also the bestselling author of Regency and historical romance as Donna Lea Simpson.

Her latest adventure in writing is a Regency-set historical mystery series, starting with A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder! Don't miss out on this bold, adventurous series featuring gentlewoman Miss Emmeline St. Germaine, a young lady intent on defying every expectation that she will be demure and retiring; she's a lady with a dagger, and she knows how to use it.

She is also continuing the Lady Anne Addison mystery series with a new title, The Menacing Mystic, coming July 7th, 2020. Later this year there will also be a new Merry Muffin Mystery, Double or Muffin.

Victoria loves to read, especially mystery novels, and enjoys good tea and cheap wine, the company of friends, and has a newfound appreciation for opera. She enjoys crocheting and beading, but a good book can tempt her away from almost anything… except writing!

She now happily writes about vintage kitchen collecting, muffin baking and dead bodies for publisher Beyond the Page.

Visit Victoria at: for availability of her books, some of which have also been published in Large Print and Audio formats!

You can find out more about her and all of her series at her website, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway! 

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