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Fun Facts & Behind the Scenes with Author @AAWarne | The Reluctant Wizard Book Tour and $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway | #MiddleGrade #Fantasy

The Reluctant Wizard by A.A. Warne is on virtual book tour. The  middle grade fantasy stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt. ...

The Reluctant Wizard by A.A. Warne is on virtual book tour.

The  middle grade fantasy stops at Readeropolis with an excerpt.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $50 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).

Fun Facts.
  • Coffee Drinker – black, no sugar
  • Lactose intolerant – milk, yuk!
  • Chocolate-holic – bad mood? Throw chocolate at me – it solves problems!
  • Fantasy lover – because real life can be bland
  • Sits on the computer way too much, but never feels like I’ve written enough. 
  • Owns over 500 books… cough, cough, maybe more. 
  • Has one of those massive desks but it’s filled will papers, books, notebooks, and decorative writing essentials. 
  • Owns a pen holder, but can never find a pen.
  • Mother of three kids
  • Mother of two dogs (they are way more naughtier than the kids)
  • I am the official tortured play toy for the neighbor’s cat – yes, I truly am. The cat tortures me. 
  • I’m a painter. If I run out of canvases then I’m prepping the walls!
  • I can write better with a paint brush and ink, then I can with a normal ballpoint pen.
  • I have no idea how many words a minute I can type, but once I wrote a ten book draft (about 200k words all up) in two days and I couldn’t use my hands for a week. So it’s safe to say, I don’t like to type too fast. 
  • I love getting out in the sun, but if it’s too hot, I have an allergic reaction! Who’s allergic to the sun? Me!
  • I studied pottery after high school and now teach my children. We make pots and vases and sometimes sculptures. 
  • Too often I’m planning on renovating. My poor husband…
  • I’m a collector of old books. Nothing fancy, just topics that fascinate me. 
  • I cannot write one book at a time. I have at least three books going at once
  • I read seven different novels/books at a time. It’s a research thing…
  • You could call me hyperactive and you’d be right. 
  • Creating is life! 

Behind the scenes.

Oh there is nothing fancy about this writer’s life. 

I write as soon as I’m awake and float on and off the computer throughout the day – depending on who is home. But if I’m home alone, I don’t leave the computer at all, well only for coffee and stretching my muscles. 

I do all of my research at night, when I should be sleeping. Reading widely as I can, I very rarely narrow down on a topic because I want to do that myself in my novels. My goal for research is to have enough information that propels me into the scene. Too much and it freezes my creative muscle, because I need to get it technically right. 

Publishing is something completely different and I love it just as much as writing. It’s something that I’m still learning the ropes with but seeing the book out there and hearing people’s feedback just excites me to continue into the next book. 

The Reluctant Wizard
by A.A. Warne
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy 

By day, wizards rule the world. At night, warlocks seek to destroy it. Now, one boy will challenge them both. 

Eli never wanted to be a rebel. All he wants is an end to the famine and war threatening his community. To save his mother and baby brother from marauding warlocks, Eli is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. He must travel to Terra Magicae, the mysterious land of the wizards, to study magic. In exchange, the wizards will protect his family, but this protection comes at a price: once Eli enters the Grand Wizardry Academy, he may never come home. 
Full of lush landscapes and magical marvels, Terra Magicae is more wondrous than Eli ever imagined… and more dangerous. At first, Eli’s struggles to fit in at the Academy seem ordinary. But the more he questions the wizards, the more he suspects a sinister purpose behind their bizarre rules and tests. For a dark secret lies at the heart of this mystical land, one so terrible it threatens not only the students at the Academy but the lives of everyone Eli loves. 

To save them all, Eli must step into the midst of the battle between the wizards and warlocks and defy both sides. He must become the rebel he was always meant to be.

A. A. Warne writes elaborate, strange, dark and twisted stories. In other words, speculative fiction.

Located at the bottom of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia; Amanda was born an artist and grew up a painter before deciding to study pottery.

But it wasn't until she found the art of the written word that her universe expanded.

A graduate of Western Sydney University in arts, Amanda now spends her time wrestling three kids and writing full time.

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

$50 Amazon 

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