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Beyond by by M.C. Winkkle Book Tour | SciFi Romance Thriller

Beyond (Black Tears Book 1) by M.C. Winkkle is on virtual book tour. The sci-fi romance thriller stops at Readeropolis with an auth...

Beyond (Black Tears Book 1) by M.C. Winkkle is on virtual book tour.

The sci-fi romance thriller stops at Readeropolis with an author guest post.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the giveaway for a $10 Amazon GC and follow the Silver Dagger book tour (for other dates see the link at the bottom of the post).



I like working on several projects at the same time, not only because this way you can procrastinate one by doing the other, but also because I tend to write very different stories. I believe all writers should explore all genres and perspectives in order to know themselves as an author, and I’m no exception. I love to have contrast and ideas that have nothing to do with each other all at the same time. Also, having stories that are so different among themselves makes it easier when you need to take a break from one of them. This happened to me in several occasions when writing Beyond, since it was so close to my heart it sometimes became tough to write.
Over the years I have managed to polish my writing process into a step-by-step checklist which goes more or less like this:
  1. I get a lot of unrelated ideas. They may be character traits, titles or settings. Whatever they are, I write them down.
  2. One day all of those ideas come together in one big idea. That is when I take out a notebook and make what I like to call a major plot point outline. It is basically like an outline but only with the most important points of the story, as I like to keep up the suspense. I try to get this done in less than a week since otherwise I would lose the inspiration and the overall feel of the story. 
  3. Once the outline is finished, I tend to leave it aside if I’m busy with other projects. If I’m not, I begin writing right away.
  4. I do a first draft. In this part I just try to get everything written, there are no bad ideas or plot holes. Just the story that needs to get down to paper before I forget about it. 
  5. I leave my first draft aside for several months, during which I work on other books and also take notes of the things that I will need to edit later. I like to do this to gain distance with the work, since if you start editing right after you finish, you are not going to be objective enough and are going to end up having to do the job twice 
  6. I write my second draft and send it off to my editors. 
  7. I have it edited.
  8. I proofread it.
  9. I publish it. 

I know, easier said than done, but this is the way it works for me. I believe each writer has to find their own checklist, as we are all different people with different habits and ways of doing things. 

Black Tears Book 1

by M.C. Winkkle
Genre: SciFi Romance Thriller 

One day Stella is walking home after a bad day at school, the next, she wakes up to find herself a prisoner.

For months the CIA keeps her in an abandoned psychiatric hospital where all she thought she knew about herself is pushed to the limits until it shatters before her eyes.

Her suicidal tendencies and the rest of her psychological issues are the least of her problems as she discovers that she has the key to solving a war between aliens and humans which has been going on for decades.

All she wants is to go back to what things were, but that’s impossible and now she must face a choice:
Which side to pick?

The perfect book for readers looking for something merging the lines between science-fiction and romance, with a psychopathic touch.

Trigger warning: this novel contains violence, adult language and content.

M. C. Winkkle is a girl.

She lives in the South of Spain, and aside from reading and writing, her passions include learning languages and playing several musical instruments, including the piano, which she plays since she was eight years old. She also likes to pick up seashells at the beach and hang out with her friends.

Beyond is her debut novel, and the first volume to the Black Tears Saga.

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