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MY JOURNEY INTO THE WRITING WORLD by @AnneKane | The Terras Five Series Book Tour and $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #SciFi #Romance

The Rite of Abnegation Series by Mackenzie Flohr is on virtual book tour. The sci-fi romance stops at Readeropolis with an author g...

The Rite of Abnegation Series by Mackenzie Flohr is on virtual book tour.

The sci-fi romance stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).


I’m sure every author will tell you they started telling stories about the same time they learned to talk, so I’ll skip forward to 2008 which is when I decided to get serious about writing. 

My first story was a science fiction novella. I won a writing contest with it and I was so thrilled I kept looking at the winner's announcement. I really couldn’t believe I’d won. Part of the prize was a publishing contract for it to be included in a print anthology. That’s when I learned about the business side of publishing. I signed the contract the publisher sent to me, which was my first mistake. I probably would have signed it no matter what it said, but I gave away my rights to that universe and got very little in return. I did get an initial payment but nothing more. Since I had a six-book series mapped out in that world, that really sucked. I wasn’t dumb enough to think things would get better if I gave them more stories. I could go on and on about what went wrong with that contract but I considered  it a learning experience and moved on. On a happy note, that publisher closed on July 1st of this year so the rights reverted back to me. When I get tired of Terras Five and the Cyborgs I’ll have that series to work on. 

My second story was a super short novella that I submitted to Changeling Press. It was also a science fiction story, with a humorous slant. The title was Stranded on Earth and was set in a futuristic universe where Earth was uninhabitable but had parts set up as museums where you could visit the origins of humanity. The publishing experience was the exact opposite of my first one. The contract was writer-friendly (this time I was super cautious before signing!) I’ve been paid promptly and with a comprehensive royalty statement every single time, and here I am twelve years later (my gosh, that long!) still writing for them. I got the rights back to Stranded on Earth a few years ago and self-published it so I could use it for promotions and giveaways. 

I have a day job, so I’m not as prolific a writer as some authors.  I own an accounting firm and work full time at that so I really have to make sure I set aside time for my writing. Did I mention my life is a bit hectic? There are definite perks though, the biggest being I get to take the dogs to the office with me. There is a huge yard behind the office so they can go outside and run and play as much as they like. I can go play with them too when I need to get up and stretch my legs. And my co-worker brings her dog as well, so there are three of them running around. If things get stressful, we can go throw balls for the dogs to fetch!

I am what is called a hybrid author, which means I write some things for a publisher and some things that I Indie Publish. All of my stories are romance, under the subgenres of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and the very occasional contemporary. About ninety nine percent of them are male/female pairings. I did try writing a few menage stories some years back, but I just couldn’t get the same emotional connection between my characters. Perhaps it’s the writ-what-you-know thing.  I use the same pen name for all of my writing. To be honest, I think having more than one would confuse me more than anyone. Right now I’m concentrating on two series – the Terras Five Cyborg series and the Northern Rockies pack which is a paranormal series featuring (you guessed it) werewolves. And, when I find time to get back into the series I mentioned above, you’ll get to meet the genetically engineered soldiers called the AlphElites. 

Her Cyborg Lover 
Terras Five Book 1 
by Anne Kane 
Genre: SciFi Romance 

Natalie's loved and lost, and she's not so sure she wants to risk her heart again. She's willing to settle for a challenging career as a space-pilot instructor and a succession of no-strings-attached lovers. But that's before her boss saddles her with the last thing she wants -- a new partner.

Jebediah recognizes his perfect match in Natalie from the moment she seduces him on a dare. Everything that makes her a top-notch pilot, from her fearlessness to her passion, make a night in her bed both challenging and unforgettable.

A dangerous confrontation with a brutal enemy, an exploding drive engine and a traitor close to home throw everything into perspective. Natalie is going to have to put the past behind her and risk it all, because when your partner is also your lover, failure is not an option.

**Only .99 cents!! ** 

Taming the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 2 

Although he doesn't understand why his brother chose to bond with a human female, Noah agrees to be the official cyborg witness at the birth of the cyborg/human couple's first son. When he arrives on the human space station, he finds himself face to face with a female pilot, an unheard of occupation for a female on the cyborg home world of Terras Five. Hailey's cute, she's sassy, she's sexy and she doesn't automatically defer to him just because he's male. Noah finds that combination irresistible.

After a night of amazing sex, Hailey heads off on a reconnaissance mission with her squadron, and Noah arranges to spend a little more time in the human world to get the sassy redhead out of his system. But when her ship goes missing, it's up to Noah to use all the tricks of his cyborg heritage to track her down and rescue her. 

A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 3 

Liam is the most deliciously bothersome cyborg Emma has ever met. Like most of his kind, he's arrogant, opinionated, and amazingly good in bed. When he rescues her from a kidnap attempt, he decides he needs more time to get to know her so he heads to the far side of the galaxy instead of taking her home.

Along the way they pick up a furry little creature who turns out to be quite capable of defending itself and are attacked by a ship full of pirates who want to get their hands on the little critter. Life is never dull when a cyborg has you in his sights! 

Her Cyborg Champion 
Terras Five Book 4 

Zoe is five feet, six inches of green-eyed, red-haired militant activist. A deeply ingrained need to help those who can't help themselves -- human and otherwise -- motivates her every move. She snuck into the Mailon research facility to investigate rumors of experiments being conducted on a rare and highly intelligent species of sentient mammals. Now she finds herself in need of help to rescue one very sick little battle rat.

Greyson is six and a half feet of ruggedly muscular cyborg with a penchant for violence. He loves to fight, and he fights to win. What he hates is being sent to the Mailon research facility on a petty errand. When he catches a glimpse of a former lover flitting around the facility like an impossibly sexy cat burglar, he is intrigued. What is the saucy little wench up to, and why is she stalking him through the corridors of the alien laboratory? 

Running From the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 5 

Caitlyn: Gorgeous. Feisty. Human. A survivor in an unforgiving galaxy. Running from an enemy she can’t see for reasons she doesn’t understand. Whoever he is, he’s trying to kill her.

Jakob: Large. Mouthwateringly sexy. Loyal. Cyborg. Determined to find the female who seduced him, gave him a night he’d never forget, then disappeared before he woke. When he finally manages to catch up to her, he intends to do whatever it takes to keep her at his side. 

Kidnapping the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 6 

Plan: Seduce the Cyborg, kidnap him and force him to help her escape. What could possibly go wrong?

Life in the breeders enclave on Terras Five was comfortable. Safe. Boring! Abigail wanted more. She wanted to explore the galaxy, have a career, enjoy all the freedoms that a human female took for granted. In order to do that she needed to get off-planet, and in order to accomplish that, she needed help. Male help.

She had a plan.

Jackson was flattered that the young female chose him to sire her offspring, and he was more than willing to play his part and make sure she enjoyed the experience as much as he did. What he wasn’t prepared for was being kidnapped at weapons point and forced to help the young breeder escape. Of course, he could have disarmed her and foiled her plan, but where’s the fun in that? 

Her Cyborg Captor 
Terras Five Book 7 

Keily: Human. Curvy. Independent. An intense, do-good activist who’s never without a cause to throw her limitless energy into. She likes her sex hot and impersonal. She doesn’t have time for silly romantic dalliances. She has a planet full of Battle Rats to save!

Ryker: Cyborg. Scarred. Cynical. Rejected by the females of Terras Five, he becomes one of the most sought-after mercenaries in the galaxy. But when he accepts a contract to capture a female activist he finds out not all females find his scars terrifying. One particular human female finds them incredibly sexy.

Engine failure, hastily terminated jumps, and a fluffy stowaway challenge the unlikely pair to work together to find their way home and into each other’s hearts. 

Award winning author Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy little rescue mutt(Merlin the Wonder Dog), a slightly larger rescue dog (Lexi the Bouncy) a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. She has two handsome sons and seven adorable grandchildren. She's always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy so of course when she writes, she lets her imagination take over. The one thing the reader can always count on is that the main characters will live happily ever after, even if they have to defeat a few nasty aliens first.

When she's not busy writing the next great novel, she likes to kayak, hike, ride motorcycles, swim, skate, practice karate, play her guitar, sing and of course, read. 

$25 Amazon 

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